Family Portraits with Ashley Francis Photography | Aurora, IL

Our Experience with Ashley Francis Photography
Aurora, IL

On Wednesday, I posted a few pictures from our family photo shoot with Ashley from Ashley Francis Photography but I want to share more with you and tell you all about our experience with her.

If you are my friend on Facebook or if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the family photos Ashley took, so you saw the finished product but you did not see what we saw. I could go on and on about her work, but let me show you instead.

The Art of Photography

There is nothing more amazing to me than the art of photography. It takes someone so knowledgeable about the camera to be able to create such a beautiful photo from a plain old setting like this one below. Here is what I saw…

Ashley Francis Photography

See? Nothing special. This is what you and I see… but this is not what Ashley sees. When we began walking around the park and down the path, her mind was working. She was looking around at the field, trees and up at the sun. She knew what she was going to try and get. And she did.

This is how these two photos above turned out:
Ashley Francis Photography
Ashley Francis Photography
Didn’t she do an amazing job!?!

I watched her, and even pointed out to Mike how she was adjusting the settings on her camera. I love this. I wish I had this kind of knowledge. She knows how to change the aperture perfectly so our photos benefit from the right amount of light and depth. The blurred background was important to me in a couple of shots like the one with Mike and I in the background. I’ve tried this shot before and was never able to get it to work.

With the other shots, it was the same way. We were walking farther down the path and Ashley picked a spot. She looked around and planned for what she had in mind. I love the shots she was able to get, check out the difference between our view and her amazing talent:

Ashley Francis Photography
Ashley Francis Photography
What a difference!
Ashley Takes Her Job Seriously!
Ashley wasn’t playing either! She ‘did what she had to do’ to get that ‘perfect shot’ for us…
Ashley Francis Photography
Yes, Ashley laid on the ground in the dirt to get us the most beautiful photos! I appreciate her hard work so much because these are the memories I am going to have on the walls in my home for years to come! Check out a few more she got from this angle…
Ashley Francis Photography
My Thoughts
I do not even have words to explain how much we loved our experience with Ashely, she’s comfortable to work with and her work is fantastic. She was very flexible with us and offered suggestions too. I knew I wanted family portraits outdoors and I had one park in mind, and she was able to offer more suggestions. I also loved the positions she put us in – which isn’t the easiest thing to do when you have eight people in a photo haha. It’s so nice to work outside of the typical studio where the workers are hardly trained and manage to get my kids to fake-smile. I really loved our experience and our photos. If you are located in the Chicago area, I would recommend Ashley Francis Photography for any kind of family portraits, weather you have a newborn or a graduate!
A Little Bit About Ashley
Ashley has loved photography since she was very young. Her Dad’s photography hobby along with her Grandma’s artistic side as a painter probably seeped into her blood and helped grow her love of photography. When she had her children, she realized how fast they grow. She decided to go professional, not only so she could play a part in capturing those precious memories for others, but also because she was not ecstatic about getting her children’s photos taken at local chains with the stiff poses and rushed environment. Ashley wanted to offer families a more casual, calm, lifestyle-type experience with no stress.
Ashley Francis Photography was born in February 2012. Ashley specializes in newborn and family portraits. She would like to shift her speciality into birth and newborn photos sometime in the future. Ashley also started working with Celebrate Differences in 2012, which is an all-inclusive Disability Awareness Center. Ashley has been working on their 2013 fund raiser calendar and has now began their 2014 calendar. She has learned that she has fallen love with all of these amazing children with different ‘abilities‘.
“These children are amazing and inspiring to work with, with the biggest smiles & biggest hearts despite all of their obstacles. It has been a great experience for me, and I hope to continue to volunteer with them for a long time!”
Connect with Ashely Francis Photography
Ashely Francis Photography is located in Aurora, IL (located just west of Chicago)
Ashley also shoots weddings under Ashley&Jessica Weddings… be sure to take a peek around!
I’ll leave you with a couple more of my favorite photos…
Ashley Francis Photography
Ashley Francis Photography
Ashley Francis Photography  Ashley Francis Photography
Thanks so much Ashley!


  1. Lovely photos!

  2. These are some great pictures! They turned out beautifully. My MIL always hires for a new family photo each year. I will have to keep this in mind for fall. Thanks!

  3. Those are amazing photographs! No wonder you are so pleased with them, I really wish I had more knowledge on photography – I sometimes manage a good picture but it’s normally just pure luck. x

  4. These are gorgeous! While I agree that the photographer can make or break a beautiful shot, it’s the subjects that make the job easy! Ashley had some gorgeous people to shoot! 🙂

  5. Those turned out so beautifully! I always wonder how photographers get certain shots. I wish I had the gift of photography like she does. That must’ve been such a wonderful day! You have a beautiful family! Oooo my sister in law would probably LOVE using her!

  6. So much fun! I am super looking forward to the day that my family can do a great photo shoot like this! Looks like she did a fantastic job! 😀

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