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If you’re looking to an extra special gift for someone this year and you don’t want to get stuck buying the same ‘ole thing… consider purchasing from The Name In Pictures! The Name In Pictures is just that – it’s a name, (like your last name or your baby’s name, etc.) made out letter by letter but each letter is a photo of an object that shapes that particular letter. This is such a unique personalized gift. You can get your family name made for your parents or a baby or child’s name for. This is a perfect gift for weddings, showers or even Christmas! In my case, I chose the name of my blog, “We Have It All”… which I will show you in a sec.

Check out some of the beautiful personalized photo art from The Name In Pictures:

The Name In Pictures - Personalized Photo Art
The Name In Pictures - Personalized Photo Art

Aren’t these just beautiful?!?

I bet your mind is working right now, thinking about who you can buy one of these for! I’d love to get one of these for my Dad and I’d love to get these made for each of my kids.

The Name In Pictures

The folks behind The Name In Pictures have been designing since 2005 and offer custom framed artwork and take all of their own photos too so each and every piece of art is unique. You simply select the letters you want and the frame… and that’s it! The framed art will be delivered fully assembled and ready to mount on your wall.

My Thoughts

Are you ready to see what I got?!?

I chose the “Clip Frames” which I did not show you above. Clip Frames use 4X6 prints that are framed separately and connected together by a black painted wooden board. It comes fully assembled just like the others and even has hangers attached on the back so it’s all ready to be hung on your wall.  I was able to choose black and white or sepia prints. I chose black and white.

Take a look…


The Name In Pictures - Personalized Photo Art

And so you can take a closer look, I broke it up into a couple of bigger pictures for you.

The Name In Pictures - Personalized Photo Art

I didn’t get a chance to hang these yet because we’re about to repaint our living room.

I had a hard time choosing a name because we are a big mixed family of “his, mine and ours” – so I’d hate to put me and Mike’s last name up on our wall when my three kids have a different last name… and my step-daughter has a different name. So I thought that it would make more sense to do “We Have It All” – what do you think?

I LOVE it and I can’t WAIT to hang it!

I was hoping we could get the painting done before Thanksgiving so that this could be hung and I could show it off, since we’re having Thanksgiving dinner this year. But no such luck, things have been pretty crazy, and we didn’t get around to painting.


Visit The Name In Pictures and peek around at the different frames and letters.


The folks at The Name In Pictures are offering my readers the chance to win a Free Name up to 9 Letters in Any Style Frame! It’s super easy to enter, just fill out the form below.


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We Have It All
We Have It All


  1. I would get a name frame

  2. I LOVE the black frame with white mat.. looks so cool and crisp like the beach!! Would love this.

  3. i love the cherry ribbon frames…. just not sure what color ribbon i’d want yet!

  4. Stephanie O'Day says:

    I would choose the White Name Frame With a Black Mat and Black & White Photo Letters! These are so pretty!

  5. I like the ribbon frames and the clip frames!

  6. I’d either do a White long frame or one like yours, the clip frame. I love how you did your blog name!

  7. Lauren Becker says:

    I do like the cherry frame with khaki mat!

  8. I like the black frame with the white mat!

  9. I would get a black name frame with my son’s name.

  10. Excellent giveaway, something everyone can use.

  11. I have always loved this type of art! I’d love to win it for my son’s birthday next week!

  12. This is the best! THis is something I would treasure forever, I made my holiday list and I entered for a chance to win as well. Keeping my fingers crossed big time on this 🙂

  13. I like the Cherry frame and sepia letters!

  14. Eva Pronenko says:

    I would love to win one of these! Very cool idea for family room!

  15. I have seen these personalized photo art before, and have always thought they would make for great wall decor. These things are so creative. I love the ones that spell out a name. Entering the giveaway now.

  16. These are beautiful and would make great gifts!

  17. I would get each of my kids names done..

    and Pablo Daniel..

    And then I could get some with my nieces and nephews names and give them to my best friend as a present..

    and then I could… OMG I will be here all day long I love this idea and I will be using them..

  18. oh, i love this. i’d want a very long list of names and words. love, family, laugh, brett, mommy, martin…kids names, hubby

  19. Love the idea and with my name only being three letters, finding the relevant images should not be too hard. But as a hobby photographer this is something I may start planning around as well – I usually take pictures of landscapes and now I can select my motif based on how much a scene resembles as a specific letter.

  20. That is such a neat idea. I had one of these made for my daughter once.

  21. I have one of these that says “love” – I love it!

  22. LOVE this! I can’t think of a more special gift to give someone.

  23. Perfect gift for the special someone in your life.

  24. I have seen something like this before and fell in love with it. What a wonderful and personal gift for anyone.

  25. Cherry color frame with a tan mat and the name Desrosiers would be my choice!

  26. Perfect for Thanksgiving! I would get “write” for my office, or maybe our last name for the living room.

  27. I like the black frame the best! I’d probably get my kids names done

  28. That photo art is absolutely gorgeous.

  29. I love this idea!! It’s a perfect gift for many occasions!!

  30. How creative! I love how they make the letters our of things I would have never figured to use. 🙂

  31. I have one so similar and it says FAMILY. I love the way these look!

  32. How pretty, I love photo gifts… you can never go wrong. These look really beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  33. I totally love this!

  34. My last name is Davis, so you know that photo set grabbed my attention. This is such a great idea. I have never seen anything like it.

  35. What a unique picture frame! I can think of the using the signature boards with a picture of our family and our last name on the frame. Love it! Thanks!

  36. what nice ideas, I would love to have one of these for each of my kids

  37. How creative! I love new ways to use pictures and this is really beautiful 🙂

  38. Kyle Smola says:

    I LOVE the black frame with the white mat!!

  39. I would love to get the White Name Frame With a Black Mat and Black & White Photo Letters. This would be so cool in my house.

  40. I have one of these in my bedroom!

  41. I love, love, love word art. I really like the choice you made, too. I think if I got some word art I would choose something ambiguous as well, even though we all have the same name. I just like that what you did means much more to your family.

  42. I would choose the inspirational frame

  43. stephanie mcfarland says:

    Black Name Frame With a White Mat and Sepia Photo Letters

  44. Brandi Elam says:

    I like the black frame with a white mat and black & white letters. I think you made a good choice on what to do for yours- it really came out good!

  45. Can’t decide between framed and unframed. Love them both!

  46. I would go with the black frame and then go with the black lettering. I have one now and love it!!!!

  47. I like the 12×36 name frame.

  48. Krystal Dunlap says:

    I would get the cherry color frame.

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