Top Travel Tips from Samantha Brown Along with Our Stay at the Embassy Suites in Franklin, TN

A big thanks to Embassy Suites for providing us a room to facilitate this review.
As always, opinions are 100% my own.

We traveled quite a bit this year. We started our travels back in February and took little weekend trips throughout the year and then in June we took one big long two week trip. Throughout the year we’ve stayed at a handful of hotels, a beachfront condo and even got to stay at a cottage for a few days. I can officially say… to date – that we have found our favorite hotel. Our favorite hotel was the Embassy Suites in Franklin, Tennessee. I suppose the location probably does not matter, I’m sure all Embassy Suites are just as awesome as this particular one was.

I’m dying to tell you about our stay and the things that we loved at the Embassy Suites and then I will share Samantha Brown’s top travel tips. In case you’ve never heard of Samantha Brown, she’s a travel expert and a television host.

Back in June, we had been on the road and away from home for almost a full two weeks. We had driven from Illinois down to Florida… traveled all around Florida for a week and a half and then headed back up towards Illinois. On our way through Tennessee, we had the pleasure of staying over night in Franklin at the Embassy Suites.

My main concern at this point in our traveling was merely finding a place to lay down for the night. We were exhausted and hot. We had been driving for most of our trip. We just needed to relax so we could make the final 10 – 12 hour drive the next morning. And at this point, I really was not picky. But boy were we pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the Embassy Suites.

Checking into the Embassy Suites in Franklin, TN

Embassy Suites in Franklin, TN

The staff at the Embassy Suites was immediately accommodating and super friendly. We checked in, brought our bags to the room… then Gracie dragged us to the pool and with her ‘I’ve-been-in-the-car-too-long-whiney-voice’ she said, “youuuuuu promised!”. So off we went. Little did we realize how much we needed that swim. We lost our air conditioner in the car on our way down to Florida. It’s been a HOT two weeks. When we finally made it to the Embassy Suites, we had been traveling approximately 12 hours in the heat by that point, so the pool was so refreshing. Not only the pool, but the jacuzzi too. Mike and I were stiff and just soaked and soaked. Ohhh I can still feel it now.

Embassy Suites in Franklin, TN

Do you see Gracie in that big pool?

We no longer made it back up to our room, changed and started discussing dinner and there was a knock at the door… it was the staff. They brought us the most amazing fruit tray filled with the biggest strawberries, grapes, cheeses and more. It was delish and so sweet of them! It’s exactly what we needed while we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner.

Our Room

Our room was amazing. We were given a 2-room suite. The bedroom had 2 full size beds and a television. The living room had a queen sofa bed, a desk and a 27-inch television. It was nice to have a regular living room so Gracie and Jack could go to bed while we stayed up a little later. Our suite also had a mini refrigerator and coffee maker. Those two things are always a must-have in my book.

Embassy Suites in Franklin, TNEmbassy Suites in Franklin, TNEmbassy Suites in Franklin, TN
Complimentary Breakfast and Evening Appetizer’s

Included with a stay at the Embassy Suites is complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast buffet and Evening Reception. “Evening Reception” is appetizer-type food that is perfect for holding your appetite over until dinner. The breakfast is amazing! Gracie woke me up early wanting to eat and since Daddy didn’t look like he was budging any time soon… Gracie, Jack and I snuck down to eat! It was so nice because there was such a huge selection and with Gracie being such a picky eater, she was in her glory.

You can kind of see the buffet area in this picture below, way back to the left. As you can see, they have lots of seating too, which was good because they were packed!

Embassy Suites in Franklin, TN

Overall, we had a fantastic say, very relaxing and accommodating and plan on returning to the Embassy Suites next time we need a hotel.

Travel Tips from Embassy Suites and Samantha Brown

Embassy Suites partnered with Samantha Brown. Samantha Brown is a family travel expert and television host who shares her expert tips on how to plan a family vacation and have it go as smoothly as possible!

