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Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
2001 N. Roselle Road
Schaumburg, Illinois 60195

A couple weeks ago I was provided with media passes to attend Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament with my family. I was so excited to take the kids because they have never been there. I remember going shortly after the Chicago location opened, when I was still in high school. I remember how much fun it was and I remember how much I loved the food! The whole experience stayed with  me and I couldn’t wait to share that with my kids.

Medieval Times

If you have never been to a Medieval Times show or never heard of this, let me fill you in. Like it is titled, this is a dinner and a tournament, medieval style. You arrive at the castle and you enter medieval times, literally. Is this not the coolest looking castle you’ve ever seen?!?

The Castle

Medieval Times

When you enter the castle, you step into medieval times. The decor, the costumes, everything is set back to medieval times including the way the staff addresses you. When you are a guest at the Medieval Times castle, you are “my lady” or “my lord“. The kids got a kick out of this.

Medieval Times

The girls liked looking through the windows at the horses. They were so pretty! The Dungeon was a museum of torture devices – pretty cool, but kinda creepy haha. Mike and the kids had to check out the stocks… I wish I had these at home haha!

Medieval Times


When you first walk in and get your tickets and seats, you are given color coded passes. These colored passes tell you which section you will be sitting in and ultimately which knight you will be rooting for. When we got our yellow passes and walked towards the arena doors, their was a man up on the balcony. The doors to the areana were not opened just yet, and this man (I think he was the king?) would tell us which color could enter the areana. One color at a time, we were let in.

Medieval Times

We were seated in the yellow section. We were given yellow crown hats and yellow flags and rooted for our yellow knight the whole time! We had great seats, although from the looks of it, there wasn’t a bad seat in the place.


Shortly after the start of the show, the servers started bringing the food. It came, item by item and it was so so good. Choice of soda, Tomato Basil soup with Garlic Bread, just enough time to eat and then came a big piece of chicken (a half, maybe?), a big fat bbq rib and a seasoned potato. YUM! Best food ever! Once dinner was cleared, we were served a delicious, flaky apple pastry.

Medieval Times

The thing that I found funny was that My Gracie (the little one above) is a super pickey eater. She won’t eat any kind of meat except lunch meat. She won’t eat any kind of soup except character chicken noodle soup. But this dinner, she devoured! I loved it. It was dark, she couldn’t see so she just ate. Pretty funny.

The Show

The actual show was great. The knights interacted with the audience, it was so much fun. Our yellow knight kept coming over to our section throwing out flowers. Every time we would get Gracie to wave her flag, scream and wave her hand and jump… eventually he threw a flower right to her. It was so sweet! She thought it was pretty cool too. One of the little “helper” guys that picks up the knights’ swords and things like that… every time he came by us he would play peek-a-boo with Gracie. He’d hide under the wall in front of us and peek up. It cracked me up. I thought it was really nice of him. The competition was fantastic. Knight against knight until there was one last man standing.

Medieval Times

Baby Jack was a trooper! He stayed awake for half of the show watching the lights and chaos and then he klonked out for the rest. He did good!

Medieval Times

My Thoughts

I really loved everything about our visit to Medieval Times from the show to the dinner and even just walking around looking at all the cool medieval times decorations and souveniers. The show is great for all ages. Gracie is 4 years old and had a blast and so did my teens. Mike and I really ejoyed our visit too.

And in case you are wondering, our yellow knight won the tournament!

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is fun for the whole family. I can totally understand how Medieval Times is the Number 1 dinner attraction in North America. Their unique combination of a medieval banquet and thrilling competition between Knights captures the imagination of all ages.

Visit Medieval Times

Head over to the Medieval Times site and take a peek around. See if there is a castle near you!

Check out Medieval Times on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I went there YEARS ago (in H.S.) and i had a BLAST!!

  2. There are none of these near us, but if I ever get the chance to go, I definitely will! The closest thing we have is the Renaissance Faire in Lancaster, PA. Not quite the same, but still fun!

  3. We used to go to Medieval Times in CA all the time. We lived down the street! Fun times!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. wow this place looks awesome! Very las vegas- ex calibur! xo xo

  5. That has to be the best place to go out for dinner!! So much fun! Wonder if my boys would like it?

    From PDX with Love

  6. My family loves Medieval Times.. Looks like you all had a great time..

  7. Oh I remember going to the one in Dallas on a date. I remember the show being way better than the food. It’s good to hear that it’s the number 1 place to go to. That’s cool.

  8. That looks awesome! I don’t think we have anything quite like that over here! I would love to go! xx

  9. We have only been once but we LOVED it. It was so much fun for the whole family and the food wasn’t bad either. I wish we had one closer to us. I’d love to go again.

  10. Awwww how sweet. A very unique place. At least you got to taste how it’s like during medieval times

  11. That sounds like such a blast! I’ve always wanted to go to one of those and my husband loves period events. father’s Day perhaps!? So glad to hear that you had a great time. Love the half chicken on the plate.

    Besos, Sarah
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    Finding Humour in Everyday Life

  12. Oh! So much fun! I’ve never actually been and this is the first time I’ve seen inside pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

  13. looks like SO MUCH FUN!! i’d LOVE to take my family 🙂

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