Pregnant? Play a Fun Baby Guessing Game with Your Family and Friends All Over the World! (Giveaway Included!)

A big thanks to the folks at BabiesBet for sponsoring this conversation.

What happens when you find out you’re pregnant and you’re super excited to tell everyone you know… and you start preparing for your baby shower, only to realize that much of your family and friends live too far to attend your shower?

No worries, you can use BabiesBet to connect to your friends and family – near and far! Using BabiesBet helps those important to you have a part in your baby shower and pregnancy experience and not only feel included, but also have fun at the same time!

If you have not heard of BabiesBet, let me explain a little bit. BabiesBet is a fun baby guessing game that you start online and then share via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or email to your friends and family. They then can locate your game and make guesses as to when your baby might come, if your baby will be a girl or boy, how much your baby will weigh, and more! It’s so much fun, it’s as if you are at the actual baby shower playing these guessing games! This way, nobody misses out! Not only do they get to make guesses as to the basics about the baby, they also get to guess as to what the baby will look like and even the name of the baby! That’s not all either – you have to head over and check out and peek around. Start up a game – it’s super easy!

Check it out…

Get Started and Make Your Own BabiesBet Baby Guessing Game!

  1. First you enter in Mom and Dad’s names… BabiesBet Baby Guessing Game
  2. Next, enter your baby’s estimated due date… BabiesBet Baby Guessing Game
  3. Then chose your measurements… BabiesBet Baby Guessing Game
  4. Choose an ethnicity (only Caucasian is available at the moment, but soon the others will be too)… BabiesBet Baby Guessing Game
  5. And that’s IT! You’re Done! Now you just need to share your Baby Guessing Game with your friends and family. You can share via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus or you can even email this game directly to them!
    BabiesBet Baby Guessing Game

See how easy it is to set up your BabiesBet game! It’s just as easy to play too!

Your family and friends will have a great time making guesses as to what color hair your new baby will have or what the shape of baby’s ears might be or what their personality might be like or what their very first words might be.

Connect with BabiesBet!

Head over to and take a peek around or even start up your own Baby Guessing Game!

You can find BabiesBet on Facebook and on Twitter @BabiesBet.


The folks at BabiesBet want to give you a $25 GC to use at their BabiesBet Store!

The BabiesBet store sells all kinds of clothing and accessories like phone cases, invitations, pacifiers, tote bags, hats and so much more!

You can enter to win by filling out the form below – it’s super easy, you just have to complete the very first entry and your entered to win! If you’d like a better chance to win, just fill out more of the form!


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We Have It All
We Have It All


  1. Genevieve Lincourt says:

    Thanks Danielle for this great review – I’ve just sent the link to all my pregnant friends and look forward to be part of their guessing game. As I’ve been living abroad for a few years now, I’ve been missing most of my friends’ baby showers but Babiesbet changes it all…can’t wait to play…!!

  2. I want the “Coming Soon” t-shirt. That is super cute.

  3. The iphone cases are really cute! I am not PG, but could give it to a friend who is. 🙂

  4. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I like the Giraffe pacifier

  5. Probably some mugs as gifts.

  6. I’d get the Teat giraffes pacifier because it would be a great baby shower gift! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I like the Coming Soon t-shirt.

  8. What a cute game idea!! We always tried to guess by wives tales. Never worked.

  9. The Coming Soon tshirt or either the We are Expecting phone case!

  10. Pirate mug

  11. I would love to get a keychain with a photo of my grandbaby.

  12. Tiny Tote

  13. I love the “we are expecting” tote- what a great gift it would make!

  14. carry key déco giraffes acrylic keychain is really cute. What a cute site.

  15. I love the laptop case, would be great for at the hospital!

  16. stephanie mcfarland says:

    the giraffes to pacify pacifier

  17. Crib set

  18. this is cute!

  19. Michelle Tucker says:

    I like the Iphone 5 case “We are expecting.”

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  20. Chris Woods says:

    Quite a delightful site. A few others that also do a great job:

  21. Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L—E-RAN-I-N-G!

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