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I was provided with the products in this post to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

If you have a little girl then you probably have tons of dolls around the house like I do. And no matter how many dolls your little girl has, she always finds another one she wants… right? That’s how my Gracie is anyway. Gracie used to want baby dolls but lately she’s been wanting “little girl” dolls that are more like her. For this reason, we’ve grown to love Springfield Dolls.

 Springfield Dolls

I worked with Springfield Dolls back in April and was sent “Abby” to review and Gracie loved her. Abby goes along with Gracie where ever she goes.

Springfield Dolls

This time we were sent Emma. Gracie has been wanting Emma because her sisters name is Emma and she thinks it’s pretty neat to have a doll named Emma too. She’s going to be so excited to see her!

Springfield Dolls

Springfield Collection!

Springfield Dolls are beautiful and affordable and I LOVE all of the clothing and accessories.

Springfield Collection Features:

  • Five different quality made, 18-inch dolls.
  • Sparkling lifelike eyes that open and close.
  • Silky long-rooted hair that can be styled and brushed.
  • Each Springfield Doll has a unique personality and story.
Five Springfield Dolls to Chose From:
  • Abby has golden blond hair and blue eyes, and wants to be a veterinarian!
  • Emma has rich brown hair and brown eyes, and loves swimming and her dogs.
  • Maria has a golden Hispanic skin tone with jet-black hair and brown eyes, and wants to be a doctor.
  • Olivia has striking red hair and green eyes, and loves to play soccer.
  • Madison has warm cocoa African-American skin, with wavy black hair and brown eyes. She is practicing to be a famous singer someday.


You can purchase all of the Springfield Dolls and Accessories too! These would make GREAT Christmas gifts for any little girl!

We Have It All
We Have It All


  1. i kind of like that there are “only” five dolls to choose from. sometimes less is more. and 18 inch dolls are SO much fun!!

  2. My little girl is really getting into dolls now, she would love these.

  3. Those are so cute! If I had a little girl to shop for I’d pick up one of those for sure.

  4. Very cute! I know a few little girls that would love her.

  5. How pretty and I love her outfits. The facial features on this doll is so cute.

  6. She is really cute!! I wish I had a girl so I could buy dolls!!!

  7. I cant wait to have a lil girl. My SD is growing out of dolls… So it’s gonna be nice to have a lil one on the way to get dolls for!

  8. These are really cute, my youngest still loves dolls and it’s sweet, my oldest wasn’t into them!

  9. My girls really love 18 inch dolls. All of them sound so cute I would have a hard time choosing just 2 for them. Maybe I’d have to consider all 5?

  10. These are such adorable dolls! My daughter is crazy about all dolls and I know she would love these!

  11. These are adorable! I have two little girls and I know they would both really love these!

  12. These dolls are super cute! I think I may have found a Christmas Gift!

  13. She’s got such bright blue eyes! They are so cute.

  14. Oh they are so cute. I bet my daughter would absolutely love those dolls. Thanks for the great review.

  15. That is a cute doll and the clothes are great. I have a 3 yo grand daughter who would love this doll. Not sure she’s ready for it though.

  16. Those are an affordable alternative to some of the other brands!

  17. we have 2 of these dolls – my daughter loves them – great alternative for younger girls and not spend so much money!

  18. These are some cute dolls–and the 18″ version is a nice alternative to spending LOTS of $$$ until they can at least appreciate it. I like them and need a few more gifts for my nieces-so thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. She has such a sun-kissed skin tone and her cheeks are so pudgy and cute!

  20. we love 18 inch dolls here- i love that my girls love them, because i can play with them 🙂

  21. Oh I’m looking for a doll to give to my granddaughter that she could grow with & keep forever. Thanks for this review.

  22. The Olivia doll reminds me of my childhood friend’s little sister Olivia. I love it when the dolls’ names remind me of people I know and love.

  23. We have several of these dolls and we love them. MY girls play with the all the time.

  24. These dolls are so cute and super affordable compared to other 18in dolls.

  25. What cute dolls. My daughters have outgrown dolls but my niece would love one.

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