DIY #StarburstCandyCorn Halloween Decor

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Halloween is one of Mike and the kids’ favorite holidays. They love everything about the whole Halloween season. We all love visiting the pumpkin farms, Mike and the kids love visiting haunted houses and everyone loves decorating the house for Halloween. They decorate the house for the spooky part of Halloween and I like to decorate the house for the festive fall season. This year the girls want to have a big Halloween party.

If you’re planning on hosting any Halloween parties this year, I suggest DIY Halloween décor. There are so many cute Halloween crafts you can make and use as décor… you can even use candy to decorate or craft with!

Tori’s Tasty Tips for Halloween Entertaining!

This year, Starburst Candy Corn teamed up with Tori Spelling to create “Tori’s Tasty Tips for Halloween Entertaining”! Tori has some really awesome ideas like napkin rings and party favors. My favorite is her Candied Cupckaes made with Starburst Candy Corn!

DIY Halloween Decor #StarburstCandyCorn
I think these cupcakes would be perfect for a Halloween party. I’m going to pick up a box of pink lemonade cake mix and frosting and we’re going to top them with Starburst Candy Corn just like you see above. Cute, huh?

Starburst Candy Corn Candle Holder Center Piece

We started decorating for fall and Halloween a couple days ago. We used our Starburst Candy Corn to decorate candle holders. We’re keeping these on our fireplace mantel and our table as a center piece.

DIY Halloween Decor #StarburstCandyCornDIY Halloween Decor #StarburstCandyCorn


If you get a chance, head over to the Starburst Candy Corn Facebook page and take a peek at the Starburst Candy Corn crafts. You HAVE TO try some of these.

Which Halloween craft do you think you might try?

We Have It All
We Have It All


  1. cute idea 🙂

  2. This is my kind of craft.Totally easy, but still cute and creative. (Now I want to do it with other things, like buttons, too.)

  3. I’ve never tried the Starburst Candy corn, but I LOVE candy corn. This is such a great idea!

  4. That’s super cute! I’m pretty sure I’d eat it though.

  5. I love this! The candy is still edible, but it’s so pretty around this candle! <3

  6. I like your use of candy in the candle holder. Very festive and easy to do, thanks for the idea!

  7. Oooh so cute! I love the candle holder idea! But how can you resist eating them, lol! They are super yummy!

  8. I would totally be snitching those starbust corns when I walked past each time, lol.

  9. How cute! I love candles and candy corn, LOL 🙂

  10. I think those candleholders at adorable. I’m sure I would eat them LOL but it is such a great DIY decor idea!!

  11. How cute and so simple! I love it!! Of course I see pink and I love all things pink

  12. That’s a really cute one and you can still eat the candy that way! (which is very, very good)

  13. Love this idea.. looks soo yummy and also glamorous … I love to use candy to decorate.. think that’s a new trend…lol..

  14. Too cute! I’m excited about these new candies, I bet they’re yummy.

  15. Skye Moyer says:

    Won’t the candy just melt?

    • Well I already answered this question when you asked it on my FB page… but to answer again, no it did not melt (so far). We burned it for about 2 hours or so. The tutorials show this being made with tea light candles but I used a larger candle with glass surrounding it (like a votive) in the hope that the candy wouldn’t melt. Either way, it’s cute and would make a cute decoration on a coffee table or center piece even if you didn’t want to burn the candle.

  16. Why would it melt? It’s not IN the tealight.. and it’s only a little tealight? I think it’s an adorable idea!

  17. how creative. and since you have the candle in a separate holder, you can still eat the candy without it getting waxy!

  18. You look like Tori Spelling.

  19. This is so cute! I can’t have candy corn until next month though. I’m doing the unprocessed food challenge this month. I’ll be snatching up some leftover bags though in November, that’s for sure!

  20. I would love to try this candy corn. I am not a fan of the original.

  21. Karen Glatt says:

    This is such a cute Halloween idea to put my candle in. I like the colors and it is so pretty. I will have to try this.

  22. Ohhh, I bet those taste so good. I love the colors and and creativity of your candle holder.

  23. I had no idea there was Starburst candy corn, maybe I should stroll down the candy aisle once in a while:) Those cupcakes sound so good and I love your candle centerpiece. So pretty and festive!

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