2013 Kia Rio Test Drive | Review

I’ve been a Kia Blogger for over a  year now and I am really enjoying test driving different Kia vehicles. We loved the size and luxury of the 2012 Sorento and I’d love to test drive the 2013 to see the differences. Then this past summer, Mike and I totally fell in love with the sporty, but classy Optima Hybrid and really want to purchase that one. Every time we see one on the road we talk about purchasing it. Kia has become a favorite of ours.

Kia Motors
This time I was given the 2013 Kia Rio to test drive.

2013 Kia Rio

2013 Kia Rio
Isn’t it a sporty little car? It isn’t called FUNctional for nothing!

My Thoughts

My original thought was to test the Kia Rio to see what I thought of it being used as car for my son and daughter. My son has his drivers permit and my daughter will be getting hers in a few months. Once they both have their license, I want to purchase a car for them both to share so they can get themselves to and from school and work. The Kia Rio looks perfect and is priced perfect for them but once Mike and I began driving it, we kept talking about how much we would love the car for ourselves haha. Mike even mentioned how much he’d like to drive this one down to Florida.

All of the Kia vehicles we’ve test driven seem to have similar basic features, which we love. We love the luxury of having a Push Button Start with Smart Key, this is such a convenient feature to have. We always love the Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls, LCD lighting on the dash, and my favorite, the Navigation System with Sirius XM along with the Traffic and Rear Camera Display.  I used the Rear Camera Display every single time I backed up. We are currently living in a town home and our driveway backs up to other driveways… it’s very tight. It really eased my mind to know there were no children running around back there. Of course the Power Sunroof is always a great feature on the Kia‘s.

2013 Kia Rio
2013 Kia Rio
One thing that was different about the Kia Rio was the Steering Wheel-Mounted Paddle Shifters. Mike absolutely loved this feature. You can switch from an automatic transmission to a manual and the gear shifters are ‘buttons’ (or paddles) on the steering wheel. Talk about convenient! I learned to drive on a stick-shift car – this would have been an amazing thing to have back in the day haha!

We drove the Kia Rio with our two small children which both are in car seats. The Rio was a good size, not too small as I thought it might be. The trunk was huge too, it fit our stroller with no problem. I would really love to try out the Kia Rio 5-Door. It has a back hatch-type door and the back seats fold down flat.

2013 Kia Rio

Like I said, we both loved this car either for ourselves and our two little kids or even to purchase for two of our older kids. This would be a fantastic car for them to share. It’s small and sporty, but still a good sized 4-Door car with plenty of room and lots of luxury.

2013 Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is nicely priced starting at $13,600.

Head over and Build Your Kia now.

Have you driven a Kia?


  1. That is a really good price. I'm about to leave my full time job, and I could afford that. You're really making me think Kia…

  2. Looks nice! I love the trunk room. We have a Kia Sedona and I love it. It is my first Kia. I have always heard great things about Kia's and so far they have been true for us.

  3. This is a great car for a new driver too. A little small for my family of 5 plus a large dog but can see it for a teenage driver for sure.

  4. We've got a Kia 🙂

  5. I have a new driver in our family too (recently got his permit). We've been trying to figure out the best car for him. Inexpensive and fuel efficient are must-haves and it looks like the Kia Rio has those covered. Will have to add this to our list of possibilities.

  6. I love the car! So beautiful! I never drove a kia car. I would love to try one and even buy one if I like it!


  1. […] and down that we are going to buy it haha. We loved size and luxury of the 2012 Kia Sorento and the Kia Rio I decided was the perfect car for my two teen drivers to share. It is smaller but has all of the […]

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