Simple Exercises with My Reebok Abs Black Medicine Ball from Gaiam

Gaiam sent me the product you see in this post for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Why do some people have perfectly healthy lifestyles… they eat fairly healthy and they never miss a workout? And then ya got me. Mz. Lazy Pantz. I just can not seem to find the time during my day to work out, even though the Revolt Fitness Program I was doing was really only take about 20 minutes per day… so how in the world can I say I do not have time?

So yeah. I’m a bum. And I have about 20 lbs. to lose. Still.

I always have 20 lbs. to lose.

I decided to start back up with my Revolt Fitness Program but do the workout only. On days that I don’t want to do that particular workout, I plan on doing the challenges… have you heard of them? It’s where you do squats, crunches and planks daily. You start with only a few and throughout the month you do more and more each day.

I’ve been doing these simple exercises with dumbbells but recently the folks at Gaiam sent me a 10 lbs. medicine ball to review. So most of the Revolt exercises I have been able to do with the medicine ball.

I received the Reebok Abs Black Medicine Ball:

REEBOK Abs Black Medicine Ball

I can do just about everything I need to with the medicine ball versus the dumbbells. Every-so-often I need to switch to the dumbbells though.

Reebok Abs Black Medicine Ball Features:

  • Targeted Muscle Area: Total Body, Abs, Legs, Arms, Back, Core Muscles
  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 10.0 Lb.

Ab Crunches with Medicine Ball

Here is a modified crunch I am doing with the medicine ball. I keep my feet up, try to touch my toes with the medicine ball and when laying back down I raise the ball over my head. This is working a lot of different muscles in my ab area… don’t mind my daughter in the background mimicking me lift my legs haha. (See her in the right pic?)

Ab Crunches with Medicine Ball

Squats with Medicine Ball

The squats I have been doing are from the Revolt Fitness Program. Hold the ball near your chest, squat down, and before coming back up, bend over and touch the ball to your left foot, and then on the way back up raise ball straight up. Next time, touch right foot.

This is working more than a regular squat would.

Squats with Medicine Ball

These are really easy exercises that are quick and do not take much time… but really work. When I’m doing them, I tend to think, “this won’t work” – but then I wake up the next day and can feel that they do work. And adding the extra weight to my workout really makes a big difference.

You can purchase this Reebok Abs Black Medicine Ball for about $44.99 from Target or Amazon

Head over to Gaiam, they have a fantastic selection of yoga and fitness products!

Do you use dumbbells, medicine ball or kettle bells?

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We Have It All


  1. These look fun (as fun as exercise gets, at least)!

  2. My back always hurts me. I wonder if using the medicine ball would be good ‘medicine’ for my back…

  3. Michelle F. says:

    Will be pinning this. Great pictures too!

  4. dumbbells for me! 😀

  5. I don’t use any gear but I’d love to try a medicine ball like this.

  6. i have tried balls like this and found them way more fun than regular weights love the pics- helpful for me because i’m clueless

  7. I have a kettleball that I need to dust off and start using. Gah! My mid section needs lots of work.

  8. I don’t use any types of weights – sometimes I use my body weight to do different exercises on the lower parallel bars at the local park but I haven’t been there since early Fall..
    now it’s cold so no outdoor exercising for me. Brr… 🙂
    I walk on the treadmill a couple times a week but I really should start exercising more.

  9. Ooh this looks great! Love the exercise tutorials too. I am going to have to check this out, I need to find some working out at home solutions!

  10. That looks like a real great workout!

  11. These are great exercises. I hate going to gym and struggle with the electronics on all the gadgets. I love using simple and old fashioned exercise routines because you can do them at home and on the road when you travel. I usually pack some exercise bands in my suitcase.

  12. I love trying new exercisers, thanks!

  13. so how hard will you laugh if you know i used my ball today and kept your post up for instructiona purposes????

  14. I prefer weighted balls to hand weights, I’ve never used kettle-bells but I think they’re interesting

  15. This sounds like an interesting fitness system. I had never heard of it before.

  16. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    This looks like a great way to tone up and I like that you can do it at home. You can also add heavier weights for more resistance.

  17. I used to use dumbbells but haven’t for a while. I need to start using them again!

  18. This looks really neat to help with strength training! I need something like this too.

  19. I totally need to strengthen my core-thanks for reminding me about medicine balls!

  20. Oooh, these look like they are just what I need. I love the idea of working out at home and have always wanted one of these. Thanks

  21. We use hand weights when we walk and for arm and tummy exercises. Great post, have to check out the reebok medicine ball.

  22. You are really working it out with that medicine ball. I am glad to see your form and that a complete workout is possible right at home with just me and a weight ball. I will definitely have to invest in this.

  23. sounds great especially since you do not need a lot of fancy equipment! Great tip!

  24. ive been looking for a good weighted ball! What a difference adding a little weight can make…

  25. Oh, you’re putting me to shame Danielle! I need to find some more exercises that I can do indoors with the kids…I love Gaiam’s stuff, too.

  26. Having worked out with a personal trainer in the past, they swear by the medicine ball. I am trying to get myself back into a routine, I need to invest in one and get back into it.

  27. Oh gosh, I haven’t used anything like this in years. You just made me realize my core could really use some strengthening with this type of technique!

  28. As far as workouts go, that one looks pretty fun! Also, I love your area rug. 🙂

  29. Great exercises. I love using the medicine balls at the gym.

  30. I have never used a medicine ball before but this looks like something I can do at home!

  31. Wow, I never considered a medicine ball. Thank you for your write up, I may give it a go!

  32. Your title seems totally accurate! The exercises do look simple and easy to do. That means people will be more likely to stick with them.

  33. I also have a medicine ball and love it! (When I get around to using it, anyway!) It works different muscles and adds just the right amount of resistance.

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