We Won the "Dry Night 3-Day Challenge" with GoodNites Underwear

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We’ve taken the “Dry Night 3-Day Challenge” with GoodNites Underwear – and we WON!

Here’s the thing.

My 4 year old nephew, who is over a few times per week, is totally potty trained. He has been potty trained for almost six months now. He does great, but the only issues he has are at night time. At night time, he’s 50/50. You never know if he is going to have an accident or not and since he stays over quite a bit, we are never really sure how to handle this. He knows he’s potty trained but he doesn’t understand why he sometimes has accidents in the middle of the night. Being that he’s 4 years old, he knows he wears ‘big boy’ underwear just like daddy, and he knows he does not belong in a diaper, so putting one on him would not be good for his self esteem. We’ve always treated his bedwetting like it was no big deal, like an accident… in hopes that he would not feel embarrassed or lose any confidence. His bedwetting is a bit of a hassle, although we would never let him know this. Needing to change his clothes and bedding when it happens… and you never know when it will, it’s a little frustrating.

This is where GoodNites Underwear saved us!

GoodNites Underwear has new designs! GoodNites Underwear are super absorbent pants for boys and girls, four years old and older. They are specifically made to protect them while they are lying down so their PJ’s and bedding stays dry all night long. With the discreet design, Spiderman in our case, they do not feel like they are wearing diapers or training pants, but rather underwear… which is fantastic!

My nephew wore his Spiderman GoodNites Underwear for about four different nights and only had one accident. Once he realized that his accident did not disrupt his sleep by getting his clothing wet, nor his bedding wet, I think his mindset changed. He realized he was safe. If he wet his bed, he could change his GoodNites Underwear with ease, but his bedding didn’t have to be changed and his clothing didn’t have to be changed. The following nights we’ve had my nephew over, he has not wet his bed. I really think the GoodNites Underwear relaxed him. I don’t think he has stressed about bedwetting since using these. And why should he? There are no worries with GoodNites Underwear!

GoodNites Underwear

We won the “Dry Night 3-Day Challenge”!

My sister has also started using GoodNites Underwear and she said these make all the difference in the world! My nephew has confidence again and his self esteem is back where it is supposed to be.

GoodNites Underwear

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How do you deal with bedwetting?

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  1. We are having this issue as well. We are monitoring liquids before bedtime now to see if that helps.

  2. That is really awesome we are trying to start our DD on potty training looks like I need to look into these 🙂

  3. Congrats on winning the 3 day challenge !! Night training can be tricky!

  4. Jessica P says:

    Awesome! I’ll have to recommend these to my friend.

  5. Cute!

  6. We need these for Kynlee! In cute girl prints, of course! 🙂

  7. we had great luck with goodnites too!!

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