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With more and more people feeling the financial squeeze, the prospect of going on holiday may seem like a luxury. However, it’s still possible to enjoy great getaways with a few insider tips and tricks. The key thing to remember is to be flexible; being less dogmatic on times, destinations – even the origin of where you start your holiday from – can open you and your family up to a world of possibilities. Obviously if you have children of school age, then when you take your holidays are more limited, but even so, with a bit of digging around you might find yourself building sandcastles on a holiday that cost you much less than originally thought.

Firstly, decide on where you want to go, then use a variety of sources to check and compare availability and prices as regards accommodation. Searching online is usually the best route these days with comparison sites, social media, and hotel discount sites are competing to give you the best holiday deal. Some hotels are not included in comparisons, so it’s always worth contacting a particular establishment directly, and even haggle over the phone to see if they will price match.

Secondly, check out the cost of food and drink of the place you wish to go beforehand. If eating out looks expensive, then consider an all-inclusive holiday. These have come down in price significantly in recent years as holiday operators try to capitalise on people feeling the pinch back home. Therefore, an all-inclusive holiday may represent better value for money overall then a standard holiday whereby additional cost for eating, drinking and entertainment needs to be factored in.

Thirdly, depending on where you want to go – and if you like the idea of taking a (small) risk – it may actually work out cheaper to fly somewhere and sort accommodation out once you get there. Many European cities and most countries in Asia, for example, have a great range of ‘pensions’, B&B’s and guesthouses to choose from. Asking at the tourist office on arrival may open up local deals that wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Finally, once you’ve got to your destination and settled into your accommodation, get the lowdown from hotel concierges, waiters and locals to discover where are the best places to go, see, eat, drink and be entertained. The people who live there will have more knowledge of where to find those hidden holiday gems than travel operators ever could!

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  1. Really great vacation tips. We recently went on vacation to German. I did a lot of pre-work and found that we could save a lot of money that way.

  2. These are great travel tips. This would work even if you were staying in your own back yard/city.

  3. Very good tips. Helpful!

  4. Very good trip tips. We travel quite a bit and I always plan ` then plan some more ~ then plan a little more! I truly believe planning is the key to a fantastic vacation

  5. these are some great tips, good to know when going into a new city,.

  6. My sister and her fiancé like fly by the seat of their pants when they travel, only buying airfare and deciding everything else once they’re there. I can’t do that. I’m SUCH a planner!

  7. You are so right. The cost of food can quickly take a toll on a vacation. Great tips.

  8. These are some great tips! I need a vacation too!

  9. so many people don’t even plan out their trips like this – too haphazard for them…great ideas!

  10. Great travel tips. Most people don’t really realize that there are so many ways to save money and still go on vacation.

  11. I’d love to be able to plan a vacation for my family next year! I’ll keep these tips in mind. Especially about asking the locals for suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for these great tips! We are hoping to visit Italy as a family in 2014.

  13. We want to do an all-inclusive dive resort someday soon! My kids love the water.

  14. Being flexible really saves a lot when it comes to booking air travel. Also, traveling on the off-season, like when I fly home to England in November, LOL!!

  15. Fantastic tips! We haven’t taken a vacation in a while. Well, my son and I went down to Myrtle Beach earlier this year with family, but Hubby had to work. As an entire family, we’ve never really taken one.

  16. The power of the internet is great for checking things out beforehand. I love doing that before I leave for a trip. 🙂

  17. Great vacation tips. I am always frugal when it comes to trips.

  18. being flexible on flight days saved us over $2000 when we flew to disney in january!

  19. really great tips- thank you for th reminders 🙂

  20. Some people think of vacation time as an indulgence. Others think of it as a necessary thing. For me, vacations are important things that should be taken on a regular basis. This can be done if one is a smart shopper.

  21. thank you for the tips, I stock pile. Whenever I see a good deal I buy it, I have quite a few Christmas gifts already purchased!

  22. Being flexible is a great tip, I’ve saved a lot on flights by being flexible with the day of the week I traveled.

  23. These are great vacation tips for saving some money!

  24. I haven’t been on a vacation in years. I think it’s time to change that!

  25. I try to get a lot of ideas online before we go anywhere, and I always use discount sites. 🙂

  26. Great tips- thanks 🙂

  27. Good tips. I am a discount hunter myself too. Every cent counts!

  28. What great tips! I like to do my research before we travel!

  29. Wonderful vacation tips! Thanks!

  30. Thanks for the lovely tips! We are hoping to take a vacation next year–finally!

  31. thanks for sharing these great travel tips!

  32. Wow how cool is this?! thanks so much for sharing! Will def be checking it out for my next trip!

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