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Vacationing in Sanibel Island, Florida at the Sundial Condos


We’ve been back from our Florida vacation for two weeks now so I suppose it’s time to get back into the swing of things and start sharing some of our vacation with you. I have a handful of reviews to write and share with you, so I figured I’d start from the beginning.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Our first week of vacation in Florida was spent on Sanibel Island. We arrived in Sebring, Florida at my dad and step-mom’s house along with my sister and her family. We all stayed over night with my dad –  a total of 6 adults and 8 kids. We woke up the next morning and we all headed out to Sanibel Island.

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are at opposite ends of the island (Sanibel is one side of the island and Captiva at the other side). Sanibel is basically part of the Fort Meyers area and you need to take a 3 mile long bridge to get over to the island. Entering the bridge costs $6 but there is no cost to come back off, so that’s good. We grocery shopped before we got to Sanibel so our condos would be stocked up with food. The shopping on Sanibel Island is pretty pricey.

Sanibel Island, Florida
Sanibel Island, Florida
This is only a small portion of the 3 mile bridge leading from Fort Meyers to Sanibel.

Once arriving at our Sundial Condo… and unloading the car, we checked out the rooms. It almost felt like MTV’s Real World or Bad Girls Club as we were hearing the kids yelling “this is my room!” or “this is my bed” and throwing their luggage on it to claim it haha.

Sundial Condo – Sanibel Island, FL

The Sundial Condo‘s are U-Shaped, so no matter which unit you stay in – you can see the pool and beach. Our unit was directly in the middle looking out, which had a fantastic view! We had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Fully equipped kitchen with everything you’d need to make any meal. It has a nice little porch out through the sliding doors along with a spiral staircase that takes you down to a screened in cabana area.  This ‘downstairs porch’ is awesome because the door leading outside leads you right past the pond, to the pool area and then to the boardwalk that takes you directly to the beach. This ‘downstairs porch’ is also awesome because that is where we left our sandy beach shoes, chairs and toys. That way, no sand made it to the upstairs porch and into the condo.

I was very happy that the online photos looked exactly like the condo looked in real life. Here are the photos directly from VIP Vacation Rentals site.

Spacious living room and dining room and totally equipped kitchen.

Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
Our master bedroom was huge! It’s much more spacious than it looks here on the far left.
Emma and Becca shared the room with two beds and Austin took the room with the single bed.
Of course Gracie and Jack slept in our room.
Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
As you look out the sliding doors, you can see over the pond, to the pool.
Past the pool is the boardwalk that leads directly to the beach.
Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
Gosh, I loved waking up and grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting here in the screened in porch. Listening to the waves was so relaxing and peaceful.
My Thoughts:

We had a fantastic stay at the Sundial Condo. Honestly, there was nothing about our stay that I can complain about.
The Condo was spacious and had everything we needed in the kitchen so we could cook our food. It was nice to have a full size kitchen (full size fridge/freezer, stove/oven, dishwasher, microwave and coffee pot). There was plenty bath towels, linens and even had a stash of paper plates and paper towels. One of the best things – the condo has a washer and dryer. I was able to do laundry for everyone twice during the week. I did know this ahead of time so we packed less than we normally would have, knowing we would be able to do laundry.
The rooms were spacious and very clean and bright. I loved having two bathrooms. Ours in the master bedroom and the main bath was what the kids used. I also loved eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in our condo. It was nice not to have to go out to eat. We didn’t spend any more money than we would have if we had stayed home.
We did have an ant issue as soon as we got there. We used Ziploc baggies for all of the boxed foods like cereal and everything else we moved into the fridge. When that didn’t seem to work, we called VIP Rentals and they sent out an exterminator. He was really nice and helpful and answered our questions. Another couple days later another exterminator came to spray again.
Our Sundial Condo was really cozy, we didn’t want to leave. We would definitely stay again. I think I’d like to try one of the end units with a beach view next time.
Check Out Our Sanibel Island Photos!
(Beware! Way Too Many Pictures Coming!)
Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
Sanibel Island, Florida
Sanibel Island, Florida
Sanibel Island, Florida
Sanibel Island, Florida - Sundial Condo
Sanibel Island, Florida
Looks AMAZING, doesn’t it?!?
Tips for Vacationing in Sanibel:
  • Grocery shop at the nearest Walmart before you get on the bridge to Sanibel. It’s a lot cheaper. And don’t forget ice cream! I practically had to take out a loan at the local Dairy Queen one night.
  • Pack light. You can wash your clothes while there.
  • Bring bug spray! Noseeum bugs bite worse than mosquito’s. We’ve been home for 2 weeks and I still have welts on my legs and arms.
  • Bring Pool Shoes: The beach is covered with shells and they kill your feet, it’s torture. Trust me. Sanibel sand is not-so-soft – it’s mostly shells.
  • Bring Cheap Pool Toys: You will not want to bring pool toys home with you, they will stay there so don’t spend a lot of money on them.
  • Forget Make-Up. You will be in and out of the water and in and out of the shower because of the humidity, sand, sunblock, seawater, etc. so there is no sense in applying any  make-up.
  • Apply Sunblock Before Going Outside – somehow sand will get on your skin if you go outside first and then apply the sunblock and it’s impossible to get off.
  • Get the AC in your car fixed before going across the Florida state line. Ok, that’s just common sense but it didn’t work out so good for us, so I thought I’d throw that one in for free haha.
If you’re looking for a Florida vacation spot on a beach, check out the Sundial Condos!
You can rent through VIP Rentals.
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  1. This looks like paradise! I’ve never been to Florida before.

  2. Oh wow! Looks like a very relaxing and peaceful place for getaway. I never been to Florida yet, would love to stay where you are staying at if we visit Florida.

    Jheylo http://www.noypeeto.net/2013/07/im-all-for-natural-supplements.html

  3. These photos are amazing and I am sooooo glad you found a nice place to stay! It is hard sometimes when you can only look at pictures online!

  4. Nice! I don’t think I’ve ever been on Sanibel Island, but I do like the Fort Myers area.

  5. That looks stunning! If I’m going somewhere like that, I want to enjoy my time and man, I could seriously use a trip like that right now! We may be going down there next month so I’ll have to check into it!

  6. That place looks AWESOME! I’d love to listen to the waves with a cup of coffee. 🙂 And wow, the beach… LOVE! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Great post and amazing photos! Hopefully I can go to some place like that soon 😛

  8. Looks amazing! I like staying in a place with a kitchen…we did it in Disney too SAVES so much $$$
    Will have to look into Sanibel islands–THANKS for all the tips too–hate finding out about shelly beaches AFTER the fact!

  9. Wow I am totally jealous! Would love to take a trip to Florida…maybe next year! thanks for the review, will keep this place in mind!

  10. This looks like a great place to go.. Great review and love the pictures.

  11. Great post! I’ve been living in Naples, FL for 18 years. I agree that this area is beautiful.

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