Wordless Wednesday w/linky | Happy 4th Birthday to Gracie

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
Gracie turned four years old this past week… and it brought up a lot of memories. Lots of random memories, so bear with me. So if you’re here to look at Wordless Wednesday photos – scan down and take a peek and skip all my babbling.
I started blogging when Gracie was a couple months old, which is when I started doing child care from my home. I quit working outside of the home the day I went into labor with her and staying home with a bunch of little kids who were not mine became tough after a couple of months – so I made this blog to vent and try to stay sane…. and this is what it turned into. Crazy. 
family 1069
I posted lots of little updates during the first year, and came across a 10 month old baby update talking about Gracie walking along furniture, starting to drink milk, having a tooth and sleeping through the night and it makes me think of Baby Jack. He’s 10 months old now. Because of his Down Syndrome, he will almost always be behind on certain milestones. Baby Jack isn’t even sitting up very well. He still topples over. He most likely will not be crawling or walking along furniture for quite some time. He has no teeth, in fact, I found out that the average child with Down Syndrome does not get teeth until around 15 months of age. And sleeping through the night? What’s that?!? Haha! I had Gracie on a good 3-nap schedule and a real bedtime – but Jack – he takes random naps during the day when he feels like it, in his swing. He fusses to go to bed – with me – around 7:30pm and will not sleep without me. Crazy!
I posted about Gracie’s first birthday, of course…
First Birthday Cake
First Birthday Cake
 I posted about her second birthday…
2nd Birthday
2nd Birthday
When Gracie was two years old, I really ‘got into’ blogging. That is when I learned to blog for extra income. I blogged everything! And what I love about blogging is seeing my kids grow.
2nd Birthday

Olivia graduated that year…

 high school graduation
Gracie saw her very first movie, Lion King in 3D…
First Movie
I posted a Wordless Wednesday about Potty Training Gracie and one of my daycare girls, they were just under 2.5 years old and potty trained themselves, I had nothing to do with it…
Potty Training
More random photos…
2 years old
And then I hosted Debate with the Danielle’s with Danielle from Happenings of the Harper Household all of last year. We completed a little over a year and when 2013 started, we put it to rest:
debate with the danielle's
I got pregnant with Baby Jack…
pregnancy announcement
Gracie turned 3 years old…
3 year old
3 year old
I had Baby Jack a month early…
Pregnancy belly shots
And Gracie became a big sister…
big sister
big sister
Gracie started preschool
First Day of Pre-K
And now… she’s four years old! I just can’t believe how much has happened over the past four years!
Happy Birthday Gracie!
4 years old
4 years old
4 years old
4 years old
If you’re still here… thanks for reading… or looking 🙂
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  1. Happy Birthday Gracie!!!!

  2. Wonderful photos! Happy Birthday. Four is a fun age.

  3. Awesome sweet photos!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your awesome photos sure tell the story, and Gracie is a cutie! Happy Birthday, Gracie!

  5. Happy Birthday Gracie! I remember what an awesome time my daughter and I had when she was 4. She just turned 9 a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Happy Birthday Gracie! Nice pics, I enjoyed them

  7. Just another reason blogging is awesome. So easy to reminisce!

  8. Happy Birthday to your little girl and congratulations on your beautiful family! 🙂

  9. Such a beautiful post Danielle! Four years down, just fourteen more to go! LOL! She’s growing into a gorgeous little girl!

  10. I love seeing photos like this… Happy Birthday to you little girl..

  11. What a beautiful timeline of photos.

  12. Photos are so nice for taking trips down memory lane. I try to take pictures monthly of all my little ones.

  13. what a great collection of memories…you should keep this up and then at her high school graduation make her a lil book =)

  14. Happy Birthday to your DD Gracie! I feel like I caught up on everything I may have missed!

    Thanks for the linky, I linked up, Happy WW!

  15. Happy Birthday to her! It’s crazy how much life can change in just 4 years. &This made me realize how long I’ve known you- obviously not 4 years but a LONG time!

  16. Gracie has grown so much! She is SO adorable. I cannot believe how quickly time flies with kids. LOVE IT!

  17. Happy belated birthday Miss Gracie. Such cute pictures.

    Stopping by from the Revolt Bloggers FB page.

  18. How fun to have so much about her life here! What a blessing and she’s beautiful!

  19. She’s precious! Happy Birthday to her!! Love all of the milestones you remembered… Great for later years for both of you! 🙂

  20. Great memories of the last four years for your family :). Thanks for sharing!

  21. This is perfect. Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

  22. Oh I love this! Thanks for sharing, you have a beautiful family and story!

  23. Happy birthday Gracie! Wow, So amazing seeing how she’s grown up over the years!

  24. I loved looking back over the past 4 years with you… my girls turned 5 & 3 yesterday. So bitter sweet. We need to come up with a new little meme to do every week! Think on it!!

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