Here are some of Samantha’s  tips:

        • Let the kids help plan. Ask each member of the family to choose and plan one activity. The kids will like having a voice in family decisions, and everyone will feel invested in the vacation.
      • Alleviate packing stress. Leave out a pad of paper a week before and begin to write down what to bring as the items come to mind. Then create a typed document from that list, print it out and use it as the packing checklist to and back from vacation.
      • Set a budget for souvenirs & gifts. It’s always a good idea to set a budget for toys and trinkets before you go on a vacation. Let your children know how much it is so they can start to make their own decisions about money and what to spend it on.
      • Decompress during a long drive. On a road trip always stop for a break every few hours. Bring a Frisbee or ball that the kids can toss around to let off steam and pent up energy.
      • Make time for naps. Naps are vital to a stress-free family vacation, so build in some kind of break every afternoon. If the kids don’t nap, have them draw or write in a journal. That quiet time will recharge everyone’s batteries for a more enjoyable evening.
      • Rehearse the security line. Parents stress about the airport experience, particularly going through security. Do a “practice run” the night before. Pretend your kitchen table is where you put your things, a salad bowl acts as a bin, a doorway works as a metal detector. The more you prepare and make it an adventure the less stressful (and quicker) going through security will be.
      • Take the first flight out. It can be tough getting up early, but the airport will be quiet. The first plane also has the greatest chance of leaving on time. As the day progresses, flight delays start to mount and the terminal becomes filled with travelers

What are some of your travel tips for a stress free family vacation?

For more information, visit Embassy Suites.
820 Crescent Centre Drive, Franklin, Tennessee, 37067

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  1. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, this place is totally gorgeous! I cannot believe how awesome the layout is!

  2. Looks like a blast. I love your tips. I would add to relax and go with the flow, sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and that’s OK

    • That’s a GREAT tip – and for people like us, things NEVER turn out as planned lol… so we’re ALWAYS needing to ‘go with the flow’ haha.

  3. stress free family Vacation…haha! Sorry, I have no tips. My last vacation was horrible. That hotel looks nice and relaxing, though.

  4. We’ve actually stayed at that Embassy Suites, and enjoyed our stay as well!

  5. looks like you guys had a BLAST! 😀

  6. I love staying at Embassy Suites. I travel a lot for business and they really do find a way to relax you so you can be ready for your day.

  7. I live across the street from an Embassy Suites in Phoenix. All of the rooms are 2-room suites and they are really nice. The pool is amazing and the lobby is being remodeled to be spectacular. They have a great breakfast buffet, and as neighbors, sometimes we go there to partake. I can understand why you enjoyed your vacation at the Embassy Suites because they are really great hotels. I can just imagine little Gracie dragging you to the pool, too! Keep on travelling and letting us know how you’re doing.

  8. Cool, my inlaws live in Franklin! I haven’t been there in a couple years though. Looks like a gorgeous hotel. I stayed in one with a layout like that in Chicago. Loved the views!

    • We actually REALLY liked Franklin and we’ve been talking about moving down south since our visit… Franklin is one of the places we keep discussing!

  9. It is a beautiful hotel. I stayed in one, and it was really nice. I love having the two room suite.

  10. wow, they have a lot of add ons for guests! holy moly!1 we always try to get a place with a pool. kids (and us) need that

  11. Wow, that looks like a really nice hotel. Great travel tips

  12. I passed through Franklin, Tennessee last weekend. Next time I am in the area I will be sure to stay here!

  13. Can I go next time? I’m totally jealous. I need a vacation like, NOW.

    And I’ll ALWAYS choose a hotel I’ve seen a good review on. Thanks!

  14. What a supernice place. I agree about scheduled naps too!

  15. I have stayed at the embassy before and I love their customer service as well as their rooms.

  16. I LOVE embassy suites! The first one I stayed at was in St. Augustine Florida and it had swans in the lobby!

  17. That looks like a WONDERFUL place to stay! Would love to go there!

  18. I can’t agree more about scheduling naps for younger kids and down-time for older kids and adults. When I lived in Orlando, I saw too many families try to pack too much into their few days there and end up feeling overwhelmed and not enjoying their vacation at all.

  19. How awesome I love staying at hotel’s.I like having something new other than my same old bed.

  20. What a gorgeous looking place to stay.. I love how spacious it looks! I am in desperate need of a little vacation to save my sanity! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  21. Gorgeous hotel! As for stress free travel tips, I I think you summed it up pretty nicely.

  22. I like Embassy Suites hotels. One tip for stress free traveling for me is pack the electronics from home. It is nice to have our toys from home.

  23. My partner travels a lot and will try to stay at Embassy Suites. They are a good line of hotels and both of us love having a suite instead of just a room. I like the “at home” feel that you get from a suite. So glad you had a good stay and I think you have a list of great tips!

  24. Plan ahead,make fool proof arrangements,should know the sight seeing and areas you want to look around,search and research for deals

  25. I have never stayed at this chain, but it looks great.

  26. Wow! What a great place to stay at. Looks very nice.

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