My 3D Ultrasound Experience with First Peek Ultrasound in Oak Park, IL



First Peek Ultrasound in Oak Park, IL is a small, locally owned business that I had the pleasure of visiting back in January for a 3D Ultrasound to check my baby’s gender.

Let me tell you a little about First Peek Ultrasound

Asiya, the Owner of First Peek Ultrasound, is a mother herself. She found out she was pregnant the day after her husband, Dr. Beezer Moolji, was deployed to Iraq, where he would be for one year. While he was in Iraq and missing the pregnancy, Asiya received a gift certificate for a 3D ultrasound.

It was during that time that she realized how wonderful it would be to offer other families in her local area this awesome experience at an affordable price. It was about a year after her son, Sabiq, was born, that First Peek Ultrasound was opened in September of 2008.

I have never had a 3D ultrasound so when First Peek Ultrasound offered me one, I was super excited!

First Peek Ultrasound has a variety of packages to suit every need:

  • Pregnancy Verification
  • Fetal Age Determination
  • Baby Heartbeat Package
  • Gender Check
  • Quick Peek Package (for returning visits)

…and different variations of these packages put together, for your specific need.

I scheduled my 3D ultrasound during my 15th week of pregnancy, which is when they can start determining the gender of the baby. I chose the Gender Check package.

15w4d.3D.1.28.12 002Mike and I went alone and got a sitter for the kids.

Once we arrived, we realized how family friendly First Peek Ultrasound is. They have a little play area for the kids.

While we were there, we saw a very large family arrive with a bunch of little girls. It was so cute to watch mom and dad and all of their little girls walk into the ultrasound room together, and then hear the excitement (through the door) when they received the news that they had another sweet little girl on the way!

We then had wished we brought our 5 kids with us. However we had made that decision for a reason….

The day before this ultrasound we had received the news that our little baby most likely has Down Syndrome. We were just beginning to take in this news and adjust to the possibility of our lives being changed. Mike & I really needed this time alone and without the kids to see our little man in 3D on the big screen. (Yes, it was confirmed, he is a boy!) This 3D ultrasound helped us realize how precious he is to us and helped us adjust to the coming confirmation that he does, in fact, have Down Syndrome. I am so thankful we were able to see him in 3D moving and playing around inside my womb.

15w4d.3D.1.28.12 003We had a fantastic tech, Erta, who made our visit special. She brought us back to the room and was so friendly. She is one of those techs that you can tell LOVES her job. She was bright and cheery and enjoyed seeing our little man as much as we did. She took plenty of time peeking all around and explaining as she went along. She ‘baby talked’ to our baby as she tried seeing different parts of his body. And when we caught him playing with his private parts, she even joked with us about it… it was so so funny!

15w4d.3D.1.28.12 001We decided to get the Heartbeat Teddy Bear, (although we picked out an elephant). Our little guy’s heartbeat was recorded and put into the stuffed animal. I love it!

First Peek Ultrasound has all different kinds to chose from including 2 different sizes and all of which you record your baby’s heartbeat into.

All in all, we had a fantastic experience with First Peek Ultrasound! How could you beat this?15w4d.3D.1.28.12 011

Doesn’t he look all snuggly in there? What a sweet, sweet boy!

We also received a DVD of our 3D ultrasound to take home with us. It’s amazing watching it and watching him move around… I love it!

If you live in, or are visiting, the Chicago-land area, I highly recommend making an appointment with First Peek Ultrasound for your 3D ultrasound. This is an experience you can not miss out on! They are conveniently located on Lake Street, just off of Harlem Avenue at 1100 Lake St., Suite 155 in Oak Park, IL 60301.

Visit First Peek Ultrasound, choose your package and then schedule your appointment – It’s THAT easy!

15w4d.3D.1.28.12 006

THANKS First Peek Ultrasound!



  1. This place sounds amazing. I love the heartbeat in the animal. Your little guy looks so precious.

    When you mentioned Oak Park that took me back in time. I use to love to go and shop downtown Oak Park back in the day. Oak Park has beautiful houses and is so charming.

  2. That is SO cool. That office looks so focused on families and making it a pleasant experience. I’ve never heard of having the sound of your baby’s heartbeat put into a stuffed animal. So sweet!

  3. I love the idea of putting a recording of the heartbeat in a stuffed animal! I would love to have that!

  4. i love the idea as long as its safe for the baby, i think its wonderful to be able to have that done. great idea ; )

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