I Can’t Wait to Try Baby Babu Cloth Diapers!



“Founded in Melbourne, Florida, by the parents of twin boys, Baby Babu’s goals are to provide high quality, sustainable and affordable diapering solutions and related products to parents worldwide.

In addition to our core goals, Baby Babu will strive to provide the highest degree of customer service and the highest quality products available.

We look forward to making the world just a little bit greener with you!”

I am so excited to tell you all about Baby Babu Cloth Diapers and accessories!

Of course I am in love with cloth diapering, so when Baby Babu contacted me to do a review and giveaway, I was super excited because I have never tried their diapers before. I will be doing the review and giveaway soon, so be sure to come back soon to get your chance to win!

First, I’d like to tell you a little bit about Baby Babu.

Baby Babu sells a Diaper Covers and Pocket Diapers. The Pocket Diapers come in 4 different styles: Solid colors, Prints, Knitted Characters and Minky.

Baby Babu also sells accessories like wet bags and two different kind of inserts.

Baby Babu’s Pocket Diapers Features:image

  • Two Openings in the diaper to stuff the insert. Ths allows the insert to self agitate out of the diaper when in the washer. No need to pull out an icky liner with your hands!
  • Adjustable Snap Button System. This system allows the diaper to fit from 8 lbs. up to over 35 lbs!
  • Diaper Wing with 3 Button Snaps. Most competitors only have 2 snaps. These snaps ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Extra Gusset inside of the outer leg gusset to help prevent leakage.
  • 3 Layer Super Absorbable Insert and Super Soft, Moisture Wicking Liner. (Each Pocket Diaper comes with this)

I can’t wait to try Baby Babu’s diapers! I think one of my favorite features are going to be the two openings. I only have 1 cloth diaper with 2 openings. My whole entire stash only has 1 opening and it is pretty gross when doing laundry! My other favorite feature is going to be the extra snaps because of my little guy who will be arriving here in July. When I had Gracie (3 years ago), I could not make the cloth diapers fit her tiny body. I actually had to use disposables for about 2-ish months until she grew a bit. I think these Baby Babu cloth diapers are going to be perfect!

Now, don’t forget to come back here soon to enter to win a Baby Babu diaper! My review and giveaway won’t be far away!

Now head over to Baby Babu and peek around their site!



  1. Looks like a real dad friendly diaper- thanks for the info!

  2. That is so cool that it fits for a long time! That’s a real savings when it comes to diaper dollars.

  3. I love that these will fit for such a long time with the snap system! Perfect for those who cloth diaper!

  4. I wish cloth diapers like these were around when I tried to cloth 20 years ago. Great system!

  5. That’s neat that you don’t need to pull out the insert yourself. I hated doing that, yuck! lol

  6. I love diapers with openings in the front and back – definitely makes washing easier. I’m curious to see what you have to say about these because I have been trying to add more diapers to our stash with baby #3 on the way 🙂

  7. Looking forward to your review & giveaway! I love that washing is made easier with the two openings and I also like cloth diapers with snaps – keeps my little one from being able to take it off!

  8. These are very nice! I love all the snaps so they fit longer. I’m going to let my granddaughter know about these for my great grandson!

  9. These look nice.. I would love to try them with my little man on the way too! Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. I love that they have leg gussets. I have some cloth diapers that don’t and they always leak 🙁

  11. That is cool that it has 2 openings… i have always considered cloth… maybe with my next child ill try it!

  12. I want to know if the 2 openings will work. It probably should…I think. Whenever I run my pockets through the wash it always bunches out in one end. So yeah it sounds like it’ll work! Take lots of pictures for your review! hehe

  13. would love it if you checked out my site 🙂
    sophieandmomma.blogspot.com I do have some cloth diaper giveways up and running 🙂

  14. love the adjustable snap button system that is fantastic.

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