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Back in June, I told you about the Man Collection from Yankee Candle which consisted of five masculine scents like “Movie Night” and “Mmm, Bacon!” I really wanted to try the “Riding Mower” but never got around to it, although the folks at Yankee Candle did recently send me Cinnamon Appleberry to try out… or should I say, for Mike to try out haha.

Mike is the one in our home who buys all the candles. I have to keep a handle on him when we are at the Yankee Candle store at our mall or at our local Cracker Barrel because Mike will spend way too much money on Yankee Candles.

Here’s the Cinnamon Appleberry candle from Yankee Candle:

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Appleberry

Cinnamon Appleberry Features:

  • The welcoming aroma of tart apples and sugary berries laced with cinnamon.
  • Burn Time: 110 to 150 hours

My Thoughts:

We all enjoyed this candle. It reminded me of a mulberry scent mixed with a cinnamon scent. You can definitely smell the berry and the spice. It’s very nice for the season. Very fall-ish, especially here in Chicagoland!

Buy It!

You can currently purchase this 22 ounce jar of Cinnamon Appleberry for $27.99.

And if you get a chance, be sure to check out Yankee Candle’s newest Fall Fragrances which consist of:

    • Cozy Sweater™
    • Lake Sunset™
    • November Rain™
    • Pumpkin Wreath
    • Salted Caramel
    • Vanilla Chai

Do you have favorite scents from Yankee Candle?

Which one’s are your favorite?



  1. I love the fall scents that have cinnamon in them so I am going to have to check this out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, this is like my favorite scents all rolled into one! I cannot stand flowery scents, and because I also hate strong perfume smell, I personally wear vanilla natural body spray in place of perfume, but the vanilla candles and me both smelling the same is kinda weird, lol. So, my go to faves are cinnamon, apple and berry! I have got to go pick this one up!

  3. I love some good smelling candles. These are also always great for gifts.

  4. I’ve heard Yankee Candles are great but have never tried them. This scent sounds like it smells really good!

  5. I love anything cinnamon in the fall and winter, so I will definitely check this one out!

  6. Ooh this sounds awesome! My hubby is also a huge Yankee Candle addict. It might be the only store he goes crazy at. We love fall inspired scents, this one sounds like a must try!

  7. Mmm, this is the perfect scent for Fall!

  8. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love Yankee Candkes so much! I have even visited the headquarters in both Ma and Virginia.

  9. I love Yankee Candle, but don’t really care for cinnamon scents. Right now, I am burning a Pecan scented candle – and yep – Yankee Candle is my absolutely favorite. They are worth the extra you pay and usually have some really good specials.

  10. I love fall scents but only subtle ones. Cinnamon can be overwhelming at times.

  11. We love candles, but since it’s so hot here in AZ it’s not until the end of Fall and through the Winter that we burn candles. Cinnamon Appleberry is the perfect Fall scent! YUM!

  12. I was actually just thinking about how much I love the smell of candles…especially in the fall!

  13. I haven’t tried out the Yankee Candles yet. I really, really want to though!!

  14. I love gardenia scented candles. I also like black cherry. Yankee Candle makes awesome candles.

  15. This sounds better than a bacon candle.. I can’t say that one interests me. But apple cinnamon? Yum! Might make me hungry though.

  16. i loved rainforest. sigh. i miss it. i have one tart of it left. i’m hoarding it.

    this one sounds marvelous!

  17. The Cinnamon Appleberry sounds incredible. I had one that I burned for a couple of years (no joke!) that I loved dearly until it finally burned too low and I had to toss it a few weeks back. I don’t remember the exact scent, but it had a picture of a woodsy path, and its name was something about leaves. I’m sure it’s discontinued by now, but it had a really fresh, earthy scent.

  18. I really love the warm Fall scents and this one is right up my alley!

  19. I love fall scents!!

  20. I love all of the fall scents and also the tropical/beach Yankee Candles too! They are some of my most favorite candles ever!

  21. I LOVE the smell of Yankee Candles, especially the ones for FALL… ; this one sounds great, I’ll have to go to the Mall to check out the smell.. I bet I will end up buying a bunch for the house 🙂

  22. We love the cinnamon ones, especially around the holidays. My ultimate favorite is anything with vanilla though. Yankee Candles are very fragrant.

  23. This sounds like the perfect fall scent! I love the smell of apples in candles so adding cinnamon would just be amazing.

  24. This candle sounds so divine. I love the smell of apple and cinnamon I am curious to know if the berries make it smell even better..

  25. I LOVE Yankee Candles!!! I’m going to look for this one next time I go!

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