Debate with the Danielle’s: Taking Your Kids to the Polls with You?

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 Kids at the Polls?
(This topic suggested by Trista of Andersons Angels.)

YAY or Nay?

What do YOU say?



I guess this is something that I have never thought about. I say yay and I will tell you why.

My kids have always been in school, so I have not had to worry about this yet. However, this year will be much different! Gracie has no school tomorrow, I have Baby Jack AND I have two daycare kids… BUT I do have Mike home with me. So I WILL be taking all of the kids with me when I vote, but it will be okay. I really do not see an issue with it.

At this point, they are too young to even know what I am doing. I think I might take my older kids with me. They are out of school too and I think it would be good for them. They have been involved with us at home when we discuss politics. They are teens though, and I think this would be a good experience.
Taking kids to the polls to vote

Do you?

Do you have a problem with parents taking kids to the polls with them?

And if you do, then why is that?
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  1. I haven’t had to yet but I totally would, I don’t see the big deal at all and I think it’s good for them to see their parents voting!

  2. For this year Nay, we’re not taking her to a public school where there are a ton of germs (I promise I’m not a crazy mom, but a cold will land her back in the NICU). If she was healthy I would most likely be bringing her, it’d be easier.

  3. Thanks for the new meme…linking up for the first time 🙂

  4. I have taken Kynlee, as well as the boys I babysit, with me to the polls on several occasions. I think it’s great to expose them to that!

  5. I think it is a great idea to show them how simple and important it is!

  6. We took P, mainly because he is only 18 weeks old. I think really young is totally fine and older kids who show interested in what you are doing is great. With kids in the middle, it is a little more difficult. They have no interest and it is unfair to expect them to stand in some of the lines I heard about. A neighbor went with one of her friends and they took turns going in while the kids

  7. My son had a mock vote at his school and he even came home asking who I was going to vote for! He is in kindgergarten! I do think it’s important for children to learn and be educated about the voting process.

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