10 Second Craft That Will Keep Them Busy For Hours!

10 Second Craft that Will Keep Them Busy for Hours!

My Gracie keeps coming home from pre-school with fun crafts or craft ideas and recipes and I can’t help but to share!

This particular easy craft she came home with yesterday. This craft kept her busy all night long. My older three kids left to go to their dads house and a lot of times Gracie is super bored without them… but not last night! Last night she played with this all night. So funny how such an easy craft can entertain a child for so long. Kinda like a cardboard box haha.

Keep them busy for hours with this quick craft

This is probably a craft for pre-school aged kids but I bet you could let toddlers do this too as long as you kept an eye on them.

Materials Needed:

Ziploc Baggie
Shaving Cream
Some kind of flat-ish shape or item
Packing Tape


Squirt the shaving cream into the baggie.

That’s it!

You can add food coloring if you want.

Add a foam shape that they can squish around to find. Whatever you decide to add, just be sure it’s not pointy – you wouldn’t want that baggie to break open.

Or just leave it plain shaving cream because they will have fun with it anyway!

Gracie’s baggie that she came home with had the top folded over a bit and taped shut with clear packing tape (the thicker kind) but I am sure you don’t need to. Just be sure the child doesn’t open it haha. That would be messy!

Keep them busy for hours with this quick craft

Keep them busy for hours with this quick craft

I am not kidding when I say this kept Gracie busy all night long!

I asked her what was inside and all she says is “cream” so I am not really sure what it was. There was a triangle inside though and she had fun finding it all night. The “cream” got a little runny by the end of the night but she didn’t seem to mind.

Ok, now go give this a try!

Tell me how it worked out for ya!


  1. That is awesome! I’m going to try that at preschool with whipped cream since we can’t use shaving cream…weird I know.

  2. Ok that is so simple but sounds so fun!! Love it! x

  3. I would have to tape it shut (I know my boys would try to open the bag and play with the shaving cream). Definitely worth a try!!

    From PDX with Love

  4. simple idea, I love it!

  5. oh gosh, what a cute, fun andEASY idea!!

  6. That’s awesome, will have to do this tomorrow with the kids.

  7. What a smart idea! I need to do this for my son, he loves stuff like that.

  8. What a great idea!!! Very creative!

  9. Oooh, you know you could put little object inside of it and make it an eye spy bag!

  10. Such a simple idea! and a great way to learn!

  11. How fun – who would have thought something so simple would keep the attention of a child for so long?!

  12. Best idea ever. I have to use this over holiday break when they start to drive me crazy

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