Keep Your Big Kid Safe with the BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat from Safety 1st

Have you heard of the BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat from Safety 1st? It’s a booster car seat that doubles as a backpack!

As I’m sure you know, I am one of “those mom’s” when it comes to car seat safety so I tend to be super picky about car seats. When I was offered the BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat to review, I had not heard of it just yet. I had to do some poking around to see if this was something I would feel safe putting Gracie in. As I did some searching and talking with friends who share my same concerns, I realized that this is a fantastic booster car seat for a few reasons.

Image for BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat from DJGUSA

First of all, a high back booster car seat, like the BoostAPak, will do a better job of positioning the shoulder belt than a backless booster would… which is very, very important. Second of all, being that the BoostAPak is portable and easy to install, this is an awesome booster car seat to have around for the ‘extra car’ or grandma’s car, etc. The third reason I like the BoostAPak Booster Car Seat is because it is convenient and travel friendly. This would be perfect to travel with verses lugging around your regular car seat. And a little bonus feature… it doubles as a backpack/travel bag! How awesome is that?!?

BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat by Safety 1st Features:

  • Forward Facing Backless Booster Weight Range: 40-80 pounds
  • Forward Facing Backless Booster Height Range: 43" -  52"
  • Moves easily from car to car
  • Travel friendly: fits easily into an overhead bin
  • Unique, patented fold-out seat belt guides
  • Durable plastic shell
  • High visibility reflective trim
  • Removable cover for easy spot cleaning
  • ID tag
  • Unzips for storage
  • Assembled Weight of Product (pounds): 3.4

My Thoughts:

Gracie happens to fluctuate between 38-40 lbs. so I will probably wait just a little while before using our BoostAPak unless it’s really necessary. Since I occasionally do vehicle reviews, this will really come in handy. I can easily install our BoostAPak for our quick trips out. It will be so nice not to have to un-install our regular car seat from our car.

BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat by Safety 1st

I do love the way the belt positioner positions the shoulder belt. It keeps the shoulder belt in the correct position. I can not stand to see kids using the shoulder belt while in a booster car seat and it’s clearly not positioned in the right spot. That is so so dangerous. Another thing I love about this booster car seat is that the instructions are in clear sight. You do not have to worry about installing the seat correctly, it is very simple.

BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat by Safety 1st

I love this 2-in-1 booster seat doubling as a backpack. The flap folds down (the back of the seat is actually the flap) and turns into a backpack, it’s so convenient! The BoostAPak is so light too, which makes it super easy for travel. As you can see, Gracie can easily carry it with no issues.

BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat by Safety 1st

The inside is a nice size too… check out all the things we were able to pack inside:

BoostAPak Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat by Safety 1st

Over all the BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat by Safety 1st is an awesome booster car seat that doubles as a backpack and would be great to use as an ‘extra’ car seat, when visiting grandparents or other relatives, car pooling, traveling by taxi or bus. It even would fit in an overhead bin on an airplane. It’s portable and convenient and super light. Pack it up and you big kid can carry it with them with ease. This is not a car seat that I would use everyday – but it would be great as an extra car seat or as an emergency car seat for another car and like I said, it would be great to use for travel.

Find out more about the BoostAPak Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat from Safety 1st.


  1. That is really smart. I need one of these! Thanks so much for sharing. I am hopping over to amazon right now 🙂

  2. How neat!! Thanks for posting! I cannot wait to get one!

  3. what a great product! I have never seen this before. I love it! I so have to look into this! Thank you!

  4. Ok, now that is pretty slick! I love that you can take it everywhere and it’ll keep the kids up high enough at even a restaurant or something!

  5. I really like how easy it is to use. And how cool it is a real backpack too. This would be great for those opps I need a car seat situations like when grandma picks up my kindergartener.

  6. Ok, I love this booster! I need this for when I’m carting my grandkids around!

  7. great looking (and comfortable)…cute kid….

  8. oh I didn’t realize it was a back pack too. I think this is great to have for emergencies.

  9. Katherine says:

    Wow what a great product!! This would be great for travel also.

  10. I haven’t heard about these until I just read your review! This would definitely come in handy for us in a couple of years!

