Bommerscheim Buddies Make a Great Christmas Gift for Your Child #WeHaveItAll4Christmas

Does your child  have a blankie or stuffed animal that they can’t live without? They sleep with it and carry it everywhere they go? My son, Austin, had a little Blue and Tigger. He couldn’t sleep without them. In fact, he kept his Blue in his bed until he was around 13 years old. He’d kill me if he found out that I just told all of you about this.

Sleeping Buddy

Bommerscheim Buddies To The Rescue!

If you have a child who hangs on to a special item like this, than you know how it can sometime be difficult to keep them clean. I always had to sneak Blue in the laundry during the daytime without Austin noticing… and then slip Blue back to where he belonged. (Our Blue was a he, in case you’re wondering haha. Austin would not believe that Blue was a girl.) Anyway,  I just received a couple of Bommerscheim Buddies which means I will not be having these issues anymore. Baby Jack has two Bommerscheim Buddies! And the best part, their covers come off so I can wash them!

Bommerscheim Buddies

Bommerscheim Buddies are adorable plush buddies whose decorative covers come off… so when one cover is in the wash, you can put your Buddie in a different cover! Bommerscheim Buddies come in tons of different patterns and colors too. You can also personalize your child’s Buddie with his or her name.

Bommerscheim Buddies

Bommerscheim Buddies

Bommerscheim Buddies have been around for over three generations! Back 50 years ago, Midwest sisters Joan and Pat Bommerscheim lovingly hand-sewed a plush long-eared Buddie for each of their babies. But they added a little something extra!  A fabric cover that could be removed, washed (or even replaced) when the Buddie needed to be cleaned. How awesome is that?!?

Baby Jack loves his Buddies! He really likes laying his head on them, like a pillow. I have a feeling these Bommerscheim Buddies will be around for just as long as Austin had his Blue, but they will be in much better shape because I can change their covers and keep them washed! I love the designs! It was so hard choosing because they’re all so cute!

Connect with Bommerscheim Buddies

  • You can find out more about Bommerscheim Buddies product by visiting their website. You can purchase a Buddie for approximately $19.99 and a cover for approximately $13.99. You can also purchase blankets and Ittie Bittie Buddies too, which are half the size of the regular Buddies.
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We Have It All
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