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AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers
If you are a regular reader here at We Have It All then you know how much I love cloth diapers. I am always looking for more to add to my stash. And now, I am super excited to finally get to try AppleCheeks! I have heard of AppleCheeks cloth diapers from some friends, but I have not had the chance to give ’em a try for my self… until now!


The awesome folks at AppleCheeks sent me one of their 2-Size Envelope Covers along with their new One-Size Stay-Dry Microterry Insert.

2-Size Envelope Cover Features:
  • An outer layer of breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL), sewn to a butter soft microfleece inner layer, so that only the softest of soft touches your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Snug, durable elastic at both the waist and legs for a gentle and secure fit.
  • Two rows of easy-to-adjust snaps, allowing for a proper fit at the legs and the waist.
  • A beautiful range of truly spectacular colours to appeal to a wide range of esthetic.
  • A handy envelope opening, wide enough for daddy’s hands, which allows for the option of placing the absorbent inner between the fleece and the waterproof outer layer if so desired.
  • A more generous and longer lasting fit than other similar styles on the market. Size 1 fits from 7 – 20lbs, and Size 2 fits from 18 – 40lbs. All weight ranges are approximate.
  • The ultimate cloth diapering solution!
  • AppleCheeks covers feature a unique envelope design, similar to a pocket diaper, but with NO NEED TO UNSTUFF. The absorbent inserts come right out in the wash!

I received the St. Lucia which is an awesome blue color, perfect for Jack. Check out my little guy in his new AppleCheeks cloth diaper:


My Thoughts:

This diaper is a great fit! All of my other diapers are a ‘one size fits all’ and that is not necessarily true. This diaper comes in two sizes and since Jack was a preemie, I was able to chose the size 1 which fits 7 to 20 pounds. Jack is almost 14 pounds now and this has fit him perfectly!


I really love the stretchy elastic along the back and legs. Jack has major blow outs on a regular basis so these elastic areas really help and it’s just a perfect fit all the way around!


Another fantastic feature of this AppleCheeks cloth diaper is the ‘envelope-style’ opening for stuffing – LOVE THIS! It’s super easy to stuff the insert and there is no need to pull it out for washing time. Just throw it in the wash and it comes out on it’s own – YAY, no touching yucky inserts haha!

I chose the One-Size Stay-Dry Microterry Insert along with this diaper. This insert is two sided. The white side is a microfleece side and the white with red stitching is the microterry side.

AppleCheeks Insert

You can use this on top of the cover, against baby’s skin with the white side facing up. Or you can stuff this into the envelope pocket with the other side of the insert facing up (with the red stitching). This side can not go against baby’s skin and even has a label to remind you. I love this feature because I do not always feel like stuffing diapers. I think it’s great that this insert can be used both ways!

Overall, I really love AppleCheeks and wish I had a bunch more!


Purchase this AppleCheeks cloth diaper from a store local to you.


The generous folks at AppleCheeks are offering my readers a chance to win a diaper and insert of their choice! To enter, just fill out the form below!

Giveaway is over.



  1. I like the size 2 envelope cover in the “Delicious” print!

  2. I’d love to have the lemon zest size 1 with bamboo insert. I couldn’t figure out what you meant by putting a link I’m my comment though. It seemed like any link wouldn’t have any specifics…?

  3. I am always looking for ways to add to my diaper stash, plus show my students the different kinds of cloth diapers in the market. I love size 2 wild child.

  4. I am always looking for ways to add to my diaper stash, plus show my students the different kinds of cloth diapers in the market. I love size 2 wild child.

  5. Size 1 st lucia

  6. Size 1 st lucia

  7. Size 1 st lucia

  8. Size 1 st lucia

  9. I would pick the size two in wild child!

    Amanda Frith-Thomas

  10. I’d pick Raspberry Sorbet! 🙂

  11. size 2 in the bird print…tweets? whatever that new one is called!

  12. Applecheeks delicious

  13. I like the Cherry Tomato.

  14. I would pick a size 1 in the Storm or Forget Me Not color. anne sweden

  15. I would pick size 1 raspberry sorbet

  16. I would choose Size 2 in St. Lucia!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  17. I would get a size 1 in delicious or purple rain!

