Do You Bundoo? I Do! Why Don’t You Join Me?

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a new parenting website called Bundoo.

Bundoo is a website specifically for parents and caregivers. Bundoo is great because as a parent or any kind of caregiver, you can never receive enough guidance and advice from other parents, caregivers and experts in all of the different areas you will encounter while raising children.

Bundoo is a premier parenting website where parents, childcare experts and pediatricians share the journey of parenting together.


If you’ve ever had a quick question that you wanted to ask your pediatrician, but didn’t want to bother him or her, Bundoo can help! Have you ever worried about the way your baby is acting? Maybe they are sleeping more than usual or not eating as much as usual or maybe they are extra fussy and crying more than usual. Whatever your question, Bundoo can help.

I am a mom of 5 and a step-mom of 1. My kids range in age from 20 years old all the way down to 14 months old. Does this make me an expert? Absolutely not. I have two kids with ADHD. I have one child with Down Syndrome. I had three kids with colic. I breastfed two of them for only two months while I breastfed three of them until one year. My 14 month old is still breastfed and refuses to take a bottle or sippy cup and I am clueless as to how to wean him. One of my kids walked at 9 months of age, three others walked at 13 months of age and my 14 month old is not walking or crawling yet. I have kids from all age groups and all are very different people. They’ve all developed differently and parenting one child has never been the same twice. Even with as much experience as I have, I still need help. I still need expert advice and I second guess a lot of things.

This is why I love Bundoo.

Bundoo has A-Z articles written and reviewed by pediatricians and child development specialists. Bundoo’s online community provides support from other parents and experts in childcare, child development and pediatrics. Bundoo is such a valuable community that is available at all times. You can get access to information any time you need it.

I just signed up for Bundoo. It was super quick and easy. I registered with my simple information. I then added my kids and added my interests. From there I was able to join groups and jump into conversations. Of course one of the first groups I joined was a Holistic Parenting group, go figure haha.



I did ask my first question… I asked about weaning Jack from co-sleeping:


As soon as I get a bit more time, I plan on asking a few more questions about my son. One question I want to ask is about weaning him onto a bottle or sippy cup. He has Down Syndrome and I am not sure if that is the reason behind why he can not “figure out” how to use a sippy cup or bottle. He will only chew on the nipple or tip, but not suck. When liquid does come out, he chokes. He gets physical therapy monthly and every few months he gets an evaluation with a bunch of different therapists so that is at the end of the month. During that evaluation, the speech therapist will check this issue out and let us know what she thinks. In the mean time, I would love opinions and plan to post this in Bundoo.

I’m looking forward to spending more time on Bundoo to look around, post some questions and join some conversations and maybe offer help. I’m also looking forward to joining more groups or maybe even creating my own.



Connect with Bundoo!

Be sure to JOIN Bundoo and follow Bundoo on Facebook and on Twitter @BundooFamily.


Bundoo… and WIN $500!

BUNDOO and WIN $500!

Good Luck!




  1. i just had a new baby boy a few last week and i am glad to know about this now. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. A great way to get quick answers. loved all the great information

  3. never herd of this–will have to check it out. TY

  4. if i ever have a kid…. 😀

  5. Wow… this is awesome… I love that there is an online community like this. Thank you

  6. Never heard of this before but will be going to check it out now thanks 🙂

  7. This actually sounds like a great site. My sister is pregnant now, I’m sure she will find this very useful! Will pass it along

  8. I love sites like these, they can help to alleviate a mom’s stress and worry level almost instantly – and know whether what she was or wasn’t doing was right. It also cuts down on the unnecessary calls to the doctor.

    • So true, Debra! That’s exactly why Bundoo was created. Unless you happen to be a doctor yourself, parenting can be rough when you aren’t sure when to worry. All of those in between doctor’s visit questions are perfect for Ask Bundoo!

      -Stephanie at Bundoo

  9. I didn’t realize this service was available but I am certainly going to start taking advantage of it!

  10. What a great resource for parents!

  11. I could totally use this! My little guy is 3 years old and sometimes I need extra help.

  12. What an interesting resource for parents!

  13. This sounds really neat. It’s always nice to get advice from other parents.

  14. GReat resource for parents! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  15. This is a great resource to share with the parents at our daycare center. They are always looking for ways to find good online sources of parental info.

  16. Interesting… mhhh never heard of this,. sooo have to check it out, thanks for sharing

  17. I don’t use Bundoo.. I use Baby Center. I never heard about Bundoo until now I will have to look more into it.. and see if I like it better than Baby Center

    • Carmen, we would love for you to check us out, and any feedback is always welcome at (Believe it or not, we’ve already made several changes based on user feedback!) All of our content, from the articles to the products in the Marketplace, is physician-approved.

      -Stephanie at Bundoo

  18. Never heard of this, but sounds like an excellent resource!!

  19. Sometimes you have no idea where to turn, but this is an always there option!

  20. That’s really neat! I’ve never heard about Bundoo before, but I like that you can get professional answers to your parenting questions.

  21. Wow, I have never heard of this site before. Sounds like an amazing resource for parents! I am going to have to check this out! Thanks!

  22. great resource- i need to go check it out. i keep hearing such great things about this. and what a great place for new moms (or veteran moms ) to go with questions!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Thanks for the heads up on the new site!

  24. I need to check out that site! There will be four & a half years between my son & this baby so I feel like I’m starting all over!

    • Shell, we’d love to have you on Bundoo! And on a personal note- my daughter is four and I’m just now ready to consider having another… I am soaking all of the info in as it seems like things are constantly changing (and I’ve forgotten a lot!). 🙂

      -Stephanie at Bundoo

  25. I have never heard of Bundoo before.

  26. What a great service! I’ll bookmark the site for future reference. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Looks like a great site for parents! I love hearing first hand advice from other parents since I am a first time mom. I will check out Bundoo!

  28. Ever since I took the plunge and left my job to work at home, I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my community. There are so many days I don’t see anyone besides my 3yo and 6mo, so I could really use an online parenting site like this. I love that you can join groups based on your interests and parenting style….that could really come in handy on those tougher days, and at 3am when you have a question! That can be scary for new moms. Heck, everything can be scary for new moms, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’m going to sign up.

    • Wendy,

      I work at Bundoo but your comment really resonated with me personally. I was a work at home mom for 3 1/2 years before I started with Bundoo. I used to get my sanity from my online communities, especially when my husband was traveling and I had few (let’s be honest- none in my immediate area!) friends in a new city we had just moved to. I totally understand and hope you feel comfortable at Bundoo reaching out for advice and friendship. Parenting is a blast, but boy can it be lonely sometimes! 🙂


      • Thanks, Stephanie. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I relocated when I got married and started a family, so I know what you mean. It was an hour and a half away, so I commuted to the job but never saw my friends. I will definitely check out Bundoo. Sounds like something I should recommend to my expectant friends, too!

  29. That sounds incredible! Ive never heard of it before so thank you for sharing!

  30. What a great resource! Thanks for telling us about it, I’m on my way to sign up!

  31. Very cool! I usually keep far away from parenting forums, but this one looks different. I may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  32. This sounds like a great resource for parents. I have four kids and know I have had my fair of questions throughout the years.

  33. I have looked at Bundoo, heard about it when I was in Chicago for the blogger baby shower. It looks great, I just need to really find the time to dig in! Thanks for the great info!

  34. I bundoo!!! 🙂

  35. Never heard of that site before but it sounds like it could be a great resource when you need info or reassurance. Going to share!

  36. I love Bundoo! I think the Ask Bundoo is such a great feature!

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