Back to School Magic Confetti

Gracie has been back in preschool a little over a week now and she is already coming home with lots of paintings and crafts. The preschool crafts she brings home are always adorable and I love to show them off.

On her first day of school she brought home an adorable handprint craft and poem along with “Back to School Magic Confetti” – which is another adorable idea for preschool kids or even kindergarten or a bit older kids, but still young. This idea is great for getting them excited for their first day of school.

“Back to School Magic Confetti”

Back to School Magic Confettin

I think this is a cute little thing to do with your little one to get them excited for school the next day.

What do you do to get your child excited about the first day of school?


  1. What a sweet idea!

  2. I also posted that abortion statistic link on my page. Devastating and eye opening.

  3. Aw, this is great! Kids love this kind of stuff. 🙂

  4. That is so cute! Anything that helps kids feel less nervous about starting them school is good with me.

  5. This is such a fun idea! I love it.

  6. That is such a cute idea <3

  7. I love things like that too! Kids just eat it all up!

  8. Awe, that’s so cute and such a good idea!!!

  9. This is such a fun and clever idea!

  10. My son is in preschool now too. This is such a cute idea.

  11. How sweet.

  12. My son’s Kindergarten teacher did this and gave it to him during “meet the teacher” before school started. This is such a cute idea

  13. A very creative, and simple thing that I’m sure the kids love.

  14. That’s precious!!We did a countdown chain and read several first day of school books the night before

  15. aww what a cute idea~

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