Getting Our PINK Car Seat Ready for Our Baby BOY




Car Seat Make-Over

I’ll explain…

The only baby things we have around here are pink from Gracie. Gracie is 3 years old now, but we’ve kept all of her baby things like the travel system which has the pink baby carrier (car seat) with base and matching stroller. I also have the matching high chair and the matching play yard.

Pink Car Seat

Pink Car Seat

Pink Stroller

Pink High Chair

Pink Play Yard

Poor boy.

I did not want him to be stuck using pink gear so I contacted Carseat Canopy so that I can change my pink car seat into a boy car seat.

This is what they sent me:


The color is off a bit, but this is a beautiful grey and black.

This is the soft minky cover that fits directly over the original car seat cover along with the minky infant head support thingy. The one on the top right side is a blanket. One side has the design and the other side is the soft minky. The piece in the top-middle-ish is the canopy cover and the piece on the far right is a cover that goes all the way over the whole carrier and attaches to the carrying bar.

Here is our car seat before photo:


And this is how it turned out after I put together the new pieces from Carseat Canopy:


I can’t wait to have my baby boy to put in here!

And I’m so excited that it’s not pink anymore!

Carseat Canopy has so so many different patterns and colors to chose from so you can change the look of your baby carrier!

What do you think?

Cute, huh?

Unfortunately, all the other girly pink pieces of gear that I have will have to stay pink. There is no way to convert the other items.

Oh well.

At least his car seat is cute, right?

****It has been brought to my attention that these products from Carseat Canopy may not be safe. I’ve been told that as a general rule you should never use anything with a car seat that did not come with it. They are not tested for the car seat, they void your warranty and are not flame retardant.****

I plan on looking into this information and I hope you do too if you plan on using these products.


  1. Hey, if it still works, no need to buy new! That set is beautiful and I want the minky for a brand new seat that I’m buying soon! LOL

  2. Cute!! However, I’m wondering- are they approved by Graco? I don’t want to start an uproar, but adding aftermarket things to your car seat can void the warranty. They can even make the car seat unsafe :-/

  3. Hmmm… good question! I’m going to have to look into that! Thank you 🙂

  4. It’s perfect. What a great way to change it up!

  5. I did find this on the Carseat Canopy Website:

    “Warranty: We can not be held liable in the event that our product voids the warranty of your car seat, if you have any questions about our product voiding your car seat warranty, please read the warranty paperwork or call the car seat manufacturer.”

    • I’m a car seat fanatic. Not as extreme as others, but the question of warranty ALWAYS is on the top of my mind whenever I see something that is made for car seats. You know those totally cute strap covers you can put on so that your baby doesn’t get burned from the straps? Yeah, I even called my car seats company over those to make sure. I’m just too chicken to take chances. I know the car seat warranty wont cover the cost of the accident, but at least I know that I can get a replacement seat if it’s damaged.
      Chances are, if the website says that, then they aren’t approved. Call Graco up. They may give you a whole new set for free if you let them know that you are in need of boy colors!
      (I’m glad you didn’t see me as being rude. I always seem to come across that way. I’m just a worried mom! :-p)

    • @Kristen D: I am a car seat fanatic when it comes to extended rear facing and 5 pt harnesses as long as possible. I just never really knew about this end of it. The grey minky goes directly on top of the original seat and it is so thin and light that I didn’t even think twice about it. I would not be concerned about the warranty but I would be concerned about the fire retardant for sure. I am planning on calling just to see how much a new cover would cost. And NO!!! I did not think you were being rude at all – mostly because that’s probably how I sound about extended rear facing 🙂 It’s just something that I am passionate about!

    • LOL Then it’s fate that we understand each other 😉 Glad I was able to inform you about that. If you lived closer to me, I’d more than gladly give you the car seat we were using for our daughter. I just bought a new one (Graco MyRide65) and no longer need the SnugRide35 we were using. I’m thinking of seeing if I can find a local family that’s in need of a car seat for their little one.
      As for ERF, I never even thought of it with my older 2 (now 9 and 5), but do plan on keeping my youngest (9 months) rear facing as long as possible.
      By the way, your daughter? ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on the new baby-to-be. Boys are fun!!

    • Aww thanks Kristen! Ok, first of all… go to and see if there are any groups in your area or your surrounding area! I give all of my baby things away to people who truly need them through freecycle. And second of all, it’s my turn: PLEASE read my post on extended rear facing:
      and pass it along if you can. Very important! My daughter is 3.5 and still RF. Sounds crazy, but like they say, “broken leg = cast it, broken neck = casket”.

    • I don’t like our local Freecycle. I gave an older car seat away there (not expired. Mom just needed it to take baby home from hospital) When I got there, she was all dressed up in nice, fancy clothes. House was nice. Name brand everything. I turned around and left with the same seat. Needless to say, it was a scam and left me with a bad taste.
      I will DEFINITELY read that post. I was watching a video on YouTube of a little boy who broke his neck because he was FF (18 months old- I passed that video along to a friend who has her 14 month old FF because she wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with keeping him RF. I think I may have changed her mind. Thanks for your great posts!

  6. That looks great and super soft too!

  7. Aww I hope it turns out to be safe because it’s SO cute!! &I bet it’d be SO soft for baby boy!

  8. I had no idea you could even order such a thing. Very cool and much less expensive than replacing everything that you already had.

  9. So adorable and I think that it is safe as long as you still have the original pieces. After all you just re-covered it, and not taken out the straps?! LOL.

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