Meet My Miracle Baby, Jack

I prayed for this child, and the Lord answered my prayer and gave him to me.
(1 Samuel 1:27)


This photo below was taken on Tuesday.
I was 36 weeks pregnant… and this is as far as I made it with this pregnancy.

Baby Jack’s Birth Story


Wednesday went by just as normal.

The funny thing is that Wednesday morning, I emailed one of my daycare parents telling her of my plans for the daycare during labor/delivery and the time period after I return home from the hospital. I want them to feel comfortable bring their kids back after I have the baby. We agreed on everything and my Wednesday continued.

Little did I know, that email was sent at a perfect time.

3 pm: I started having contractions. Nothing different than any other day. When I get regular contractions, I know the steps to take. Drink a ton of water right away and the contractions will stop. If they don’t, then lay down. If that doesn’t work, take a bath and relax. For me, usually the water works.

It didn’t this time. So I drank more.

I was waiting for my two daycare kids to go home so I could relax and maybe lay across the couch. In the meantime, I had some review posts to get done so I sat on my exercise ball at my coffee table with my laptop, while the kids played. Every time I had a contraction, I would lay back on my ball and stretch my body out on the couch behind me to be more comfortable.

4 pm: I decided to start timing.

They were 9 minutes apart. Steady. And painful. I kept drinking water, with no luck.

8 pm: I got some work done and about 8 pm I decided to relax in the tub. At that time contractions were anywhere between 3 to 9 minutes apart. I was still thinking that they would stop, but they didn’t.

9 pm: contractions were between 3 to 4 min apart and so so painful. I called the doctor to make sure I was ‘okayed’ to stay home as long as possible. Doc said that was fine.

11 pm: I only made it until 11 pm. I was in so much pain. I got out of the tub, and called my step-dad to come over to be with the kids. Contractions were 2 minutes apart. I packed my little bag in between contractions. When my bag was packed, I handed out the orders: Becca helped me grab a few extra things I needed to bring with me and I asked Austin to do all the harder stuff. I still had not brought baby gear into the house so I had a list of items I needed him to get from the garage and put together. Emma was at grandma and grandpa’s so she was on her way over with grandpa.

12 am: I was admitted. Contractions were 2 minutes apart and was only dilated to a 1 cm. ONE! ALL THIS PAIN and ONLY 1 CM!!! I’ve been in labor for 9 hours and I was ONLY at 1 CM!!! I had horrible back labor. My contractions caused my pelvic bone to hurt in a way that I have never felt before with my other labors. It felt like my bone was slowly breaking apart. My back was killing me.

1 am: I gave up. I got an epidural. I wanted to die. But of course, as soon as I got it, I was in heaven. I am not ‘for’ epidurals, but I couldn’t make it any longer. As soon as I was numb, I went to sleep.

2 am: I was dilated to 7 cm.

4 am: I was dilated to 9 cm.

From here on out, it gets blurry.

They broke my water a few hours later because I would not dilate to 10 cm.

It did not work. I would not dilate past 9 cm.

At some point, Baby Jack’s heart rate would not tolerate contractions. His rate was dropping down into the 40’s and we were so scared. They mentioned cesarean section more than once.

They had a billion monitors in and on me.

They decided to do an amnio fusion (to put the fluid back in my amniotic sac). They thought that with the fluid being gone out of the sac, it was putting pressure on the umbilical cord during contractions… which was what was making his heart rate drop.

9:20 am: I was finally at 10 cm. They paged  the doctors and rushed to get the room ready. They had extra doctors in our room due to Baby Jacks heart condition, not to mention he was 3.5 weeks early. They not only needed to check his heart right away, but they had the neonatal team in to deal with his lungs from being so early.

9:26 am: Doctor yelled, “you’re having a contraction, push!”

I pushed and Mike started crying and said, “there he is keep pushing!”

I assumed that Mike saw Baby Jack’s hairy head. I figured that (like other labors) as soon as I stopped pushing, the baby’s head would disappear again.


He came straight out… on that first push.

Crying and perfect.


Jack Michael
Born 6/21/2012 @ 9:26 am
5 lbs 10 oz
18.5 Inches long


My Baby Jack is perfect!

All of the doctors swooped him into the little heater bed to look him over. As I was delivering the placenta, I asked questions and the doctors and nurses would tell me what they were doing to him.

He was breathing great!

His heart was great!

He got a score of 9 on the apgar test.

We love him so much, I have no word to describe how in love I am with him!




And as if beautiful, perfect Baby Jack was not enough… we have even better news.

Being a preemie, Jack had to go through a lot of testing. He passed every single test with flying colors.

Baby Jack had to have echocardiogram on his heart and we were going to have to follow up with his pediatric cardiologist to start preparing for that first open heart surgery. They wheeled their machine into our room to preform the ultrasound.

Later I got the call from the cardiologist.

Baby Jacks heart is perfect!


He needs no surgery!


He’s perfect!

We were discharged after 24 hours, which was yesterday. We came home around 4 pm and settled in.

I am totally in love with my little guy!


  1. Adorable! He was just couldn’t wait to me ya’ll, that’s all. Such a blessing about his heart. God is good!

  2. I just read your story and I have to say tears are flowing. What a wonderful birth story. Congrats and God is so good. My little miracle baby is sitting here sleeping after filling her tummy. We see the specialist at the end of July but I can not wait for him to be speechless because she is perfect. Enjoy that precious baby.

  3. Wiping the tears form my eyes, so happy for y’all! God bless that sweet little thing and his family <3

  4. Oh my goodness – how amazing in lots of ways! One push, amazing. His heart is perfect, amazing. God works in wonderful ways, huh? 🙂 I’m so happy for you guys! Congrats Danielle (and family), he is so very adorable. ♥

  5. Welcome to the world Baby Jack!! Such a beautiful birth story and I am SOOO happy to hear that his heart is perfect! He is absolutely amazing and I’m sure you are enjoying every second with him! Congrats mama!

