Vinyl Wall Art for the Teens Bedroom | Hot Pink Chalkboard Writables!

Decorate and Re-Decorate with Vinyl Wall Decals

My name is Danielle and I have a problem… I am addicted to wall decals.

Seriously, I want them in every room of my house. I love the wall sticker phrases for the living room, kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, hallways filled with photos and our bedroom and I love the wall stickers that are designs for the kids’ rooms. Wall decals are great for teen bedrooms and baby and toddler too! You can get cute wall graphics for the baby’s nursery and as soon as the outgrow the baby stage, you can take the stickers off and replace them with a theme for an older baby or toddler, it’s great!

Vinyl Wall Decals with Dezign With a Z

Vinyl wall decals are awesome because they give your room a new look in just a few minutes and they are easy to remove and change too.

Dezign With a Z provided us with one pack of Bubble Thoughts and one pack of Color Chalkboard Circles. Dezign With a Z manufactures the largest wall decals you will find on the market along with a wide panel of colors, over 24 to chose from! We went with hot pink because the girls bedding is a white/black zebra print with hot pink and they have their names in the same design on the walls too.

Vinyl Wall Decals from Dezigns With a Z
Bubble Thoughts made of chalkboard material and a color vinyl boarder, all you have to do is choose the color you would like. This is available in 5 different packs of your choice:
  •  The 106″x83″ pack includes 3 bubbles of 53″x47″  each
  •   The 60″x47″  pack includes 3 bubbles of  27″x23″ each
  •   The 47″x32″  pack includes 3 bubbles of  19″x16″ each
  •   The 33″x22″  pack includes 3 bubbles of  13″x11″ each
  •   The 22″x15″  pack includes 3 bubbles of   9″x7″   each

Color Chalkboard Circles is a black dot chalkboard center piece set in the color ring you chose. This is available in 3 different packs of your choice:
  •   The 47″x47″ includes 2 dots of 27″ diameter , and 2 dots of 20″ diameter
  •   The 33″x33″ includes 2 dots of 20″ diameter , and 2 dots of 14″ diameter
  •   The 22″x22″ includes 2 dots of 12″ diameter , and 2 dots of 10″ diameter

My girls were so excited when these arrived and they couldn’t wait to put them up on their walls. Their friends think they are pretty cool too – when ever they are over, they always leave the girls cute little messages. I’ve been known to leave a few messages here and there too haha… like “clean this room!” 🙂
Check them out…
Vinyl Wall Decals from Dezigns With a Z 
Vinyl Wall Decals from Dezigns With a Z

My Opinion 
I LOVE these, aren’t they cute?!? Like I said, the girls love them and so do their friends! In my opinion, using vinyl wall decals is the very best way to decorate any room, especially kids rooms because they grow and so do their tastes. It wasn’t very long ago that this room was decorated in a lime green and hot pink and now it’s all about hot pink zebra print haha. It’s nice to know that when they are “over” this design (or should I say ‘Dezign’), it will be easy and inexpensive to get another to their liking.
Buy It!
You can purchase the Bubble Thoughts currently for anywhere between $48 and $198 depending on the size you choose. You can purchase the Color Chalkboard Circles currently for anywhere between $48 and $98 depending on the size you choose.
Be sure to visit Dezign With a Z and visit them on Facebook too!



  1. That’s so cool! My son, who is 14 now will be getting his own room again and I know he’s going to want to do some fun stuff with the walls and put his own touch instead of having “mom” do it for when he was little and in his old room at the old house! =) I’ll have him go through their selection to see what he likes!

  2. Those are super cool! I especially love the note you left them 🙂 Wall decals are great especially for teens who seem to change their mind about room design (I was always rearranging mine).

  3. Those are so cute for the girls! They can become professional taggers without ruining anything!

  4. So cute! And I really love the color “hot pink” a must have for teens bedroom.

  5. Those are awesome!! We have removable decals in both kids rooms – I was going to stencil trains in O’s room, and then found the decals….sooo much easier, and easier to change/remove. B has a huge B w/her name above her crib!! Thanks for sharing….I will have to check them out.

  6. Those are really cool. In the head start classrooms I work in they make these with dry erase on the cork board to document what children are saying daily/weekly. I’d love this for my boys in their room. I will have to look into them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. They really are cute! I love the idea of being able to communicate with someone you might not see in person for a while, kind of like texting only a little more “low-tech.” How nice that sisters could leave each other a note! Not sure I could use them, though, because my walls are pretty textured.

  8. but those are awesomely awesome. pink. and chalkboard. i think they’d be awesome anywhere.

  9. I LOVE wall decals but have never seen the chalkboard ones!! I MUST find them, my kids would love them!! They look great in your girls’ room!

  10. What a great idea, how fun!

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