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Easter Bunny?
Yay or Nay?
What do YOU say?
I Say Nay. 
This is another one of those topics where I am the minority, but that’s okay.
I was a Sunday School teacher for quite a few years and in my high school class, we used to do a study on the holidays every year.
Easter is fun to celebrate and that’s fine – but I just do not like to associate Easter with the Resurrection of Jesus. I guess if we ‘do’ the Easter Bunny, decorate and hide/find eggs, Easter baskets – it’s fine… as long as I keep it apart from Jesus. We prefer to use the term “Resurrection Sunday” instead of “Easter”.
Actually, the word “Easter” is not used in the bible. I suppose I should be more clear. In all of the original translations of the bible, the word “Easter” is not used. A couple of the modern versions use the word only once, and they use it wrong:
Acts 12:4
“And when he [Herod the King] had apprehended him [Peter], he put him in
prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.”
The Hebrew word for the word “Easter” here is Pesach – which actually means “Passover”. This Hebrew word is translated “Passover” in over 72 verses, depending on which bible version you are reading (sometimes as many as 87). So clearly, the word “Easter” in Acts 12:4 should have been translated “Passover”.
And nowhere in the bible to we find anyone celebrating Easter with the Easter Bunny and eggs and Easter baskets, just as we do not find anyone celebrating Christmas with Santa.
This is not my biggest complaint.

My biggest complaint is the origin of Easter.
Easter dates back to the time of Nimrod, shortly after Noah’s flood. Nimrod was a great-grandson of Noah, who rebelled against God. After Nimrod died, his wife, Queen Semiramis gave birth to an illegitimate son, claiming that he was the promised seed (the savior). This child was worshipped, but Queen Semiramis was worshipped even more. She became the goddess of the moon, fertility, etc.
She was called Mother Goddess “ISHTAR” (originally pronounced “Easter”). She was also called Eostre, Astarte, Ostera, and Eastre.
A false religion developed including sun and moon worship, priests, astrology, demonic worship, worship of stars associated with their gods, idolatry, mysterious rites, human sacrifice, and more.
Mother Goddess was worshipped as the goddess of fertility, sexual love and birth. Orgies and prostitutes were used in worship.
The rabbit (Easter Bunny) symbolizes the Mother Goddess and is a sexual symbol of fertility. Many parts of the world also associate the rabbit with periodicity, human and lunar.
The eggs are another symbolism of fertility. The eggs were supposed to symbolize Mother Goddess, even using her name Semiramis, (Easter egg) and the eggs were to fall from the sky.
As far as participating in the coloring of eggs, visiting the Easter Bunny and making/receiving an Easter basket – I suppose it is all just innocent fun for the kids (and parents too). But I have a hard time participating in these things knowing the origin of them all. Knowing that these practices were clearly against Christianity just makes me feel guilty.
We took Gracie to sit with the Easter Bunny a couple of years ago… I just wasn’t ecstatic about it. Easter 2010 Gracie 001
We were at the mall yesterday and we walked into the Easter Bunny area. We actually tried to get Gracie to go over to him, but she freaked out. I went over and shook his hand and he waved at Gracie… while she acted like he was a monster, haha.
We do color eggs, but we were honest with the kids years ago about Easter. They knew the truth about the Easter Bunny back in 2006 when they were 6, 7 and 8 years old. That was the year we told them the truth about everything (all of the holiday characters). That was the year we decided to color & hide eggs and have fun with the Easter baskets, but know that the Easter Bunny is not real… and the real reason we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Once they got a bit older, we explained the origin of Easter and the other “Christian” holidays.
They were cool about it.
So there ya go – that’s my opinion.
Nope… but that’s okay 🙂
Now it’s your turn.

Easter Bunny in Your Home? Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?

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  1. I think your response is more common the one would think. We do not do the easter bunny only cause my husband does not believe in lying to our kids (so Santa is a no too). I never knew all the other info about it though. Definately something to think about!

  2. We do both and the true meaning does get lost in commercialization. I love dying eggs and all that goes along with Easter celebrations. Sunday, we focus on the resurrection and make it more about Jesus than chocolate bunnies.

  3. We don’t do the easter bunny or any of the other characters. My husband and I don’t believe in lying to our kids. Our kids don’t mind and have actually been thankful to us that we don’t. As far as egg hunts go. We do let the kids do a hunt but I’m not particularly happy about it. I don’t like the idea of my children mixing the two because it should always be about Christ and to the kids it’s about candy! We have bought what is called resurrection eggs and they have symbols that tell the story of Christ so after we find all of the eggs we sit down and tell the story; before they can have any candy!

  4. I totally agree with you, Danielle. We don’t do the Easter Bunny either, yet we love celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus with special traditions!

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