  6. So happy to hear about his perfect little heart! yay!

  7. He is absolutely a miracle baby! I am so happy that he was born without any issues other than Mama being in too much pain. 🙂 He is adorable and I can’t wait to see all the baby pictures in the coming months! Congrats on your newest little member of the family.

  8. SO amazing that his heart is just perfect! He’s beautiful!

  9. Such a beautiful birth story! Amazing news on his heart! You are truly blessed!

  10. Wow, I’d have gone for an epidural, too!! lol I’ve never heard of an amnio fusion!! So cool! Oh my gosh, he’s beautiful. I tingled head to toe when I read his heart is perfect!!!!! God is SO good! Congrats Bishop family!

  11. Allison pence says:

    So great

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thats wonderful! Enjoy your little miracle!

  13. I am so beyond happy and thankful for you Danielle. God has blessed you guys SO much, and I’m so thankful he heard our prayers! Jack is perfect! Kiss that sweet face for me.
    BTW, so impressed you’ve already made time to write his birth story! You’re amazing! I think it took me weeks to get to mine! LOL!

  14. I am so happy for you. I know there have been lots of concern and prayers for him and it all worked. He is a perfect little boy. Thank you for sharing your story! HUGS to you and enjoy your new little addition!

  15. Such a beautiful story and a beautiful little boy! Congratulations!!

  16. Such a wonderful birth story. Congrats to you & ur family. The Lord is so amazing!!

  17. Such a wonderful birth story. Congrats to you & ur family. The Lord is so amazing!!

  18. Such a wonderful birth story. Congrats to you & ur family. The Lord is so amazing!!

  19. Such a wonderful birth story. Congrats to you & ur family. The Lord is so amazing!!

  20. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and your family that Baby Jack is strong and healthy!!

    Weight and Length?!?!?!


  21. Wow. I read your birth story of Jack with such eagerness….I LOVED THe part about him coming out with just one push! 😉 Hahaha. And then all of the gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. He is so so so cute and such great news about his heart.

  22. what a beautiful little miracle! Congrats!

  23. Awww great birth story! Congrats, glad you both are doing well 🙂

  24. Oh, Danielle! Everytime I see pictures of him my eyes fill with tears of joy! He is such a testament to how wonderful God is! You have most assuredly been blessed. Jack will do magnificent things. I am sure of it!!

  25. I am so do happy for you all! What a little blessing jack is!!! Welcome to the world little man! You are going to change so many people’s lives! So happy to hear the news that his heart is perfect! Congratulations!!!!

  26. he is sooo handsome! 😀 Thank you for sharing his birth with us!

  27. I am so happy for you guys!! I love hearing that his heart is perfect what an answered prayer!!

  28. YAY! Congrats! God does work in absolutely miraculous ways!

  29. So beautiful, congratulations on your baby boy! Welcome Baby Jack! 🙂

  30. Danielle, I loved reading this birth story! What an awesome God we serve!!! Little Jack is sooo precious and I am beyond ecstatic that his heart is perfect! Congrats to y’all!! 🙂

  31. how precious congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby….

  32. He’s adorable! Congrats!

  33. What a miracle, congratulations!

  34. OMG, OMG, OMG! I am sitting her in tears. I am so excited that he is here. I was out yesterday and didn’t get online. I cannot believe the news on little Jack’s heart. What a miracle from God. He is so adorable and the pictures are so cute! Congratulations!

  35. Congrats on your precious baby boy. How amazing that his heart is perfect. Life is truly amazing. I’m so happy for you!

  36. Congratulations!

  37. what a wonderful, miraculous story! SOOO happy for you and your family, and of course Baby Jack! 🙂

  38. Anonymous says:

    That is sooo wonderful! Jack is so truly blessed to have a healthy heart!Congratulations on your baby boy!!!

  39. Glad that he is here safe and sound and I know that you must be thanking God that his heart is perfect. Congratulations!

  40. Congrats on your son’s birth!!!

  41. Wow on the heart, cry cry cry–what a secret blessing surprise for you. Welcome to the world of preparing & worrying & hoping it’s for naught always if we get Alzheimer’s butt kicked too. Beautiful piece I look forward to make more future & browsing past posts for me.

  42. so happy for you and your family- glad no heart surgery is needed- wow – great news- those doctors sure know how to scare you when your little ones are in the womb…i dont trust them.

  43. Congratulations!! Those early births are so scary! I am so happy he is perfect

  44. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Congratulation and welcome Baby Jack! He is beautiful…I know, maybe I should say handsome but…beautiful is what comes to mind. I am so happy for you it’s over and the baby is perfect. Gave me chills! I am so very happy for you and congrats on being such a trooper through this Mommy.

  45. Danielle, who would have thought that it would have been you that would be the one to continue having kids between the two of us. We became friends because we both loved being pregnant and we were always pregnant together. I have been busy with school, but it was good to hear (or read) that everything is going well for you! Your family is beautiful. I am glad Jack is healthy and everything turned out fine for the two of you. We will have to get in touch soon.

  46. He is so adorable!! Those are great pictures! Congrats!

  47. So amazing! Many congrats to you and your healthy little boy!!!

  48. Congrats on your beautiful baby boy.

  49. CONGRATS!!! He is gorgeous!!!

  50. Oh my goodness, he is ADORABLE!!! What a sweet, sweet little boy you have been blessed with. Congratulations!!

  51. He’s beautiful! And yay for him being in great health!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Jack is a very cute baby and he was born on my & Harrys annivsary we was married 9 years.

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