Mohawk Home Rug Review and Giveaway- Ends 10/1

Mohawk Home Rug

“Mohawk Home, the rug division of Mohawk Industries, is the largest manufacturer of area rugs, indoor and outdoor mats, and washable rugs in the United States.”
“Mohawk Industries is one of the foremost manufacturers and distributors of residential and commercial flooring in the world. We enjoy leading market positions across multiple flooring categories, including carpet, ceramic tile, stone, wood and rugs in the United States and laminate in the U.S. and Europe. Mohawk dates its roots to the 1800’s when it became one of the first American carpet manufacturers. Today the company is headquartered in Calhoun, Georgia with operations on three continents.”
I am super super excited to have been accepted into the Mohawk Home Rug Program and review one of their beautiful area rugs! <<insert jumping up and down>>
I really, really need rugs in our new house. In our old house, I only needed smaller kitchen rugs but we have more space in this house and the carpet is old and stained. When I was offered an area rug from Mohawk Home, I decided to get one to go into our loft area. We have our television up there with a small couch where the boys play their game systems and the kids watch movies. At the end of the night, Mike and I go up there to settle down and relax before bed. He watches tv or plays his games and I hop on my computer. I couldn’t wait to get a nice area rug and make it a bit more homey.
The one we chose was the Swing Dance Rectangle Area Rug:
Mohawk Home Rug

The Swing Dance Rug Features:
  • Comfortably plush pile height
  • Superba® heat-set construction for lasting color
  • Printed using deep dye ChromoJet process
  • Rug is Nylon, Smaller rugs have a latex back and are washable.
  • Made in the USA

  • The Swing Dance Rug is very neutral in color and features a nice blend of geometric patterns and comes in four different sizes: 20X34, 30X46, 5X8 and 8X10. We got the 5X8.

    This is what my loft looked like before my Mohawk Home rug and then after we laid it down:
    Mohawk Home Rug

    Mohawk Home Rug

    Mohawk Home Rug

    Please excuse my hubby and daughter in their pj’s haha. But doesn’t it look so nice? It looks so much different now and Gracie even loves laying on the floor now! The kids will bring out their pillows and blankets now and lay on the floor when watching tv, where before they would just sit against the walls.

    As you can see, we love our new Mohawk Home rug!

    The awesome folks at Mohawk Home are giving away a Mohawk Home rug up to size 5×8 and under $150 valued on their site! Winner can chose a rug from the list of Mohawk retailers.

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    1. My living room. It’s the room we are all in all the time!

    2. I would put it in my bedroom!!

    3. I would put it in the dining room by the back door. It would help with the dogs coming in and out. Thanks!

    4. Amy Gramelspacher says:

      Either the living room or my son’s room.

    5. Most likely my kitchen eating area!

    6. genki nakamori says:

      i would put it in my living room as well!!

    7. Either my bedroom on the baby’s room!

    8. living room

    9. Probably in our family room!
      (Johanna C on RC form)

    10. I would put it in my dining room.

    11. I would put it in the living room.

    12. Sandy VanHoey says:

      I would ask my daughter but I think in the living room

    13. in our living room!

      Amanda S

    14. living room debbie jackson,
      djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

    15. I desperately need a rug in my bedroom.

    16. I’d love to have one in my Living Room!

    17. I want one for my dining room.

    18. my bedroom
      rounder9834 at yahoo dot com

    19. Front room!

    20. Cristi Martin says:

      living room 🙂

    21. I would love to have this rug for our living room1
      Thanks, Karen
      lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

    22. Glimmer Shag run for my living room

    23. I need a area rug for my living room

    24. We could use a rug in our living room also.

    25. Living Room. I have the perfect spot!

    26. Our family room really needs it!

      Samantha D
      dull2000 at cox dot net

    27. my living room!

    28. I’d put it in my dining room!
      family74014 at gmail dot com

    29. i’d like a rug in my bedroom! thanks!

    30. Isaac Farley says:

      i’d love a new rug for my bedroom

    31. I would put this in our living room, it’s awfully bare right now!

    32. I would put my rug in the living room.

    33. Kimberly Bauer says:

      I will put in in my Living Room.

    34. I would love to have it in my living room. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and review 🙂

      fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

    35. Thanks for the chance to win. I’d give it to my parents for their living room.


    36. My living room.
      btjfarnham at yahoo dot com

    37. I would put it in my living room

    38. Brilan Smith says:

      Living Room

    39. This comment has been removed by the author.

    40. either living room or bedroom

    41. I would put it in the living room, Cheryl Abdelnour

    42. Mine will go in my living room…when I win it! 😉
      h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    43. I would put my Mohawk Home rug in my living room.

    44. I would put this beautiful rug in my Carolina Room. It’s the most used room in the house. It would be a nice accent to my home.

    45. This would go great in the Den. Would match perfectly.

    46. I would put this in my living room on my wood floors so that my grandsons could play on it and stay warm in the winter playing on the floor. Plus it would add to the look of the room.

    47. Living room! We have wood floors right now and it would be nice to have a soft place for the kids to play.

    48. game room!

    49. in my newly decorated bedroom

    50. We could use a rug in our bedroom

    51. In my new home im getting for Christmas!!!

    52. Livivgroom!!!

    53. Cant paste tweet link, but done 9/14/12.

    54. My living room needs this! it would totally match too :]

    55. Totally could use one in our family room!!

    56. in our sitting room

    57. Living Room!

    58. either the babys room, or the living room.

    59. i would put it in the living room.

      pintworks at hotmail dot com.

    60. It would go in my dining room!

    61. It would be for the bathroom

    62. I’d put it in the bedroom.

    63. Probably the loft =) It needs a little prettiness up there!

    64. Our living room!! We really need it! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

    65. I would put it in my living room or sitting room. Or maybe in my bed room. Hmmmmm…..

    66. definitely our living room, our old rug was damaged in the move

    67. would put it in our living room.

    68. living room for sure!

    69. This would go in the living room for us 🙂

    70. I could use one n my living room

    71. in my living room as we have all hardwood floors

    72. kids' room

    73. I would put it in my living room

    74. I would use it in my living room

    75. the massage/craft room!! the puppy has peed on the one that is in there so many times but i don't want to throw it away because it's wood floor & gets cold 🙁

    76. My front room!

    77. I would use it in the dining room.

    78. I need a rug for my living room!

    79. Our living room!

    80. A rug in the bedroom would be great.

    81. kelsey house

      I would put the rug in my living room!!

    82. living room or kids bed room

    83. Our TV room/den downstairs.

    84. I would use in the living room.

    85. i’d put it in the living room
      sarah at

    86. Our living room – it’s all tile and not super baby friendly.

    87. Living room!

    88. My living room

      annabella @ centurytel dot net

    89. I would put it in my living room.
      Amie Olson

    90. I would put it in our living room!

    91. My bedroom. Thank you. Jerri Davis

    92. lots of rooms need a rug, but probably bedroom or foyer

    93. i would love this in my living room

      christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

    94. i would put it in my

    95. sheila musselman askins says:

      i would love one for my living room!

    96. I would put it in my family room.

    97. I would love to put one in my living room

    98. living room needs some help

    99. This would definitely go in my family room. I love it!!

    100. Dining room!

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