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As mom’s, we usually go a period of time when we are sleep deprived. Some mom’s are lucky and this stage only lasts a short period of time while some of us are sleep deprived for a couple of years at a time. My kids never slept good as babies until they were around 2 years old. You’d think with 5 babies, I’d have at least one good sleeper, but no such luck. In fact, 3 of my girls had colic so it was a bit tougher than just being ‘bad sleepers’.

During these times, I resorted to a lot of instrumental music. It really saved me at the time. I remember with my first, he would wake up at 4 am after nursing multiple times throughout the night… and he was ready to stay awake. I was so exhausted that I used to put him in his swing with instrumental music playing and our living room light dimmed very low. I would lay in front of his swing on the floor and doze off. Oh these times are rough! Thank God for that music!

I just came across Jazz For Babies produced by Michael Janish. Janish is an American-born, London-based jazz musician, professor of music and recent father. Janish’s Jazz For Babies is a set of five albums of slow and soothing renditions of the world’s most beautiful songs.

Jazz For Babies

Jazz For Babies Albums Available:

  • The Saxophone Album
  • The Trumpet Album
  • The Vibraphone Album
  • The Piano Album
  • The Guitar Album

Jazz For Babies

My Thoughts

I was sent The Saxophone Album and The Piano Album for review. Not only do I love this music, but Jack and Gracie loved it too. It’s nice and quiet and light, very soothing. We listen to this in the house and in the car. I’m always out with Gracie and Jack running around and these are great songs to relax them and keep them happy.

Buy It!

These albums are available in CD, Digitally and individual tracks can be purchased separately. You can purchase the entire set for about $75.

You can also listen to a little clip of all songs too before you buy.

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Jack gives Jazz For Babies two thumbs up!

Jazz For Babies

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  1. What a cutie! My son is a little older and would love these too.

  2. Awe, your little one is precious… I heard that even in the womb babies react to jazz! Thanks so much for the post

  3. I have to check them out! I’m sure my daughter would love The Saxophone Album.

  4. He is seriously the cutest ever! I love watching babies listen to catchy music!

  5. Sweet baby picture!!! My son loved jazz when he was a baby. It would help him get to sleep and he used to ask for it by name.

  6. Oh cool, these sound like really awesome CDs for babies. I’ve always loved music so much, this sounds like a great way to introduce it to infants. Thanks 😉

  7. Babies just love music! I am not really sure why, but I think that there is something that their little bodies understand. I think these CD’s are a great thing for them.

  8. He is so cute! I’d want the Saxaphone album. Jazz is so soothing.

  9. Jazz for babies sounds wonderful! Wish I had it 13 years ago!!

  10. I love this! My son actually grew up listening to classical and opera in my house. He still listens to classical music through his headphones where he works as a mechanic. Jazz music is so soothing and also great for kids!

  11. I love jazz – such an underrated art form. And judging by the smiles in these photos, I am not alone! 🙂

  12. Aww!
    What a little cutie pie:)
    We are a big fan of music!

  13. My kids loved music when they were itty bitty too!

  14. Love that babies can be exposed to music at such a young age. Sounds like a great playlist for parents too!

  15. Aww, look at that big smile! If that’s not a seal of approval, I don’t know what is! I know instrumental music can be a real help for soothing babies back to sleep.

  16. My boys both loved soft music as babies. I think I would of liked the albums you reviewed too. I played the saxophone in school and love the way it sounds. So soothing.

  17. I’d really like to take a listen to that saxophone one. I’m a little partial to that instrument. I’m glad Jack is getting such a kick out of it!

  18. He is just so adorable! My daughter loves all kinds of music though we haven’t tried Jazz. I bet she would love it.

  19. Hubby loves Jazz… this is one kids CD he might actually go for.

  20. Oooh, my daughter would love these. What a great Christmas idea, thanks!

  21. We love music, and Jack, I just want to pinch his beautiful face!

  22. It is fun watching a child come to discover and appreciate music. I am always amazed at the choices they make in what they listen to .

  23. My toddler would love these! She loves any type of music and loves to dance too!

  24. Your youngster is a doll! I love jazz and that is great to expose children to this.

  25. your little jack should be the spokes baby for jazz for babies!!

  26. All of my kids have been into music since they were very little.

  27. How cool. My kids loved music as babies and still do.

  28. Jazz for Babies really is an awesome concept. I’d have played these for any of my children and been happy to do so. 🙂

  29. Your little one is ADORABLE!

  30. Your baby boy is cute as a button! I will have to get this for my baby boy! I think he would enjoy it since he already loves listening to music.

  31. So cute. My kids love music and I like exposing them to lots of different kinds.

  32. I have 2 kids 14 mos and 1 mos. old that would love these.. my little man wakes up at 2 am and he doesn’t have to be carried but he needs noise and a small light on and after a few hours he goes back to sleep on his own.. my 14 mos old has a hard time getting to sleep and then staying asleep…

  33. this is awesome! this would be great to get for my baby 🙂

  34. The Piano and Guitar albums would be my favorites. I agree with you about putting music on in the car for kids. I think it helps me keep my sanity too! I also think Jack should be called Jazzy Jack in those pictures! What a cutie!

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