  18. size 2 forget me not

  19. I’d choose a size 1 wild child.

  20. size 1 dark chocolate

  21. I would choose a size 2 in Dark Chocolate.

  22. Raspberry Sorbet is so cute!!

  23. raspberry size 2 (katie L)

  24. Size 2 Raspberry Sorbet!!! I LOVE Applecheeks!! 🙂

  25. I would choose lemon zest

  26. I would choose the Delicious cover!

  27. I would choose Purple Rain!!

    katedfoster at yahoo dot com

  28. I would choose Cherry Tomato
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  29. i’m thinking a size 2 appletini! it’s one of my favorite color diapers and i only have size 1
    kari meeker
    karilynaley at yahoo

  30. I would choose cherry tomato or the brand new color that is coming out soon in size 2.
    sbaka3 at gmail dot com

  31. The cherry tomato!!!

  32. Size 2 Delicious or Appletini

  33. Size 1 St Lucia or Purple Rain!

  34. I think I would choose a size 2 Appletini. Maybe Delicious

  35. Size 2 in Delicious

  36. Cherry tomato size 2

  37. Forget Me Not is so pretty!

  38. We NEED a size 2 Raspberry Sorbet!

  39. Wild Child is the one for my Ella.

  40. I would pick a size 2 Appletini. One of the only colors I don’t already own!

  41. I would choose the new bird print!

  42. size 2 cherry tomato

  43. i would choose size one wild child

  44. I don’t know. I like wild child and delicious.

  45. size 2 wild child

  46. Size 2 envelope in Lemon Zest!

  47. I’d pick Cherry Tomato

  48. I love applecheeks purple rain

  49. I would choose size 1 in Rasberry Sorbet and I would like to try the stay dry insert

  50. purple rain

  51. I would choose a size 2 St. Lucia!

  52. I would choose a size 2 in wild child

  53. Purple Rain in size 1!

  54. size 2 in wild child!

  55. I would like to try size 2 wild child.

  56. Size 2 Delicious! Love it!

  57. I cant decide between delicious or raspberry sorbet in size 2 🙂

  58. Size 2 Cherry Tomato

  59. I like the delicious print in size 2

  60. wild child or appletini

  61. I had one EXACTLY like this and I ruined it in the wash. 🙁 (I totally forgot I had diapers in the pail. For, like, 3 months. Ewwwww.) So I would want one exactly like this, again – size 1, St. Lucia, with the same insert you have!

  62. I'd pick purple rain size 1 and the bamboo insert.

  63. Are there two different Pin it options with the same instructions (pin from this page) on purpose? Or am I missing a link somewhere?

  64. I would love Appletini 🙂

  65. Size 2 delicious

  66. Size 2 wild child

  67. cherry tomato red!

  68. I'd love a Dark Chocolate in size 1!

  69. Wild Child

  70. Wild child

  71. Size 2 in Wild Child

  72. I would love raspberry sorbet!

  73. Size 1 wild child

  74. APPLECHEEKS – CHERRY TOMATO OMg how cute is that !!!

  75. size 2 Cherry Tomato

  76. size 2 in Cherry Tomato

  77. I’d choose cherry tomato also.

  78. cherry tomato in size 2 ! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  79. I’d choose Delicious.

  80. cherry tomato

  81. Size 2 Appletini! (Enyo Pocket on rafflecopter)

  82. I would choose size 1 cherry!

  83. Wild Child size 2!

  84. Delicious…it is such a beautiful one!

  85. Lemon Zest!

  86. Size 2 Purple Rain!

  87. Would def like to win, helping my GF boost her stash

  88. A size 2 Wild Child – LOVE it!

  89. Size 1 envelope in Lemon Zest

  90. Wild child or delicious or forget me not probably size 2

  91. Wild child or delicious or forget me not probably size 2

  92. I’d love a Lemon Zest or St. Lucia in Size 2!

  93. i am expecting a baby girl in a few weeks so i think i would get a size 1 in raspberry sorbet.

  94. I’d love a Dark Chocolate or Raspberry Sorbet colored diaper. Mmm.

  95. Desperately need to start my stash! Baby girl will be here very soon!

  96. I would probably pick the raspberry sorbet
    Alicia emrick

  97. I like Forget Me Not

  98. I would get a nuetral one so probably the lemon

  99. size 2 Storm

  100. Size 2 cherry tomato

  101. lemon zest

  102. Size 2 in cherry tomato

  103. I’d pick purple rain in size 1

  104. I’d choose the size 1 Delicious or Cherry Tomato.

  105. Sz 2 in Lemon Zest!!

  106. Delicious size 2

  107. dark chocolate

  108. Id get a size one in Dark Chocolate

  109. I would choose storm in Sz 2

  110. I’d choose Rasberry Sorbet

  111. I would choose a size 2 in Cherry Tomato with a bamboo insert.

  112. Size 1 in Delicious

  113. appletini diaper cover
    mary kenney

  114. I like purple rain.

  115. Stephanie Hansen says:

    I’d choose the appletini in Size 1

  116. I would choose the size one with the bamboo insert in Cherry Tomato

  117. I like the Wild Child print.

  118. Size 1 Wild Child

  119. Size 1 Wild Child

  120. size 2, Lemon Zest
    Cathy H

  121. Size 2- Dark Chocolate.

  122. Size 2 in the Lemon Zest color! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  123. I’d choose a Size 2 in either Appletini or St. Lucia. I love those colors. I have a couple of AppleCheeks in Size 1 and my son is about to out grow them. So sad! I’d choose a bamboo insert because my son is a heavy wetter! Thanks!

