Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts


With a house full of girls and three bathrooms… we are always breaking up fights over hair and make-up products. It’s either fights over brushes, eye liners and mascara’s or it’s the hair straighteners they are fighting over. We have three teens (well 2 teens and a 12 year old, close enough!) and then me… and if anyone even THINKS about touching my make-up or hair products, I will bite off their hand and they know it! My make-up and flat iron better stay put, not to mention, nobody is allowed in MY bathroom haha… yes, I am a meanie.

Well, I am sick of breaking up fights.

So it’s time for a new flat iron.

The folks at Flat Iron Experts sent me the Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Zebra Flat Iron/Hair Straightener 1”.FlatIronExperts2


Thank God there is no arguing anymore! We keep one flat iron in each bathroom now – perfect!

Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Zebra Flat Iron/Hair Straightener 1” Features:

  • Zebra Design Pattern
  • 1″ Titanium plates for healthier hair and a high gloss shine
  • Professional Salon Model
  • Adjustable temperature to 450°F for easy use
  • Heats up in less than 6 seconds
  • Straighten, flip or curl your hair
  • The innovative PTC ceramic heater heats up in a flash, and stays at the temperature while styling
  • Negative Ions promote smoother, silkier hair
  • Far infrared technology distribute heat evenly, preventing damage
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip designed for professional comfort
  • Variable temperature settings for all hair types
  • Hooked end for salon professional storage and easy hanging
  • Professional 360° swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • Dual Voltage – 110 – 240, 50/60 Hz
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The titanium plates are super smooth and lightweight which is nice. One of our straighteners pulls our hair – not fun. This one does not snag at all, so now the ‘new argument’ is over the ‘good straightener that doesn’t pull our hair’ haha. The titanium plates also emit negative ions and far infrared heat which very good for the health and appearance of the hair. It adds volume and doesn’t damage the hair as much as the straighteners without titanium plates.

I decided to straighten Emma’s hair to see the difference between our other flat irons and this one and it did a great job on her super curly hair!


Can you believe the difference between the right straightened side and the left side that is untouched?!?
That girl has some crazy hair!DSC_4929FlatIronExpertsCollage3FlatIronExpertsCollage4

So… What do you think?


Big difference, huh?

Needless to say we love our new straightener!

I suppose I do not have to say much when you look at results like this!

We all really like the Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Zebra Flat Iron/Hair Straightener. We’ve all used it to straighten and curl our hair… and yes, you can curl your hair with this flat iron! Just watch the Straighten and Curl Tutorial at the bottom of the page.

You can purchase the Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Zebra Flat Iron/Hair Straightener 1” normally for $269.99 but at the moment it is listed for $129.99 so hurry!



  1. Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve been considering a flat iron after borrowing one at BlogHer and this would do exactly what I’m looking for! her hair looks great with the curls and straightened!

  2. Pretty! I use a flat iron every day, and it’s really addicting. I’d love a new one, and that is a pretty good sale price! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the zebra print! Looks like a great flat iron, even better since it’s lessened the fighting going on around your house! 🙂

  4. oh it looks marvelous! is she just loving it? make sure you get a good treatment for her hair to keep it so gorgeous and not damaged!

    i love love love the zebra. how fun!

  5. I like zebra print and this seems a nice hair straightener as he results are awesome.

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