Manage the Mess with Glad!

I Manage the Mess with Glad!


This is the story of my life.

With a family of eight and a couple of daycare kids sharing a home, things get cluttered and messy really fast around here! We really need to stay on top of things in each room of the house or the mess just gets out of hand.

Glad BagsOur kitchen and living room gets cleaned every night after my daycare kids go home and when dinner is done, but you’d never know it at about 3pm when the kids come home from school! The kitchen gets ransacked and there are shoes, backpacks and homework everywhere! Of course then you have 2 teen girls sharing a room – need I say more? And don’t even get me started with our room. We have our California King bed, a crib, a toddler bed, our dresser… and that makes 4 of us in our room (we have a large master bedroom, thankfully!) Can you say… c.l.u.t.t.e.r.

To stay on top of these messes, we regularly have to ‘spring clean’. About once a month I make the girls go through their closet and fill up a garbage bag. I also regularly make them bag up clothes that do not fit. We take these bags to the Salvation Army. Same with our room. We need to continually bag up Gracie and Jack’s clothes – otherwise the clutter gets out of control.

This is why I am thankful for my Glad Black Bags! We are able to conquer these messes and cluttered rooms with these durable bags from Glad. We already regularly use the Tall Kitchen Force Flex (white, with drawstring) bags for our kitchen garbage. We have tried all other kinds, but these are the only ones that work with our large messes. I was excited when I found out I was being sent the Extra Strong Large Trash Bags (black, with drawstring) to try out. I LOVE the “ForceFlex” because they are tear resistant and my bags won’t break the way the others do.

Do you see it stretching but not ripping open? I LOVE these!
Glad Bags

We have two things coming up that will require these Glad Bags: my daughter is having her birthday party next weekend… with way too many 14 year olds! And we will be moving soon… yes, again. We are planning on getting rid of as much as possible, especially in the garage, and are defiantly going to be using our Glad ForceFlex Extra Strong Large Trash Bags for these messes!

How do you keep control of your messes and clutter?

Have you tried these Glad Bags?

Be sure to stop by Glad “After the Wild Life” on Facebook and play the ‘Missing in the Mess’ game!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.



  1. i do think glad is the best when it comes to garbage bags…

  2. I agree. Glad is what we buy too.

  3. We love Glad too. The forceflex are so wonderful. Things here on the farm would be very awful if we didn’t use our Glad bags!

  4. I’m moving and there’s so much to discard and giveaway that I definitely need bags like this. I like how they are more flexible than normal bags and the size is exactly what I need. I use their 13 gal garbage bags!

  5. I need heavy duty bags like that to store our camping gear… The other bags just rip and then our stuff gets dusty and dirty and gross. Hate that!

  6. That is so cool to know that the really stretch rather than rip! I see the commercials but it is great to hear it from a blogger I trust 🙂

  7. I have never tried these bags before, but have seen the commercials and they look like you can stuff a lot into them without the bag bursting! We try to have clean out days a couple times a year and we donate anything we haven’t used in awhile (except for baby/kidstuff that can be used in the future) and we throw out anything that us broken or missing pieces etc. I hats clutter so I just try to keep up on it as much as possible!

  8. Glad is the only brand i trust with my garbage bags needs. I am a new mommy and we all know how many diapers a baby goes through and the smell that they leave! I dont’ have a diaper genie because in my opinion they are not hygienic so i put them in a bag, tie it and put it in the garbage bag (glad bag) and they have one that doesn’t let odors come out and it works! love it! 🙂

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