Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Giveaway

I’m so excited, I found a new cloth diaper company that I love. Well, new to me! I know I’m not the only one out there who gets so excited over cloth diapers… I’m ‘speaking’ to all of you cloth addicts out there haha.

I’m always hitting up Google for more cloth diaper companies and I came across Glow Bug Cloth Diapers. Glow Bug Cloth Diapers is a team of two moms, Sarah and Neta, who became friends back in 2007 and then started their business in 2010.

I love their prints, they are so cute. I’d love some more for Jack and the girl prints are adorable too. Makes me wish I had another girl baby haha. Check out some of my favorites:

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers sent me a diaper to review but I had to wait forever a couple of months because Jack was born a day short of 4 weeks early and his scrawny legs would not fit into the cloth diapers… he was just too skinny! But FINALLY! He fits! He’s about 10 lbs. now and even though he should’ve fit at about 8 lbs., he was just too skinny.
This is the cute guitar diaper I got to review.

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Features:
  • Two sets of cross-over snaps through the waist band for a perfect fit around newborn tummies
  • Double rows of snaps with square tabs for a trim fit through the hip
  • Four size settings fitting babies from birth through potty training (7lbs-35lbs)
  • Coordinating coloured snaps for every print
  • Waterproof flaps in the front and the back of each diaper to prevent leaks
  • Double gusset through the leg for an extra barrier of protection
  • NEW SlimDry™ fabric keeps baby’s skin dry without the bulk
  • Two openings in the pocket makes it easier to get the absorbent inset in and out
  • Snap-in inserts to keep it in place while baby’s on the move.

One of my favorite things about these diapers are the square tabs, it really does seem to feel like it closes more secure for Jack’s tiny body. I also love that this diaper has 4 sets of snaps for sizing the diaper just right for your little one. Most of mine only have 3 size settings so this is nice for my little guy. Oh and I LOVE pocket diapers that open on both ends, it makes laundry so much easier! The insert snaps in too so it stays put.

Check out my little guy in his new diaper:

Isn’t it cute? Perfect for a boy!

Check out Glow Bug Cloth Diapers and take a peek around! If you’re interested…

You can purchase Glow Bug Diapers by visiting the Glow Bug Diaper Shop.

The super nice ladies at Glow Bug Cloth Diapers are offering one lucky reader a chance to win one diaper (worth $12.50)! This giveaway will be open to US and Canada. Winner can chose a boy, girl or neutral diaper.

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  1. I like the butterfly diaper

  2. I just love the black and pink plaid

  3. I like the girl paisley one.

  4. I love the boy’s guitar or from their new prints I love the new dahilia print


  6. The new limited edition sweater snowflake!! It reminds me of cold winters, skiing, skating, a cup of hot cocoa by the fire…

  7. I like the new boys argyle print diaper:

    arobinson45 (at)

  8. Couldn’t see individual ones on the website, just the preorder collections. I do like that butterfly up there :-)

  9. The monkey in the boy collection.

  10. I like the Spectrum Booster (Gender Neutral)

  11. My favorite new print is the boys green Matrix print diaper!

  12. I like Dahlia and their old LE Citrus print.

  13. Spectrum Booster (Gender Neutral) are adorable, love the colors!

  14. I love the black and white skulls.

  15. Boys guitar :)

  16. boy’s guitar

  17. I love the skulls, but I can’t really find a link to it. I only see the bulk packages on the website.

  18. When I go to the site they have no pictures of diapers just a pre-order for the new collection. I like the diaper pictured above that has the butterflys on it tho :)

  19. They have a beautiful purple and black paisley but I can’t find a picture on their site!

  20. I love The Ladybug Parade

  21. Butterfly or plaid!

  22. There are so many lovely ones to choose from but I narrowed it down to two, the new limited edition holiday sweater snowflake and the orchid

  23. I like the snowflake sweater diaper

  24. I love the guitars!
    morales_y at yahoo dot com

  25. I love the guitars, Handyman and Gears! Dragons is great too!

  26. It’s hard to find pictures. :-( But I’d choose the guitar one, though I remember there was a different guitar print I liked better.

  27. I love the Dragons boy print!

  28. I like Monkey Business!
    -Katie Fender

  29. I love the pink plaid one and the butterfly one is super cute too!

  30. I love the guitars and the Dino’s!

  31. I would love a red diaper.

  32. Love the guitar pattern

  33. Handyman!

  34. I like citrus a lot!

  35. I love the snowflake sweater!

  36. I like the guitar one- Thanks for the chance

  37. I love the one with the guitars

  38. I like the butterfly one

  39. i love the butterfly!

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  40. They aren’t showing anything except the sets, but I do like the neutral spectrum

  41. i like the boys guitar

  42. I like the girl diaper with the hearts on it.

  43. I like the. Guitars!

  44. I like the Boy Argyle print.

  45. i love old school!!!

  46. love old school
    bonnie r

  47. The butterfly diaper is really cute :)
    amymccarty at hotmail dot com

  48. I like the neutral spectrum.

  49. I rteally like the red, black and white plaid so cute!

  50. I’d go for the gender neutral set since I don’t know if my daughter is having a girl or a boy…yet!
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  51. I really like the Limited Edition #2 Snowflake Sweater – Individual Diaper.

  52. that link did not really show individual diaper prints to choose from. Of what I did find though and I like the flame diaper.

  53. its out of stock and we cant see anymore pictures! but all the old ones are cute cute cute

  54. I love the paisley glowbug diaper.

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  55. The guitars! So cute.

  56. I love the skulls!

  57. Kristy wilson says:

    i love the green and red plaid diaper for christmas

  58. Love the girls paisley print.

  59. this one is my favorite right now!

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  60. Love the pink plaid!

  61. I like the black solid diaper.

  62. I like paws

  63. i love the guitar print form the old set

  64. Guitar

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  65. Love the monkey!

  66. Limited Edition citrus print.

  67. I like the citrus.

  68. I like the Cherry Blossom. (sorry, it wouldn’t let me link to a pic)

  69. I love the one your little guy is wearin’ with the guitars!

  70. kayla ketcham says:

    I like the guitars, my husband is a huge rock music fan so he would love that one (maybe get him more on board with CD)

  71. kayla ketch says:

    I love the skulls and I like the guitars, my husband is a huge rock music fan so he would love that one (maybe get him more on board with CD)

  72. I love the camo diaper, but actually at this point prefer the gender neutral, as we are waiting to adopt and don’t know what gender our baby will be :)

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  73. I like all the spectrum colors.

  74. I love the Dragons and gears prints in the new boy package!

  75. I like the heart print

  76. I love the snowflake one!

  77. I like both the monkeys and the angry apples one

  78. Jillian Burke says:
  79. I like the Snowflake Sweater!

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