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Since our wedding days are such momentous and important occasions in our lives, it is only natural that we’d want to go all out and make sure the event matches the occasion. One of the best ways to do this is through getting married abroad, as part of an unforgettable holiday experience. Such an idea also allows your wedding to be unique and of another culture, which of course, enhances the whole experience. Here are a few places and ways to marry abroad, as well as some tips to ensure the experience isn’t wasted or ruined.

A Buddhist Marriage In Nepal

There are several reasons why a Buddhist wedding in Nepal is a fantastic idea. First and foremost, Nepal is one of the Himalayas’ focal points. Hosting Mount Everest, which is the world’s highest mountain at 8,848metres above sea level, Nepal is recognized as one of our planet’s must-visits.

However, there is much more to Nepal than Mount Everest and travelers here will also find eight out of ten of the world’s highest peaks and an immensely enriching culture.

A Buddhist Marriage In Nepal

Furthermore, Nepal is a literal and spiritual home for Buddhism, which means that there are very few other places better to enjoy a Buddhist wedding and experience.

The Kopan Meditation Retreat homes tourists seeking a relaxing Buddhist getaway experience and they also cater for marriages and weddings.

A Buddhist wedding in Nepal is an option with a world-class holiday destination, as well as a very different and enriching marriage beginning.

Masai Mara Marriage

The Masai Mara tribe in Kenya and other parts of East Africa are very welcoming and willing to accept tourists to stay amongst them. They live amongst some of East Africa’s most exotic wildlife and there is even a community willing to accept tourist visitors in the heart of a nature reserve called the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Visitors there will not only live amongst a very interesting and intriguing indigenous culture but also amongst wonderfully exotic safari animals.

Masai Mara Marriage

By getting married the Masai Mara way you will experience a wedding and holiday that is completely and utterly unique.

You will have to do plenty of Googling and researching online – from to – to ensure you find the right agent to make this all happen however.

New York or Paris

Whilst Paris has always been known as the “City of Love”, New York is rapidly also becoming one of the world’s most romantic cities. A wedding in New York or Paris won’t quite be as quirky, original, innovative or unique as a Masai Mara or Nepal temple wedding, however it is nonetheless a great idea.

Wedding in New York or Paris

There are obviously numerous landmarks and things to do in both cities and whereas the other two aforementioned options would pull your guests out of their comfort zones, a wedding in such a major city will always be enjoyed by everyone and appreciated by all.

A Paris holiday is of course cheapest and the most traditionally romantic. However, New York is New York – a fantastic holiday whichever way you look at it.

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  1. We talked about having a wedding abroad but never did it. We want to do a vow renewal in another country but haven’t decided where yet.

  2. if i could do it again i’d have a wedding abroad- or just on a remote beach someplace.

  3. What a fun idea… We got married in our home town but I would have loved to do it on a beach somewhere

  4. That would be cool to witness a wedding abroad!

  5. We’re hoping to travel for our tenth wedding anniversary.

  6. I think this would be fantastic to do! What fun to have an exotic wedding in another country!

  7. Interesting…I guess I never though about a wedding out of the US. But I can see how it would be very fun!

  8. It is interesting learning about different wedding routines around the world.

  9. It really is so cool to see how other cultures celebrate marriages!

  10. Thanks for sharing weddings in other cultures!!!

  11. Getting married in Nepal sounds so interesting! I would reall love to visit Mount Everest!

  12. Hmm I could go for getting married in Paris that sounds very romantic

  13. I would have loved to get married on the beach somewhere.

  14. I got married on a beach in NJ, we eloped. I’d love to renew our vowels abroad.

  15. We were married on Hawaii and it amazing!

  16. I love the idea of destination weddings. I am not sure I could ever do it though knowing so many of my friends and family wouldn’t be there to celebrate with us.

  17. I would have loved a destination wedding. Maybe Italy. Imagine the food!
    But most of all, I’d love to attend a wedding in a different culture, especially India!

  18. What a fun post, I love getting learning about different cultures… so interesting!

  19. What a fun post, I love getting to learn about different cultures… so interesting!

  20. Love NYC, my husband and I eloped in Vegas, we have been married for 11 years. Funny how the cultures are different!

  21. Having a wedding this gets everyone away from “everyday” life sounds like a great idea. I know my daughter would jump at the change to get married in a foreign country.

  22. Oh wow. This makes me want to redo my wedding in Nepal!

  23. We did a traditional church wedding, but if I ever get married again (and I shudder at the thought), it will be a simple courthouse to-do.

  24. Thanks! I love reading about other cultures and their customs.

  25. Having a wedding abroad would be high on my list at this stage of the game!

  26. This looks great! I’ll have to check it out!

  27. It is a nice idea to combine a wedding with a vacation for your guest. It is especially nice in such a beautiful place.

  28. I have always wanted to attend an Indian wedding! But bar none Filipino parties are the best.

  29. I know a lot people who do that. We threw our wedding together in a week, so that was not an option for me.

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