Breastfeeding and Co-Sleeping Affects the Welfare of Mom and Baby


April from Mama on a Green Mission and Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner host this breastfeeding meme every Tuesday and the topic is always different.

This weeks topic is about how breast feeding affects your welfare as a mom.
The article that brought this topic on was Breastfeeding and Co-Sleeping with Baby Affects Mom’s Welfare. At first I thought, it sure does! I feel so complete and so comfortable and relaxed and so happy breastfeeding and co-sleeping! But then I read the article and it says the opposite about co-sleeping. Supposedly a new study shows that breastfeeding and sharing a bed with the baby also affects the welfare the infant (the bed sharing in a bad way).
Can I call BS on this?
(I can, can’t I? I mean it is MY blog, right?!?)
BullHonkey! BullSnot!
Co-Sleeping and the welfare of mom:
Back in February I wrote Co-Sleeping: Debate with the Danielle’s and advocated for co-sleeping. I stated that in all cultures – except the Western and Westernized cultures – young babies and children sleep with their parents. They either share a bed or they just sleep in the same room. We are the only people in the world who make our kids go to bed, alone in the dark, without the comfort of having us near them. This is very sad to me because sleeping with my babies is a comfort to ME. I sleep best with my babies next to me. There are also many benefits to co-sleeping like reducing the chance of SIDS.
This photo below is similar to how we co-sleep. We have a California King size bed. I keep Baby Jack up towards the headboard and we sleep much lower. I keep blankets off of him. I will lay my arm near him so he can feel me, and he is content. With the position we sleep in, there is no way either of us could roll on him and he is free and clear of pillows and blankets. We are all comfortable and safe.
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I could go on and on about this topic, but I just realized this post is supposed to be focused on breastfeeding.
Back to breastfeeding…
Breastfeeding and the welfare of mom.
I can see this to be true. I am in no way coming down on any mom who chooses to formula feed… but I can see the emotional benefits of breastfeeding. I have done both. With my first two babies I breastfed for a couple of months and then quit and formula fed. With my third and fourth babies I breastfed for a whole year and also supplemented with formula. So far with Baby Jack, I am exclusively breastfeeding. For this reason I believe I can have an opinion on this. I do believe the emotional feeling is different when breastfeeding. I can not put it into words, but it is different! And different in a good way. I do believe breastfeeding is better when discussing the welfare of the mom.
I always loved this photo!
Now on the other hand, some moms have issues with breastfeeding which causes her and baby to have stress. I wish these moms could get the support and help they need to be successful at breastfeeding. I do believe that if they did get support and help, then they would chose to continue to breastfeed. If they do not get this kind of support, it is probably best (for mom’s welfare) to quit breastfeeding. I am an advocate of breastfeeding though, so I have a hard time saying those words, “quit breastfeeding”. Mom’s emotional state is very important though, so this all needs to be weighed out to see what is best for baby. A stressed mom will make a stressed baby.
My bottom line – if a mom is able to get the proper support, I believe she can breastfeed successfully and be in the best welfare emotionally, which I believe to be the best for baby. I believe breastfeeding creates a bond that is different than bottle feeding, especially knowing mentally that she is giving her baby the best thing for his/her little body.
I really hope that this does not offend any moms out there who bottle/formula feed. I know that us, as moms, do the best we can for our babies and I know we each love our babies more than anything in the world. We make the choices that are best for us and our families and that is all that matters.
Now it’s your turn!
Do you think breastfeeding and co-sleeping affects the welfare of mom and baby?
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  1. Joanna Garcia says:

    i tandem nurse my 3 year old and 4 month old right now and co sleep with them! It is the best (though i am trying to wean my 3 yr old unsuccessfully! LOL)

  2. teresa herrera says:

    I love to breastfeed and co-sleep! i thought i would stop breastfeeding at 1 yrs but she is still at it! LOL

  3. I have never tried breasfeeding or co-sleeping because I had never really read or had been educated enough about it’s benefits and now I am expecting my fourth child, I’m due in April and I am anticipating trying both! Thank you for the information on both!

  4. Great post! I am a firm believer in breastfeeding. I am not an exclusive co-sleeper with my little one, but I do not feel that it is harmful at all, she just happens to really like her crib and prefers to sleep there, even though I prefer to cuddle with her. 🙂

  5. I’m still bfing my daughter (2years, 8mos) and co-sleeping. The first 6 weeks, I kept her in a Moses basket on my bed because I was scared of rolling over on her. After that I just decided I needed sleep and started nursing her laying next to me on the bed. It was miraculous how much better I felt after that! I went from nursing for ten minutes, taking 20 minutes to fall asleep, then waking back up after 30 minutes of sleep to start the process over, to getting 6-8 hours of sleep only waking up half-way to make sure she was latched on every hour or so and falling right back into a deep sleep. The difference was like day and night and I was no longer pulling my hair out of my head and crying constantly from sleep deprivation! Daddy appreciated the peaceful nights too 🙂

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