Mazda3 i Grand Touring Test Drive and Review

Being a STI Test Drive Blogger, I’ve had the privilege of test driving and reviewing a handful of different vehicles. Up until now, I’ve driven Kia’s but this time I was given the MAZDA3 i Grand Touring to test drive. It was actually my first time driving a Mazda so it took me a few minutes to familiarize myself with it, but once I did, I was very comfortable in it.

MAZDA3 i Grand Touring

Mazda3 i Grand Touring
Isn’t it pretty?!?
The MAZDA3 i with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY was named the funnest 40 mpg+ car to drive by MotorTrend Magazine, and I have to agree… and I think Mike agrees too. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to watch the new Fast and Furious movie the same week we got to test drive this car haha.
With SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, the MAZDA3 i does not need to rely on battery power and can use 87 octane gasoline so it’s good for the environment and your wallet.
Let me tell you some of the great features of the MAZDA3 i Grand Touring… 

MAZDA3 i Grand Touring 4-Door
  • SKYACTIV-G  2.0L engine
  • SKYACTIV Drive  6-speed sport automatic with manual shift mode
  • EPA-estimated mileage city/highway (mpg): 27/39
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Advanced Keyless Entry and Start System
  • Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS)
  • Power sliding-glass moonroof
  • Bose® Centerpoint® 10 Speaker Surround Sound System with AudioPilot®
  • 5.8″ full color touch screen navigation system with voice commands
  • SMS text message auto delivery and reply
  • Audio menu voice command
  • Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) program information
  • E911 automatic emergency notification
  • Heated seats with 5-levels
  • 8-way power driver’s seat
  • 11.8 cubic feet of trunk space

 Of course there are many more great features, but these listed above are my favorites. Take a look at the MAZDA3 i Grand Touring we had for the week:

MAZDA3 i Grand Touring 
MAZDA3 i Grand Touring 
MAZDA3 i Grand Touring

My Thoughts

There were a few things that stood out to me with the MAZDA3 i Grand Touring which made me really love it. Of course I love the Keyless Entry and Start System because you don’t need to fumble with a key and of course I love the moon roof and color touch screen navigation system, these are great features. But there’s more to this car that I really loved.
I love that this car has the manual shifter along with it being an automatic. I’m sure I would have no reason to pop this into manual, but Mike drove with it in manual the whole week and loved shifting a car again… but then again, we just saw the newest Fast and Furious movie that week so that didn’t help haha. Mike thought he was pretty cool (I just called him a dork a few times).
Another thing I loved was the headlights and the side mirrors.
The headlights, or Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS), automatically move when you turn. If you turn left, the headlights turn left along with the car. Mike noticed this first and told me about it but I didn’t believe him haha… until he showed me. I love this – we just drove from Illinois down to Florida and we drove the majority of the time during the night and this feature would’ve really come in handy!
The side mirrors have built-in Blind Spot Monitoring System and I can not say how much I love this feature! This is a fantastic feature for new drivers. I’ve been scoping out vehicles for my son who has his drivers permit and will be getting his license soon and my daughter who is right behind him. She will be getting her permit in a few months. I am looking for a car that they both can share and these two features I just mentioned are perfect for them.
As for space, I was able to fit 2 car seats in the back and one of my older girls rode in the middle. Everyone fit just fine but there is no extra space to spare. The trunk is huge though and fit my double stroller and groceries very nicely.
The only thing I wish were different about the MAZDA3 i Grand Touring is that I wish it had the Rear Camera Display. Other than that little wish, I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone, especially a parent looking for a safe car for their new driver.
MAZDA3 i Grand Touring

 If you’d like to learn more, visit and take a look around. Find a Mazda Dealer near you or build your own Mazda!



  1. Very sharp car! Never heard of headlights that move along with you. I hate how my headlights are on my car… Thanks for sharing this car with us.

  2. This is a very pretty little car! I like the headlights thing too. So convenient!

  3. That is GORGEOUS!! Looks like quite a bit of trunk space for the size of the car which- as a mama with a stroller- is a MUST!
    The Blind Spot Monitoring System sounds pretty amazing as well!

  4. nice car, love the color too and the details inside.


  5. wow…looks like cool car 😀

  6. It looks great! Definitely something I would consider buying.

  7. That’s absolutely a very pretty car. I love the headlights as well.

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