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Kids Allowance?

Yay or Nay?
What do YOU say?
For the most part, I say Nay!
I tend to have an old fashioned way of thinking on this topic.
I believe the household should be ran in the “Little House on the Prairie” style. In other words, I believe everyone in the home should contribute to making the home run perfectly.
I do not believe that we should “bribe” our kids (by paying them) to do the things that they should do to contribute as a family member. (sorry if that is harsh)
I do pay the kids for extras.
For example, we pay our son (14 years old) to cut the grass each week or shovel in the winter, but not his daily chores. And recently I just started paying ‘allowance’ to my girls for an extra chore each day – and mostly because I am pregnant and exhausted by the end of the day. Crazy, I know. But it is well worth the few bucks in my opinion!
Here is the list of chores my kids have to do with no allowance:
  • 1 kid each night does the dishes/kitchen (each night they switch), includes garbage, sweeping & cleaning the dinning room table.
  • Girls clean 1 bathroom each on Saturdays (or earlier if needed).
  • My son takes out garbage on garbage day.
  • Each kid does his/her own laundry.
  • Their Rooms (which are usually messy anyway because I am not super strict about it.)

    Chores they do get allowance for:

  • My son cuts the grass weekly or shovels when needed in winter.
  • Girls pick up play room toys from my daycare kids and vacuum each night. They switch back & forth. This is something I normally do, but I am so huge now and by the end of the day, my back is killing me… so it is well worth paying for the extra help.

    We’ve discussed paying the kids allowance, but we really think they should contribute to the household. Being a large family, the home runs smoother if everyone contributes. And heck, I don’t get “paid” do do the chores, so why should the kids?!? Besides that, our kids get a lot from us. They get to go do things with friends when they want to, they have their fair share of sleep overs, movies, we go out to eat regularly and most of the time they chose where we go. When they want (or need) something, we get it. Weather it’s clothes or accessories or toy-type things. I think they benefit more that way, rather than getting an allowance and buying their own goodies.

    We started having the kids do this about 6-ish years ago, so they were 6, 7, 8 years old at the time. At that time, they would do dishes only.

    I guess I am a slave driver.

    **Edited to add…

    The first comment below made me realize that there is a “saving money issue” that parents like to use for the reason for allowance. I forgot to address that.

    Our kids get money for birthday’s and Christmas and a few other times a year. Like I stated above, they do make a little bit off of us during the week. They all save their money and they also put money in the offering at church when they feel like it. In fact, one of my kids, Emma, likes to pay “tithes” and actually figures out her 10% when she has made money. My son had saved up enough  money 2 years ago to purchase his own refurbished laptop. I was so proud of him!! The girls usually waste their money on material things but they also like to save up. They try to keep some money saved, and spend a little too. My son on the other hand is ALWAYS saving for something he wants.

    Now it’s your turn.

    Kids Allowance? Yay or Nay?

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  • Comments

    1. I do believe children should get allowance if they do sufficient chores. My nephews who are 6 and 4 have to make their beds and feed the dog and have other chores they do throughout the week. They are given 2.00 in quarters every week in allowance and are taught the value of saving. They do not do their chores for the allowance, but the allowance is a nice reward. I believe they would still do their chores without the allowance, but it is a nice appreciation for the work that they do. One of my nephews saved up his allowance several weeks for a trip to Target to buy a football. Because he bought it at six years old with his own money, it means more to him than a toy others bought for him and he has pride in his purchase. My sister’s blog (not mine) is at www (dot) raisingbarretts (dot) blogspot (dot) com.

    2. We are using to teach our kids about money and making smart financial decisions as well as tracking the kids funds and allowances from the web and our mobile devices. See an intro movie here:

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