35 Weeks Pregnant

Happenings of the Harper Household

I am 345 weeks pregnant (<--- that was actually a typo, but that is exactly how I feel!) Ok, I am only 35 weeks pregnant which means I have completed a whole 35 weeks and I am currently in my 36th week and I have 5 weeks left to go… WooHoo! Almost D.O.N.E. Today was actually 35/35/5 for me, meaning 35 weeks pregnant, 35 days left to go and 5 weeks left to go.
My other kids came 2 weeks early so that could possibly mean anywhere between 3-5 weeks left… AND… on the 4th of July there will be a full moon! You know what that means?!? My little boy could come on that day, which would be 13 days early!

Here is my Facebook update from Baby Gaga:


All Baby Gaga says is that my baby’s digestive system is putting the finishing touches on critical organs in preparation for his first meal. With his first meal in mind, it’s time to look forward to one of the most important things I’ll do for my baby boy – namely, keeping them alive with nothing more than my breasts. (Yeah, Baby Gaga is classy like that)

As for me… Glad you asked…

Ugh. I could just skip this whole post and just say – OUCH.

It’s about that time.

That time when I hurt.

All. The. Time.

And I can’t wait for this to be over.

In reality, I would be fine with whatever happens. If baby is on time, late, whatever – Fine.

But at the very moment I type this – OUCH. My pelvic bone feels like it is broken. My poor vajayjay is swollen and sore – I swear the baby’s head is hanging half way out. Getting out of a chair, the car or off the toilet makes me lose my breath. I feel like an old lady. And I haven’t had a pedi in about 2 months and my feet look like they’ve walked through the Mosby Desert barefoot, but I ain’t about to try to reach those sausages! Oh and speaking of not being able to reach things… my lady parts probably look like the yard of an foreclosed home… tall grass and weeds growing everywhere. I’d hate to be the catcher on D-Day! Maybe I should book a pedi and a bikini wax just so the hospital staff will service me! Well shoot, while I’m at it… I might as well get a massage too!


So are you sorry you asked?

I think that is the most I have complained this whole 9 months!

So let’s get on with this post…

SYMPTOMS: **Same as the past months** Only small changes here.

  • Sciatica – only if I over do it.
  • SPD – so so painful. (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction – it causes pain with the pelvic bone) . That’s typical of my pregnancies. It’s so hard to move in the middle of the night because of how bad it hurts. It’s really been painful lately. My pelvic bone feels like it’s broken. Sooo painful.
  • Swelling. Blah. I AM HUGE! End of story. Like I said above – I have Shrek legs and feet.
  • Heartburn. Not so much anymore. My belly seems to be much lower now. I haven’t ‘dropped’ yet, but baby is head down now so my belly has shifted down a bit. It’s probably why the heartburn is easing up. I’ve only had heartburn that I have brought on myself this week with food.
  • Hemorrhoids. Enough said. Well no, not enough said… I actually think I may need surgery on this issue once I am done popping out kids. OUCH!
  • The numbing feeling under my ribs. This has gone away since baby has been in the head down position.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions. Sooo painful. Every time I have a contraction now, I actually get nervous. I think to myself, “this hurts sooo bad, how am I going to handle real labor?!?” but then I realize, I’ve done this before. I can do it again haha.
  • Leaky Boobs. Yes I said it. Oh and another issue – my breasts (mainly nipples) have been very sore again, just like in the first trimester. I wish Mike would get this through his head!
  • My Girly Bits are sad these days. Yes – I am going to ‘go there’. I am swollen… ahem… down there and I am sure it’s not pretty anymore haha. I feel like the baby’s head is RIGHT THERE and I can touch it. (but it’s not, of course) – Ouch.  

    WEIGHT GAIN: I am up approximately 36 lbs – OUCH! I feel like a cow. I’m not one to stress over pregnancy weight gain though. With my first 3 I gained between 25-30 lbs. With my 4th, I gained over 40 (I think?). As long as I don’t gain 100, I am not going to worry about it. This is my last pregnancy, so I am just going to take it easy and enjoy it.

    CRAVINGS: I always write this —-> [Again, same as before. I will want anything that is not nailed down. I LOVE food when I am pregnant. But then again, I love food when I am not pregnant too, so I guess that doesn’t mean anything, haha.]

    Watermelon. I’ve been eating almost 1 watermelon per day. Crazy, I know. I just make sure to have a fresh watermelon in the house every single day. My girls and daycare kids have a little bit of it, but I eat the rest. I even wake up in the middle of the night, go down stairs and eat a bunch! Except last night. Last night I woke up and wanted an apple. So at 3 in the morning, I was peeling an apple and scarfing it down.

    FOOD ADVERSIONS: HA! Yeah right!

    WHAT MADE ME CRY THIS WEEK: Same as usual —-> [I cry at everything on a normal daily basis – pregnant or not.]

    Just personal stuff.

    MEDICAL STUFF: Well, nothing this week. I am so so so sick of appointments! I have my NST (non stress test) on Thursday and another Cardiologist appointment on Monday.

    SOMETHING I AM EXCITED ABOUT: Really everything. I am using my slaves girls to babysit play with Gracie and my daycare kids tomorrow so that I can get all the baby stuff ready. I am going to be rearranging my room a bit. I am making drawer space for the baby clothes. I need to pull out all the newborn clothes from the bins and wash them. I need to get out the carrier and change it’s cover from Gracie’s pretty pink to a brand new one I have that is black and grey. It was actually for a review, but I haven’t written the review yet. I need to pull out the pack-n-play and see if I am missing any parts to the bassinet (which I think I am). I’m nervous about that. I need to pull in the swing and bouncy/vibrating chair and wash the lining. Oh and I need to also go through my breast pump and make sure everything is organized and ready. I also need to go through and organize all of my cloth diapers and sort through them. I need to make sure I have inserts for all of them so if I need to purchase any extras, I do it now. I’d like to buy a few extras anyway. I’ve gotten a few cloth diapers during this pregnancy for review, but I’d like a few more. So much to do, but so exciting!

    OH! And week I mentioned that Mike finally picked a name. Well… he changed his mind. It was going to be “David Michael”. Now it’s going to be “Jack Michael”. I actually really love ‘Jack’ for a baby name!

    SOMETHING I AM NOT SO EXCITED ABOUT: Ugh. Labor. Read my last post.


    Excuse my exhausted look:35 Weeks Pregnant

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    1. It’s all so exciting. I know your uncomfortable at this point but pregnancy was always a fun time for me. Can’t wait to meet your son. Have fun going through the baby stuff and getting everything ready for his arrival.

    2. Congrats! I cannot wait to meet him, you have such a beautiful family!

    3. Natalie S says:

      Yay! Not much longer – hang in there mama! You look great for 35 weeks! I am 25 weeks and feel like I am 345 weeks lol

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