  11. What a FUN booster seat! I love all of the great features!

  12. This is genius! I’ve been looking for a travel booster.

    PS your blog? Looks FANTASTIC!!

  13. This would be perfect for me to give grandma to keep in emergencies!

  14. I have never heard of this before, but what a neat concept! 🙂

  15. Nice! We’re at the point where we’re looking for a booster, this one looks perfect for us.

  16. Love the 2 in 1 feature! It would be great when renting a car on vacation. Just turn your backpack to booster car seat. Btw, your daughter is gorgeous!

  17. This is awesome. I could definitely use this for my oldest son.

  18. When you have kids, this is simply awesome.

  19. My children are no longer in car seats. This would of been a great product for them though. I love that it can be used as a backpack.

  20. What a great idea. My son is three, so we have a few years on this product, but I love the idea!
    It would be great for taking to Grandma’s house so you wouldn’t have the transfer the car seat from car to car all the time.

    We Three Crabs

  21. wow, what a great product! I’d like one for my daughter.

  22. Nice!
    We’re at the point where we’re looking for a booster, this one looks perfect for us.

  23. if i ever have a kid… 😀

  24. What a neat product! I have little ones and this would be perfect for them.

  25. Wow, this is such an amazing kid must have! Thanks for the review

  26. This would be perfect for my 8 year old son. He doesn’t quite fit in the minivan properly and although I have a seat in there for him this looks so much easier to use and walk around with.

  27. What a unique product! I would want one for my little man.

  28. Thanks for these great tips, I will forward to my niece, she has a little one and would appreciate these great tips.

  29. Very useful stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Car seats have come a long way since my child has needed one.

  31. What a great idea! I love that it doubles as a backpack! 🙂

  32. Oh what a fabulous idea! This would be so great for camping and folk festivals, too!

  33. This is an absolutely great product. I like the way it has more than one purpose and is something kids can carry easily themselves. It is great for families with more than one car or who need to carpool with friends on a regular basis.

  34. This is absolutely ingenious. I didn’t know it was possible to make something like this.

  35. I would love to have this too! Safety 1st is becoming more and more innovative with their products!

  36. This really is one clever product! Great review and little Gracie looks too adorable. 🙂

  37. I really love how it goes with the child via backpack. So great for visiting grandparents and not having to worry about the car seat issue, especially since instructions are clearly there.

  38. That looks like a great product! Perfect for taking on an airplane!

  39. What a practical product! No more heavy, frustrating booster car seats. Hard to believe that your young daughter can pick it up with such ease.

  40. I need this!! Thank you for sharing, I am all about car safety with my boys.

  41. Wow I would love to get one of these for my 6 year old it seems like it would be perfect she has a regular booster seat right now and she complains constantly about the shoulder seat belt…

  42. This looks like a really great idea! I don’t have kids but can see the benefits of having a booster seat in a back pack.

  43. I LOVE this! My daughter is often catching a ride with a friend for a playdate or to a birthday party after school. This would be great to send with my daughter so she always has a safe seat!

  44. Wow, this is definitely something I am interested in…I am a grandmother to 5! I run a small in home childcare also! Right now, I have 3 high back boosters in my van, and a carseat, and it would be awesome to have 3 of these in the form of backpacks sitting in the back storage area instead of all of my seat space taken up with high back boosters!

  45. Brilliant Idea… I wonder if they are over in the UK?

  46. that’s pretty cool. and a great way to be sure there’s always a seat for your little one no matter where they are!!

  47. I have never seen this! Def need to check it out!

  48. This is such a great idea! I’m going to have to look into getting one of these for my daughter when she’s a little older!

  49. This booster seat looks super convenient. And it has storage too? What’s not to like.

  50. I don’t have any children but this would be useful for the future.

  51. What a cool seat.. totally love it and would come in so handy on travels; everytime we go overseas we have to rent a seat for like $100, this would solve the problem.. AWESOME>. thanks for sharing

  52. Sounds like they thought of everything when they made this car seat! I am going to mention this to my cousin because her little one is between car seats right now and they are struggling with both options.

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