Buy Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free Chicken, Meat and More from Zaycon Foods

Zaycon Foods provided me with products in this post in exchange for my honest review.

Back in June I told you all about Zaycon Foods.

Zaycon Foods sells it’s products like meats, ham, chicken, dairy and even some fruit at bulk rate prices to individual consumers and families at their Zaycon Foods sales events.

 Zaycon Foods Products:

  • LFTB Free (no pink slime)
  • The beef cattle have a grass diet which is supplemented by grain after they reach approximately 700 pounds.
  • There are no hormones or antibiotics and it is 100% grown in the USA.
  • There are no chemicals, additives or water added to meat during processing.

How Does Zaycon Foods Work?

Zaycon Foods hosts sales events and they sell in bulk. You preorder your products online and for a specific sales event near you. Then on the day of the sales event, you drive to the parking lot where the event is being held. You’ll see a big tractor trailer, pull up with your car, give them your name and they will load your car with the product you ordered. It’s that simple!

Zaycon Foods sells high quality, natural food that is natural and fresh, not frozen.  You will need to go home and decide what to do with your meat, chicken, etc. It comes in one big, 40 lbs. box and you will most likely want to separate it to freeze.

My Thoughts:

This was my very first time dealing with Zaycon Foods. I was not really sure what to expect. I drove up to their truck and was expecting to get out and deal with my order. Instead, they told me to pull up, asked my name and two friendly people loaded my 40 lbs of chicken in my car. I was in and out within five minutes! I could not believe it was so fast.

My son brought our big box of chicken inside for me and I got to work. I cleaned the chicken breasts up a bit, cutting off a little fat and splitting the two breasts down the middle to separate. Then I decided to separate the chicken into small baggies with 2 breasts in each bag to freeze. This way I can pull out a bag of chicken for me and Mike if the kids are not going to be eating with us. Sometimes they are busy and in and out so they cook a quick frozen pizza or make food on the run so me and Mike are left eating by ourselves. And if I am cooking for all of us, I can pull out 2 or 3 bags of chicken.

Check out the size of this chicken, the breasts are huge!

 Zaycon Foods

We’ve been making a lot of great chicken recipes and everyone really loves our Zaycon chicken! The breasts are huge, bigger than the one’s we purchase in store and they are tender and juicy. Great product! I would most definitely recommend purchasing from Zaycon Foods for sure!

I cooked the chicken tonight in roasted garlic salad dressing. I pour in enough to coat the chicken and the bottom of the pan… it’s usually all gone by the time it’s done cooking.

 Zaycon Foods

I cooked it at 450F for about an hour… and then steamed some veggies.

 Zaycon Foods


Have you tried Zaycon Foods? What products have you tried?

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We Have It All


  1. i LOVE that this are hormone and antibiotic free i need to check out this brand!

  2. We love Zaycon foods! We went to our first Zaycon event recently and it was a good deal.

  3. we’ve only tried the chicken- it’s a pain to clean up the chicken and package it for freezing but worth every second- knowing how much better it is for our family to eat1

  4. We love Zaycon foods! I usually split an order with my Mother-in-law cause I don’t have enough room in my freezer for a full order myself. But we both enjoy them quite often.

  5. I love the Zaycon chicken is hormone and antibiotic free!

  6. I LOVE Zaycon foods! We have purchased hamburger meat, sausage, bacon, hot dogs and more. They are all great!!

  7. I have heard about Zaycon and the great deals! We will try them very soon!

  8. I am glad they have LFTB free beef. I only buy my beef from two stores, because of that nasty stuff.

  9. We love Zaycon foods. The chicken is so fresh. It really makes a difference in the taste.

  10. This sounds great, but I wonder if it’s available in Hawaii?

  11. I’ve heard so many fantastic things about their chicken, I really need to try it!

  12. Amy Lynn Desrosiers says:

    We dont have this where I live, but I wish we did!

  13. Oh I need to check this out, bulk prices for organic meat… awesome.

  14. Aren’t those chicken breasts HUGE? Normally it takes like 5 or 6 breasts to feed our family of 7, but we only need two Zaycon chicken breasts…

  15. My son is very careful about where he buys his meat so I’m going to clue him into Zaycon so he can shop there. Thank you so much.

  16. We got chicken from this last Zaycon event, too. I was shocked at how big the breasts were! I’m really happy with it so far.

  17. I love chicken breast! Those are huge!

  18. Thanks for explaining how it works. I like that it is antibiotic and hormone free.

  19. I didn’t know they offered organic, thank you – good to know!

  20. Thanks for the info! I keep wanting to give Zaycon a try. as soon as I get a freezer I plan too!

  21. I definitely try to buy antibiotic free chicken whenever I can. This is great info.

  22. I will have to check out this company because it is good to eat healthy chemical free food.

  23. I have not tried it, but I plan to look into it.

  24. Wow! We eat a lot of chicken in our house. I wonder if they are in my area!

  25. I have never heard of theses but I am going to see if they sell them in my area I like the antibiotic free part..

  26. I have wanted to order and they have events near me, but I can’t find anywhere on their website where they claim their chicken is antibiotic free. Did it say so on the box or elsewhere on any Zaycon information? I had seen a couple news like blog articles about Zaycon, but never with any proof. I really don’t want to buy it if there is not a statement from them that it was antibiotic free.

  27. IT doesn’t say antibiotic free on their website, only hormone and additive free. So I called them. She said their chicken is processed antibiotic free, but if they do get sick they will receive antibiotics and then they will be tested until it’s out of their system to be processed.

  28. The more I research this chicken, the more I think all this hype is coming from customers. No where on their website does it say their chicken is antibiotic free or that any of their products are organic. Their beef supplier is the same one that supplies stores. Zaycon did sell beef with pink slime until the outrage over it happened.

    All chicken is hormone free, but what they aren’t telling you is if the chickens are administered antibiotics through their feed. Most commercial poultry farms have feed that contains antibiotics and arsenic. The arsenic is used because they can get faster growth from the chicken with less feed. Last year in October, the FDA withdrew their support of 3 of the 4 types of arsenic. This makes me wonder how those chicken breasts are so huge. I have heard that they are so big because they let them mature longer, but if that is the case, how can they sell them for the price they do? That would mean more feed, more labor and more infrastructure on a farm because the turnover would take longer. This just doesn’t make sense.

    I have decided not purchase from Zaycon until they have actual statements on their products backing up these claims.

    • Hi Kay.
      I work for Zaycon Foods and am happy to answer all of your question. Zaycon’s chicken is not organic and we don’t claim to be. Our chicken is antibiotic free and just like Anne said, they are pulled from the flock and checked until it is out of their system before it is processed. We did sell beef with pink slime. It was information that the farm misinformed us of and we did not know at the time.
      The chicken breast we sell is what restaurants and grocery stores don’t want to purchase. Just like humans, chickens come in all sizes. Most restaurants and grocery stores like to purchase boxes of smaller chicken breasts for portion control. We choose the larger breasts to keep our costs down. the chickens are grown to 60-65 days before processing. I will ask about the feed for you. It is something that should be in our information anyway, so thank you for bringing that up.
      We realize that Zaycon Foods is not for everyone. If you would like any more questions asked, your are welcome to contact me directly at

    • Hi again Kay,
      I just received this information about the antibiotics on the feed from the farm:
      “We do not use antibiotics of human health significance at sub-therapeutic levels, such as tetracyclines, penicillin, and sulfonamides in our poultry feeds. Less than 1% of our broilers receive therapeutic doses of antibiotics, and only for the treatment of acute disease.”

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