In Need of New Furniture? Choose the Daphne Chair and a Half from La-Z-Boy


It has been a really long time since I have had new furniture.

A really long time!

I purchased brand new furniture back in 1997 when I got married (the first time) to replace the hand-me-down pieces we had for the previous 4 years. I had that set until I got re-married in 2004. At that time, my dad was moving down to Florida and he needed to get rid of one of his sets… and that’s what I got. Again, not new, but new to me. We are still using that furniture set to this very day.

…And this is why I am so excited that I had the privilege of partnering with La-Z-Boy!

The awesome team at La-Z-Boy sent me their new Daphne Chair and a Half. I chose the Putty fabric which is a grey-ish beige. In some light it looks grey, but other times it looks like a really light beige.

La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half
“Looking for an easy-to-live-with look with a modern attitude, meet Daphne. She’s artfully styled with a contemporary feel and extra cushy cushions. Dress her up with our wide selection of custom fabrics and details including contrasting welt and accent pillows. Its accommodating comfort makes the perfect spot for relaxing with room for two or snuggling in for the night on a twin size sleep option. See the complete Daphne collection for additional matching pieces.”

Speaking of matching pieces, I have to get the matching sectional so I can get rid of my mis-matched pieces in my living room. Isn’t this beautiful? Mike is determined to get this whole set.
La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half
I would love to finish off my living room with these pieces to match. But for now, check out my Daphne Chair and a Half, it’s beautiful…

La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half
 La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half
 La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half

Would you like to see how my living room turned out? Now keep in mind, we will be pitching our old, ugly couch and chair in the garbage. Keep focus on my new Daphne Chair and a Half from La-Z-Boy. (I feel like putting my hands up on the screen to block you from seeing my ugly old couches haha). Excuse the toys. Okay, here is goes…

La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half

My Thoughts:

Did you notice how in some light it looks grey-ish and other times it looks beige-ish? (Is that a word?) In fact, the photo of my whole living room – the Daphne looks grey, but it’s really not. In real life the color seems to match the beige in my old couch, just a lighter shade. I love the color!

The size is perfect too. It’s a tad bit smaller than a love seat but bigger than a chair. In fact, you can see the size of our [old ugly] chair, it’s much smaller than the Daphne Chair and a Half.

The cushion and pillows are so cushy! This is a very comfortable sofa. In one of the photos above, I am showing the fat pillow that you lean back on, it’s huge and so comfy.

Overall, the Daphne Chair and a Half is really a beautiful piece of furniture, I would love to have the whole set. Mike and Baby Jack seem to have no complaints haha…

La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half

This was supposed to be my chair to lay in with Baby Jack and Gracie… but the boys stole it from me – although I have been caught working late at night while relaxing on it:

La-Z-Boy Daphne Chair and a Half

Buy It:

You can purchase the Daphne Chair and a Half at La-Z-Boy with the Putty fabric shown here currently for $1,119.

Be sure to follow La-Z-Boy on twitter @lazboy.

So what do you think of my new Daphne Chair and a Half?

Do you think I should purchase some sofa covers until I can get the sectional to match?


  1. Oh, i Love it. chair and a half is a great invention. we just got my dad a lazboy chair that offers great support and comfort for him- he has alzheimers and spends most of his time in the chair, sleeping and not sleeping alike, so we needed a quality chair. they even did a treatment on it due to dads incontinence. great service and great quality!

    i can’t wait to see pics when you get the sectional

  2. I LOVE the Daphne Chair and half. Its Such a great color! I love the idea of a neutral color – goes with so much decor! And it looks so comfortable!

  3. That looks incredibly roomy. My two little ones always have/want to sit right next to me with legs touching… that would be perfect for snuggle time. It looks fab too!!! I think they need to send you an entire set to show off the transformation 🙂

  4. Oh wow I totally need that chair. I could snuggle with all three of my girls on there at the same time! Love it.

  5. That size is fantastic! Looks so comfy for nursing babies (especially 2 at once!) which is something I’m doing a lot of lately. Now I just need a nap and a half and I’ll be set! 🙂

  6. I love this chair! I would love to own this chair. It would be MY chair and then I wouldn’t have to sit on our uncomfortable couch!

  7. love it!

  8. Firstly, you may think I’m nuts but I LOVE those old couches! Hehe. Although I’ve been told I have…unusual taste in many things ^.^

    That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the chair you got, though. It really is quite beautiful and from the looks of it, SUPER comfy!

    I hope you’ll be able to get the whole set for your house one day 🙂

  9. I love a good chair and a half! They are so comfy and this one is gorgeous! The fabric is so pretty and looks like it would match anything!

  10. That is a really nice chair! I would love to have something like that to chill in!

  11. Wow, the Daphne chair and a half is gorgeous, and it is a really nice size for those spaces around the house that could use a little something but a chair isn’t big enough to fill the space. I have a space just like that in my living room that the Daphne chair and a half would look awesome in!

  12. I love that chair! But now that I have a dog who hogs the furniture and cats who after a couple of years aren’t afraid to lie on the same furniture with him, this would be way too small lol.

  13. La-zy-boy has always had comfy chairs and sofas!! They have been around for sooo many years-you know they have to be quality. I love your new BIG chair-looks perfect for book reading!

  14. Well, it seems so soft and comfortable because of its multi layered structure. Isn’t it..?

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