  124. cherry tomato or purple rain

  125. Hmm I think lemon zest!

  126. i like purple rain, size 2

  127. Cherry tomato, size 2

  128. size 2 wild child, Kelly falcone

  129. I love cloth diapers. I primarily use Charlie Banana, but would love to give these ones a try.

  130. I like storm! Not sure what size…

  131. Delicious or storm! Size 2 I think.

  132. St. Lucia in size 1. Sonya Morris

  133. I really like the Wild Child print (in size 2).

  134. Wild child, size 1

  135. Size 2 Dark Chocolate and a microterry insert

  136. size 2 wild child if I win 🙂

  137. Size 1 Delicious with a bamboo insert.

  138. I like the delicious print!

  139. I cant decide between Cherry Tomato and Appletini!

  140. michelle st.arnault says:

    size 2 purple rain

  141. size 2 cherry tomato!

  142. I like the size 2 Delicious and the Lemon Zest!

  143. I’d totally do the size 2 envelope cover in the “Delicious” print!

  144. Heather T. says:

    Size 1 – purple rain

  145. Size 1 Appletini

  146. Size 1 in Delicious :o)

  147. Size 2 appletini

  148. either… cherry tomato, purple rain, or st lucia… cant decide!!

  149. Hannah Ussery says:

    Size 2 Dark Chocolate

  150. size 2 wild child

  151. I love the wild child pattern!! So cute

  152. Size 2 Wild Child

  153. St. Lucia in the Size 2

  154. Appletini

  155. I would choose Wild Child!

  156. I want Wild Child

  157. Love lemon zest!!

  158. I would choose size one envelope in Appletini

  159. love the new bird print, but also wild child.

  160. I’d love a size 1 in Appletini w/ a bamboo insert!

  161. Nikki Little says:

    I would love the Size 2 in Cherry Tomato with a bamboo insert please!

  162. I would definitely pick red for my little boy! He needs a size 2 cherry tomato in his life!

  163. Being a Minnesotan I would have to choose Purple Rain! 😀

  164. Storm or Appletini!

  165. Definitely the new print

  166. Dark Chocolate!

  167. wild child. Elizabeth D

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. Love the name: Applecheeks! Too cute! My LO is only 12 LB but I’d love to try Cherry Tomato! So cute.

  170. size 2 wild child

  171. I would love to try this in a size two

  172. Size 2; any color would be great!

  173. size 2 raspberry sorbet

  174. size 1 wild child

  175. size 1 in dark chocolate…good for boy or girl!

  176. size 2 dark chocolate

  177. size 2 storm

  178. Size 2 Wild Child

  179. Love the fact that the inserts dry quickly in my home, and I have no dryer and no garden

  180. size 2 dark chocolate

  181. wild child

  182. Size 2 lemon zest or st. Lucia. – Claiborne Snyder

  183. Size 2 wild things

    jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  184. Size 2 Wild Child!

  185. Size 1 Cherry Tomato or Purple rain

  186. So many great colors to choose from! Hmmm….probably wild child! Size 1.

  187. I would choose a size 2 wild child

  188. I would pick size two in cherry tomato

  189. Size 2 Wild CHild or Delicious

  190. Appletini size one

  191. size 2 chocolate 🙂

  192. Size 2 Cherry Tomato please with a 2-layer Rayon from Bamboo Booster insert if I was lucky enough to win.



  193. I plan on choosing the Size 2 in St Lucia if I win.

  194. Love the St. Lucia! Cute color!

  195. itsmonicaaaa says:

    size 1 appletini

  196. size 2 raspberry sorbet

  197. size 2 wild child

  198. I am new to cloth diapering!! I am so excited to try it :)) I`ve been researching a lot before start to buy. I would like to get the ONE-SIZE 3-LAYER RAYON FROM BAMBOO INSERTS and APPLECHEEKS – APPLETINI : size 1
    If you would recommend any other for beginners I appreciate too!

  199. Size 2 storm

  200. I would choose Size 1 in appletini

  201. Raspberry sorbet is adorably cute

  202. Stephanie Thompson

    St. Lucia would be my choice.

  203. Wild Child!!!

  204. I have the AppleCheeks Swim Diaper and I love it!

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