Show Off Your BUMP with [bump] babies Maternity Clothing: Review and Giveaway!

“[bump] babies Inc. started the day I found out I was pregnant. It’s a feeling that every first-time mum can relate to. There was a transition time in the first trimester when no one could tell if I was pregnant or if I lost my gym membership and was binging on ice cream & chocolate! I wanted to scream I’m not fat…[bump] on board! to everyone that stared at my changing body. Little did I know it takes at least 4 to 5 months until the [bump] finally pops and people could actually tell I had a “[bump] in the oven. I could not find any hip maternity clothes that catered for that awkward, yet exciting time so I decided to proudly show the whole world my [bump] by wearing it on my expanding belly. That way there was definitely no confusion. I am excited to share my [bump] designs which are fun, sexy, stylish, comfortable and simply [bump]alicious with other proud expecting mamas & papas. Enjoy your [bump]!” – Renae Plant, mother of Ilan, Mateo & Deklan
I am so glad someone understands that awkward in between stage we mama’s go through when we are first pregnant! I happen to be one of those woman who start ‘showing’ early on since I have had so many kids… but even though my clothes are tight, I still don’t have a noticeable bump.

This is where [bump] babies maternity clothes comes in! It’s kind of like an ‘advertisement’ so that you don’t have to explain your growing body. What an awesome idea! In case you are like me, and didn’t know… [bump] stands for “Baby Under Manufacturing Process”, duh! Haha, seriously, I didn’t know.

I happen to be very picky about my maternity clothes. Maternity shirts in particular. Can I be blunt? In my opinion, it seems that 75% of the maternity tops I come across are super ugly. They have funky patterns that a un-pregnant woman would not even wear. Or they seem to hang off of your body and do not show your sexy curves. It makes me feel like I would be wearing a garbage bag around my shoulders. So due to my harsh opinion, I tend to stick with my normal tee shirts for as long as possible because I dread maternity shopping. I will buy shirts in a larger size so that I can keep my same style.

I also happen to have a hard time physically shopping. I am home all day long with Gracie and my daycare kids. I just can not get out much and when I do have a tiny bit of spare time, I hate the idea of shopping for maternity clothes.

As I got bigger, I started searching for online maternity stores where I could find shirts that were more my style. This is where I came across [bump] babies.  I contacted them, and I was so excited when they agreed to work with me!

[bump] babies carries tees, tanks, v-necks, maroc shirts, dresses and they even sell yoga pants and tees for daddy! I LOVE the daddy tees so much, I’d love to get one for Mike! Oh and I’m dying to get some yoga pants too. They look so comfortable and the back says “[bump]alicious” – I LOVE it!

So do you want to see what [bump] babies sent me?

They sent a V-neck shirt and a tank for me to review.

This black tank has clear Swarovski crystals with the logo [bump] and silver shimmer print below that says “baby under manufacturing process”.

I love this tank because it hugs my curves and it’s super soft too (and I love that it is a bit flashy too haha).

We’ve had a bit of warmer weather here and considering I will be pregnant for at least 2 more months, these tanks are going to come in handy!

I also received this charcoal V-neck tee. It’s a combed cotton fine jersey short sleeve with 3” side vents. This one says, “Kiss my [bump]” and underneath it says, “baby under manufacturing process” – LOVE IT! Again, I really really love that it hugs my curves!

Of course my favorite features of [bump] babies maternity clothes is they hug your body a bit to show off your sexy figure… YES I said SEXY!

We are sexy pregalicious mama’s! We don’t need our clothes hanging off of our bodies and covering them up  – we need stylish maternity clothes that will flatter our bodies and show off our bumps – and [bump] babies does just that!

Thanks [bump] babies!

You can purchase your [bump] babies maternity clothes at and receive a 20% discount with the code: W20 or you can with these two shirts right here!

[bump] babies is offering these two shirts shown above to one lucky winner!

Just enter by using the super easy form below!

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  1. Crystal says:

    I LOVE the make [bump]s not war shirt!!!! SO stinkin cute!! 😀 Or the Jingle [bump] one is super cute too. Love holiday bump shirts!

  2. I love the “feed the [bump]” shirt! 🙂

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  3. I love the [bump] baby under manufacturing process in brown and pink! My husband is a manufacturing engineer so this one would be perfect for me to wear! These bump shirts are so cute!

  4. I love the “Kiss my Bump” shirt! HA! Except I would be mortified if anyone besides my SO took it seriously! LOL!

  5. beach [bump] — so cute for this fl girl. 🙂

  6. I like the organic [bump]

  7. I love the Creation cowl necked tank- so pretty!

  8. ashley c. says:

    I love the peace love and bump!

    and the lotus bump!

    These are so clever 🙂

  9. I love the “feed the bump” shirt, that is so me when pregnant

  10. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the “That’s my bump” Daddy shirt

  11. I like the [bump]alicious yoga capri

  12. i also love the [bump]alicious – yoga capri!

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  13. I love the “feed the [bump]” shirt! 🙂

  14. I love the make [bump]s not war!

  15. I like the [bump]-maroc dress

  16. I like the “I <3 my [bump]" t-shirt.

  17. love the post bump tee

  18. “Hands off my [bump]” I needed this last time! They just wouldn’t stop touching me. Do they not realize that the baby doesn’t feel it… I DO? Love that one!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love the Rhythm from the peace love & bumps

    Brenda Johnson

  20. I like the hands off my (bump) shirt.

  21. I love the ‘make [bump]s not war!’ v-neck (maroc collection).

  22. bump tee dress

  23. I love the [bump]-maroc dress
    rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot com

  24. I like the "feed the [bump]" shirt

  25. I like the "I love me bump"

  26. Peace love & bump creation t shirt

  27. i really like “feed the [bump]” shirt

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