Our Visit to the Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN
This whole week, I’ve been telling you all about our trip to Indiana this past weekend. Baby Jack had his photo shoot for ‘21 Dreams… Stories That Will Open Your Eyes To Life‘ – which is a Down Syndrome Awareness Book. The photo shoot was in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is about four hours away from where we live. We are about an hour west of Chicago so it was a pretty long car ride with the two little one’s. We ended up stopping twice within the 4 hour ride.

The photo shoot was only 20 minutes long – so four hours in the car for only having to be in Indianapolis for 20 minutes doesn’t make much sense. Luckily enough, I was able to get media passes to the Indianapolis Zoo and Children’s Museum for review along with an overnight stay at the Hilton.

After our photo shoot was over we spent a few hours site seeing around downtown Indianapolis. We woke up Sunday morning and headed off to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN

Our Visit to Indianapolis Zoo

If you look at the photo above of the zoo map, we made it through all of the areas except half of the orange section which is the plains. We only saw a few animals and ended up leaving – Gracie was pooped out!

We started out in the ocean area, which I think was our favorite area. Of course that is probably because we were allowed to touch and pet the SHARKS!! YES – WE GOT TO TOUCH THE SHARKS! I think that is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN

We saw lots of animals and liked the fact that they were not too far away. A lot of zoo’s are so big that the animals are far away and you can not get a good enough look.

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN


The Indianapolis Zoo has a larger park for older and younger kiddo’s and a smaller park that is geared towards smaller kids. They also have a carousel at the zoo. Oh and they have a Splash Pad too! Austin walked around with Gracie while Mike and I sat and talked about our trip home. It was nice for Gracie to run around a bit.

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN

Nursing Mom’s Nest:

Another awesome thing I found at the Indianapolis Zoo – they have something that my zoo does not have… a Nursing area for moms. I really think this is a fantastic thing to have!  We have a yearly membership at our zoo so we go often… and I always have to find a spot to feed the baby that isn’t too crowded. It’s hard now because Baby Jack is older and doesn’t want to concentrate on eating. He wants to look around and see what’s going on. It’s so hard to feed him now. A lot of times at home, I need to go into a separate room just so he eats.

In the “Nursing Nest”, there is a little area where Gracie played while I fed Jack in privacy. It has a diaper changing area too. Check out the Nursing Mom’s Nest at Indianapolis Zoo:

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN

Rides and Shows:

While I fed Baby Jack, Mike took Gracie and Austin to the 4D Show. They saw Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Mike and Austin LOVED this show! Gracie… that was another story haha. I guess one of the dino’s sneezed and “snot” blew all over them hahahaha! She wasn’t very fond of all of the effects of 4D I guess.

The zoo also has a Family Roller Coaster and a Dolphin Show. The roller coaster was closed for the season and we decided to skip the dolphin show to save time. We wanted to try to make it to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum if possible. It’s too bad we never made it 🙁

We did go on the White River Junction Train Ride though. That was really nice. It’s nice to hop on the train ride for a little break once you’ve walked for a while.

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN


We grabbed a bite to eat at the Cafe on the Commons. This cafe has a great selection of food like hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Prices are very reasonable too! We hate eating at our zoo because you’ll go broke haha. Austin got a pretzel and cheese, Gracie and I shared some yummy bread sticks and Mike got a hot dog. We chose to sit outside since we had 68 degree weather. It was such a nice day!

The zoo has a few other snack shops that are open during the summertime.

My Thoughts:

We really had a great time at the Indianapolis Zoo and we are so glad we were able to visit! We loved the layout of the whole zoo, it was easy to navigate and it was not overwhelmingly big. The animal exhibits were great and we were able to see all the animals easily. One of our favorite places was the  ocean area because we really loved touching the sharks. The zoo is a fantastic place to visit in the colder weather even though some of the attractions are seasonal.

If you are in the Indy area, be sure to make time for the Indianapolis Zoo!
Baby Jack recommends it!

Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN
1200 W. Washington St. Indpls., IN 46222
INFO: 317-630-2001
9am-4pm daily

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