Down Syndrome: Can I Have a “Do-Over”?

Back in February, I wrote about our very first reactions to the news that our un-born baby boy was going to be born with Down Syndrome. I was only about 15 weeks pregnant. We were devastated, of course. Our lives had been flipped upside down as we knew it.
I wrote,
“We thought everything was going to be perfect. But we found out last Thursday, January 26th, that everything isn’t going to be perfect. At 15 weeks pregnant, we found out our baby boy has Down Syndrome.”
Our Baby Jack is six weeks old now… and everything is so much more perfect than we ever could have imagined. He is perfect and we love him so so much and I wish I could go back to being 15 weeks pregnant.
I wish I could have a “Do-Over” so I could really enjoy the pregnancy with no worries what-so-ever. I wish I could have seen the future so that I could realize that once I saw him for the very first time and took him in my arms – nothing in the world mattered. He was mine and he was perfect.
I wish I could explain this to every single pregnant parent who has the diagnosis of Down Syndrome and try to put their mind at ease. I wish I could explain to them how much their heart will explode with love once they have their baby in their arms.
Random cell phone photos I’d like to share…
He’s so sweet! I can’t imagine my life without him!
Here’s more…
October 2012
I feel like sharing a few more photos of how perfect my little guy is:




He loves his Daddy! And Daddy is pretty fond of him too!

 Baby Jack with Becca…


 He’s my little snuggle bug. Yes we still co-sleep…  and I love it!

 Bad cell phone pics coming up…


This one was funny because he was looking at himself and totally curious:


Gracie LOVES her little brother… and he loves her too!


He can sit in here for a long time before poopin’ out!





Our Baby Jack is such a blessing!
We are so so in love with him.
Mike keeps baby talking to him saying, “I wish we could have 5 more like you!” haha… it’s true, we would take him a million times over again!
He’s the sweetest thing ever!


  1. Every time I see pictures of Baby Jack I just want to grab him up, hold him, kiss him, hug him…. he is the most adorable little boy ever! SO wish I lived closer to you.

  2. Aww, he is just adorable!!!

  3. He’s such a beautiful little boy. I grew up with an uncle who had down syndrome. He brought so much to everyone around him. He had his own special personality & his own language. He called me “baby” all my life because my mom was his little sister.. funny enough the first blog post I ever wrote was about him.. I used to be so jealous of him as a kid because somehow he managed to con every person he ever met out of a dollar. He looooved money. He used to attend a special school/job where he ran the cash register & I guess that love of money just stuck with him.. He would have mounds of dollar bills… but it wasn’t the money that made him rich.. it was his heart. He really brought a smile to so many and all through my childhood and even once I grew up.. I never thought of him as any different than anyone else.

    Congrats on your baby boy! Btw, I have an 8 week old little girl 🙂

  4. He is such a beautiful little boy, Danielle. His pictures always bring a smile to my face. God bless you and your whole, beautiful family.

  5. What a sweet post. Proud of you for keeping this little angel! I’ve had several friends who have had similar diagnoses as around 15-16 weeks and all have felt enormous pressure from their obgyns to abort their babies. There’s a special place in heaven for mothers who care for special needs children. They are still knit together by God and fearfully and wonderfully made.

  6. This is a wonderful post. I hope it inspires anyone else who learns their baby might be born with DS!

  7. Oh my, he’s so lovely & perfect! Congrats to you all and good for you for this wonderful post!

  8. He is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

  9. Adorable…

  10. he is so precious..

  11. Danielle he is so precious and sweet! I know I would have handled the pregnancy the very same way…not with worry about what others think, not “did I do something wrong” (because we know chromosome issues are not that way), but more so just worry about the hardships ahead for my child. But when you become a parent, by birth or adoption or in any capacity…once they are yours and safely tucked into your arms, you just KNOW that it will all be OK and you would move Heaven and Earth to do anything for that child. ANY of your children…no matter what. That is what unconditional love is, and we can see it in your eyes and in your heart with these photos. You are lucky to have such a precious gift and he is lucky to have you!

  12. Thank you for sharing! I TOTALLY understand your feelings as we were told that our baby had some “soft markers” for DS at our ultrasound. I spent 2 weeks crying. But then decided it didn’t matter. I KNEW I would love my baby. And I was able to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. Our son was born without DS but our lives were turned upside for 2 weeks while we dealt with the very real possibility.

    Congrats on a beautiful baby!

  13. Colleen Fuller (Mattandcolleen Fuller on FB) says:

    Very cute pictures! Awe! I wish that doctor’s would not scare a woman that is pregnant so much! The mother and her unborn child do not need any added stress. I am glad to hear about your love!

  14. Baby Jack is absolutely PERFECT! My sister has down syndrome and we were lucky that it was a complete surprise. She has been such a blessing to our family. My favorite story of Faith is from when she was 4 and she would go up randomly to strangers and hug their arm. We saw so many people cry and light up with smiles. All of them said they really needed a hug that day. I fully believe she had a sixth sense of when people needed love and she is an angel sent to our family. Congrats on your angel!

  15. He is absolutely perfect! Reminds me of the sweet little shirts that say “Am I rockin this extra chromosome or what??”

  16. He is so precious. I understand wanting the do over and not having to worry so much along the way while you were pregnant. ((HUGS))

  17. He is adorable! and totally understandable about wanting a do over but just remember that you don’t need one since you are loving every minute of having him now!

  18. Oh gosh.. how can you not love that smile!! What a sweetheart he is!

  19. He is beautiful and you are so blessed! You have the right attitude 🙂

  20. Oh how sweet he is and what a blessing it is to be a parent even on the hard days. 🙂

  21. Mitch Trimmer says:

    Just met you on twitter. We had an immediate connection over the Hannity/McInnes debacle. My wife and I have 8 children. Our youngest, Gracie, has Down’s. Just saw the picture of your Gracie with Little Jack (good looking boy you have there). We adopted Gracie when she was a newborn. Birth mother said she would have aborted her if the test had shown she was going to be born “r……d”. Thank God for hiding the test results. She was born with congenital heart defects and has had open heart surgery at 4 months. She is 14 now and still our little angel. She just became an aunt as her oldest sister just had a baby. She is so gentle and loving. I firmly believe that God’s angels are just like Gracie and Jack. We are the ones who having the curse of having one less chromosome. God bless you for your blog and give Jack a high five from me.

  22. Hi Mitch! What a blessing it was that the birth mother didn’t know about the Down Syndrome – that’s fantastic! I’ve had so many people tell me that if it was them, they’d abort. I love hearing stories like yours and Gracie’s, it really touches my heart. Thanks for sharing!

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