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Welcome to Week 4 of Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday will be a weekly post where we can all write an update on how our week went concerning diet changes, exercise, weight loss or inches lost, our achievements for the week and our failures. It will also include our goals for the following week.
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Week 4

Weeks 1 and 2 went fantastic, I told you about starting Revolt Fitness. In case you missed it, Revolt Fitness is a program I have joined in exchange for posting weekly updates. I started the Revolt Fitness program on Monday and you won’t believe my results!
Revolt Fitness

My starting weight was 180.6 – and during that first week I lost over 9 lbs weighing in at 171 and lost  3.5 inches. I was so excited! During the 2nd week I lost another 3 lbs. During those first two weeks I lost a total of 4.5 inches. I can’t wait to get through another few weeks because I am going to Sanibel Island, FL next month and I will feel so much better about myself if I can loose a little more and tone up a bit.
Today’s Details (Week 4):
  • Weight:  166 so I only lost 1 lbs this week which makes it a total of 14 lbs. so far  – it will be 4 weeks on this coming Monday. I lost a total of 4.5 inches in the first two weeks but have not measured today yet. Monday is the day I started Revolt, so I will measure then.
  • Activity Performed during the week, accomplishments or failures:

    I did not do very good with the Revolt Fitness Program this week.

    In case this is your first time reading, let me tell you about Revolt.  It’s really a great program that provides a healthy diet along with recipes and an exercise plan for every day. The exercises are one’s that you can do in your own living room and it’s a fairly quick workout. It’s so nice to know I can do the workout in my own home and I don’t have to go out to the gym.

    This week I only worked out a couple times, I was just so busy. This week was just horrible. My daycare kids acted up all day, my 4 year old acted up all day and my Baby Jack screamed bloody murder 24/7 if I wasn’t holding him. He never even slept good this week so I am exhausted. I had no time to write reviews and no time to myself… I am about to go crazy! Obviously this showed with my weight loss – I only lost a pound. Obviously I did not burn as many calories or work on building muscle – which in turn, burns fat… and in my case, didn’t burn fat.

  • Diet Changes, accomplishments or failures: With the Revolt food plan I also did not do very well this week. I normally do not follow “THE plan” to a ‘T’ – but what I do is use it for a guide. I eat the breakfasts, lunches, dinners when I want to and I am sure to stick to the “good food” list and stay away from the “bad food” list. I just can not follow the exact meal/snack plan. Now as for this week – I did cheat a bit because of being out running so much. And like I said above – it shows! I only lost a pound so it is obvious that I need to stick to the “good foods”! I MUST watch calorie intake and carb intake – these are the things that get me.

    When I started the Revolt Fitness program almost 4 weeks ago, I quit drinking pop cold turkey. This has been going great and I think it has helped my weight loss. I have been drinking lots of water but I’d like to up my intake.
Goals for Next Week:
  • Weight Goal – I am 166 lbs. I lost a total of over 14 lbs and it hasn’t quite been 4 weeks yet so I am not sure what kind of weight loss to expect for this third week, but I would be really happy with a 2 – 3 lbs loss for this coming week but I have a feeling it will be more like a pound or two.
    • Activity Goals–  I will continue to workout every day with my Revolt Fitness plan. It obviously works, so I won’t quit. I would like to get some extra walking or running in this week though. However little time I have because of needy kids – I AM going to work out more this week.
      • Diet Goals – I want to stick to the Revolt Fitness “approved foods list” this week and avoided all the bad foods.
        My Goal Photo (before I gained pregnancy weight):
        Fitness Friday
        This photo above is my inspiration (excuse my green pj pants haha). I want to get back down to 160 like I was in this photo or less. I will show a before picture and a current picture soon.
        The Revolt Fitness plan went great this week and I can not wait to get through the next 6-12 weeks and see my transformation. I have my hubby 99% on board for doing this with me for the next two weeks. We are heading to Sanibel Island, Florida in two weeks… so I hope I can get him to do this with me.
        If you’re up for it, you should check out the Revolt website and check out Revolt Fitness on Facebook – you can see some before and after photos. The Revolt results are amazing!

        Please join us, the more we have participating, the easier it will be to keep going and reach our goals! Be sure to visit as many as you can in the linky… and encourage one another.

        We can do this!

        And if you get a chance, friend me on My Fitness Pal! I am DaniiiGRL! Find me on Run Keeper too! I need to start keeping track on these apps… I keep forgetting about them!


        1. I know how easy it is to forget to keep track of workouts and meals on apps. The app I use regularly is NOOM. For a while I used the premium edition but it wasn’t giving me much extra benefit so I switched back to the free. Actually, keeping up with Revolt has given me more impetus to keep track of my progress. . . especially my weight loss :).

        2. Last week seemed to be hard for a lot of people, myself included! I hope this next week goes better for everyone, you are rockin’ it, girl!

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