This #ReebokMom is Getting ‘Back On the Wagon’ with New Kicks from Famous Footwear | #Sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

Having such a large family, it seems like we are always shopping for clothes and shoes and since we are always shopping for these things – we know what we want and we know where we love to shop.

One of our favorite stores to buy shoes for everyone in the family is Famous Footwear. I love Famous Footwear for two reasons. I can find shoes for all of us – Baby Jack, Gracie in preschool, the teen girls and Austin, Mike’s work boots/hiking boots and his basketball shoes, and all of my shoes. Of course, me and the girls buy all different kinds of shoes. We buy our athletic shoes, flats, heels, boots and flip flops too. The second thing I love about Famous Footwear is the BOGO. When we are in need of shoes, we are always sure to shop during a “buy one, get one half off” sale. With such a large family, this is the best way to shop!

This time I was on the search for Reebok athletic shoes. I have not had a good pair of athletic shoes in quite some time and I really need some. I’ve been on and off doing the Revolt Fitness Program. I’m currently “off the wagon” because we moved and then went on vacation… and then got back to a still unpacked house… with kids home from school all summer long. I plan on starting back up this week and so I’m really excited to have my new Reebok’s to start back up with.

Like I said, I’ve always loved Famous Footwear. But this time I had some difficulty. They only carried two Reebok styles in-store but neither were the athletic kind. I tried ordering online, but there were only styles in my size, neither of which I liked. The colors were just ‘not me’. I ended up waiting about a week and then I was able to choose a pair that I really like when they were all back in stock.

I ordered the Woman’s REALFLEX RUN in Grey/Teal/Cosmic Pink:

  • Mesh upper in an athletic running style
  • Lace-up front, padded collar
  • Printed logo overlay
  • Textile lining, cushioning footbed
  • Flexible RealFlex outsole with forefoot flex grooves

Reebok Famous Footwear

I ordered the size I always wear and luckily these Reebok’s are true-to-size and fit perfectly. The Reebok REALFLEX RUN are very comfortable. The material of the shoe is much thinner than I thought it would be, and very breathable and for that reason, I think these will be great shoes for working out and getting hot and sweaty. I did expect the souls of the shoe to be a bit more supportive and more comfortable. They are not UNcomfortable, I just thought there would be more support. Overall, I do like this Reebok REALFLEX RUN shoe.

Reebok Famous Footwear

What do you think?

Cute, huh?

Shop Famous Footwear Now and get 3 Discounts!

  • If you place a Famous Footwear order right now, you can these Reebok REALFLEX RUN shoes currently for 25% off! They are normally $79.99 but you can get them for $59.99.
  • Not only that, but you can also get another 20% off if you are a Rewards Member!
  • Oh and there is one more awesome discount… BOGO! If you purchase one pair of shoes at full price, you can get the second pair for half off!

I’m not sure how long any of these discounts will last so HURRY!

I got such an awesome discount that I was able to get this pair along with a pair of shoes for Gracie and a cute pair of sandals for Baby Jack!

Do you shop at Famous Footwear?

Have you purchased Reebok’s recently?



  1. Love the Reebok shoes, my Teen is a runner and he prefers the Reebok over any other shoe and they look stylish as well… Great pictures and wonderful post. Thanks for sharing…

  2. I got my first pair of mesh upper material shoes recently and I love how light they are. That’s the way I’d go with any shoes I was expecting to run in.

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you got pretty colors, danielle. i like them !! so pretty!! i’m off the wagon too. trying to chase it down 😉

  4. Those are super cute and the neon pop of color is so trendy! Love these!!!! The wait was worth it for these!

  5. I really like that pair of shoes. I need a pair of these to motivate me to exercise!

  6. I definitely love the color, but I’d probably want a bit more support in them as well. I like the look, too! I’m a fan of Famous Footwear!

  7. those are cute shoes!!

  8. LOVE them!! I love the ones that are thinner material, cause they really do keep your feet cooler when you’re working out. My shoes are getting pretty worn out… I’ll have to go look for these!

  9. Oooh I love the pink accent! I got a pair of Reebok shoes at a conference I went to in June and I was so happy to have them. 🙂

  10. I love those bright colors! I want to get back into running, I should put these on my shopping list.

  11. I have a friend who wants to replace her sneaker and I will recommend this to her. I think she will love this.

  12. Juliana RW says:

    I love Rebook 😀 and love this color too

  13. I love these bright colors and they look super comfy!

  14. Love Reebok and the pair you have on is so nice. Love the color and they appear to be so comfortable….especially for running sneakers.

  15. I love your shoes. Wish I’d picked something like that. I chose a casual pair for walking but thinking I just may go shopping again! 😉

  16. Those shoes are just adorable and I love the pop of color.

  17. I am loving those colors! So many fun ones this season. I must get me and the hubs a new pair!

  18. These look like the ideal shoes for my back to school walking work outs! I love the vibrant colors, too!

  19. love the color and style of these! My hubby and I just got the ZigKicks and love them but i would love to try these ones too

  20. You got you some CUTE Reeboks. I have been wanting to get a pair that have pink in them. I have went to a few different Famous Footwear stores but they are either out of stuck or don’t carry them yet. I really wanting a pair though!

  21. LOVE those shoes!! How could you NOT want to start running just so you get to wear them!!! LOL

  22. These look like a great pair of shoes – any idea how long they will last?

  23. Wow, those look great!

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