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I received products shown below for this review.

Meet Lottie™!

Lottie is a 7½" doll collection who’s dimensions are modeled after a real 9 year old girl. These cute dolls are extra special too. They are not the stereotypical, princessy, girly-girl doll. These Lottie dolls are fervent, feisty and most of allFUN! Just like little girls!

Lottie Doll

The British company, Arklu, has aimed these Lottie dolls at girls, ages 3 years old and up… perfect for my Gracie who is 4. These Lottie dolls come at a fantastic price too, all dolls are $19.99. You can’t beat that!

Lottie dolls and their accessories embody the strength of women. Maybe not with a current career, but with a path that shows that women can do anything men can do… like Pirate Queen Lottie or Robot Girl Lottie!

Lottie Dolls also have lot of outfit sets and accessories packs you can purchase separately. Check out the Lottie Outfit Sets:

Lottie Doll

We were sent the Pirate Queen Lottie along with the Blue Velvet dress set that comes with the blue velvet dress, silvery sparkly cardigan, purple ribbon sash, white tights and sparkly silver ballet flats. So Gracie can go from tough pirate girl Lottie to dressing her up all fancy. How awesome is that?!? It shows how a girl can be tough like a boy, and still dress up too.

Lottie Doll


The folks at Lottie want to give you the chance to win a Lottie doll of your choice and an outfit! Which one will you pick?

Lottie Dolls:

  • Pirate Queen Lottie
  • Robot Girl Lottie
  • Kawaii Karate Lottie
  • Butterfly Protector Lottie

Lottie Doll Outfit Sets:

  • Girls United (soccer girl)
  • Boogie Boarder (surfer girl)
  • Blue Velvet (pretty party girl)
  • Raspberry Ripple (pretty raspberry picker)
  • Raising the Bar (gymnast)
  • Sweet Dreams (pj set)

Enter to win by filling out the form below, it’s super easy!


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We Have It All
We Have It All


  1. What a fabulous doll! I would love that for my daughter!

  2. I’d get the Robot Girl doll and the raspberry Ripple outfit.

  3. stephanie mcfarland says:

    Pirate Queen Lottie with the Sweet Dreams set

  4. oh, i like the Girls United Lottie doll– my girls LOVE to play soccer and they’d love to have a doll who plays too 🙂

  5. I would get the Raspberry Ripple 😀

  6. Now this looks like the perfect doll for a little girl for the holidays.

  7. I love the pirate, but they are all so cute!

  8. I love the soccer one!

  9. Lori Thomas says:

    I like English Country Garden Lottie & Raspberry Ripple outfit

  10. I’d choose Pandora’s Box Lottie and the Raspberry Ripple outfit.

  11. Sandra VanHoey says:

    i’d pick butterfly protector and the blue velvet outfit

  12. My niece would love this doll!

  13. What sweet dolls! I would definitely pick the pirate doll with the raspberry ripple outfit.

  14. My daughters would love this.

  15. I haven’t seen these before. I like that they show girls “doing” things like sports and real professions, not just glamor stuff like some dolls.

  16. How cute are those! I’ve never seen them before!

  17. Butterfly Protector Lottie and sweet dreams

  18. Robot Girl Lottie and Blue Velvet (pretty party girl)!

  19. this is cute!

  20. jenn McClearn says:

    I like pirate princess lottie and the sweet dreams outfit

  21. Pirate Queen & Raspberry Ripple outfit

  22. The robot doll with boogie boarder outfit!

  23. Debbie Jackson says:

    the pirate queen and the sweet dreams outifit

  24. I would choose the combo you have, Pirate Lottie with the Blue Velvet dress love Read heads! this would be a great Hanukkah gift!

  25. Brenda Burgess says:

    I like the butterfly protector lottie and the blue velvet outfit

  26. jessica johnson says:

    butterfly protector with raspberry ripple!!!

  27. Butterfly Protector Lottie

  28. I would get the Butterfly Protector Lottie doll

  29. I like the “Butterfly Protector Lottie” & the “Boogie Boarder” outfit.

  30. I like Robot Girl Lottie & the blue velvet dress.

  31. I’d choose Butterfly Protector Lottie & the boogie board outfit,

  32. I would like the Robot Girl Lottie & the soccer outfit for my 6-year old granddaughter who plays soccer.

  33. My 4-year old granddaughter would love “Butterfly Protector Lottie” & the soccer outfit.

  34. I’d choose “Butterfly Protector Lottie” and “The Boogie Boarder” outfit.

  35. My choice would be the “Butterfly Protector” Lottie & “The Boogie Boarder” outfit.

  36. I’d like to put the “Robot Girl Lottie” and the soccer outfit inside my granddaughter’s Christmas stocking!

  37. My Little daughter would love the “Butterfly Protector Lottie” and the “Boogie Boarder” outfit.

  38. I’d like the “Robot Girl Lottie” & “Soccer” set for my little girl.

  39. My little niece would love the Butterfly Protector doll and the boogie boarding outfit.

  40. Would like “Butterfly Protector Lottie” & “Girls United” set for my little Anna

  41. If I won, I’d give the “Butterfly Protector” doll & “Boogie Boarder” set to my boyfriend’s niece.

  42. I’d like the “Butterfly Protector Lottie” & “Boogie Boarder” outfit to put aside and save until my baby granddaughter is old enough to enjoy and appreciate them.

  43. Would like “Butterfly Protector Lottie” and “Boogie Boarding” set to save for a future granddaughter.

  44. wendy rozema says:

    Butterfly Protector Lottie, sweet dreams PJ set

  45. Would like “Butterfly Protector Lottie” & the “Girls United” set for my brother’s granddaughter.

  46. Since I love red hair, I would choose the “Pirate Queen Lottie” and the “Girls United” outfit.

  47. Would choose the “Butterfly Protector Lottie” (since I prefer brown-eyed dolls) and the “Boogie Board” accessory set.

  48. Elizabeth Ross says:

    I just came across these dolls last week and have ordered some for Christmas gifts. I won I would choose Robot Lottie and the Raspberry Ripple dress.

  49. My daughter would love the Butterfly Protector Lottie with the Raspberry Ripple Outfit Set.

  50. karen medlin says:

    My favorite to pick if I won is the Butterfly Protector Lottie Doll and the Sweet Dreams (pj set) outfit

  51. Hate I missed this one they are so cute !

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