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Yay or Nay?
What do YOU say? 
Duh, Yay!

What a silly question… of course I will say YAY to co-sleeping!
With my first three kids (14, 13, 11 yrs) I co-slept and also *tried* using a bassinet. I co-slept back then for a different reason than why I do it now. Back then… I was tired. So, so tired. I just needed sleep. And co-sleeping got me more sleep. The babies were more comfortable and slept better and so I did it. I didn’t do it long. Maybe 7 or 8 months. And it worked for me. But then I tried transitioning them into their crib. It didn’t work for my first kid… he had sleeping issues for many, many years. It did work for my next two kids.
With Gracie (who will be 3 yrs old in April) I co-slept for another reason. I planned to. I wanted to. I believed in it.
I learned that in all cultures – except the Western and Westernized cultures – young babies and children sleep with their parents. They either share a bed or they just sleep in the same room. We are the only people in the world who make our kids go to bed, alone in the dark, without the comfort of having us near them. This is very sad to me.
“The West, in fact, stands out from the rest of humanity in the treatment of its children during sleep. In one study of 186 nonindustrial societies, children sleep in the same bed as their parents in 46 percent of the nonindustrial cultures, and in a separate bed but in the same room in an additional 21 percent. In other words, in 67 percent of the cultures around the world, children sleep in the company of others. More significantly, in none of those 186 cultures do babies sleep in a separate place before they are at least one year old. In another survey of 172 societies, all infants in all cultures do some cosleeping at night, even if only for a few hours. The US consistently stands out as the only society in which babies are routinely placed in their own beds and in their own rooms.”
Cosleeping seems to have a corrective effect on the baby’s breathing (SIDS):
In the first few months, the infant’s automatic breathing mechanisms are immature. When watching a sleeping baby breathe, you will notice that his breathing lacks a regular pattern. Periodically he appears to stop breathing, sometimes for as long as ten to fifteen seconds, and then self-starts without any apparent problem. 
As the baby matures (around six months), breathing patterns during sleep become more regular and periodic breathing lessens.

  • Mother and baby tend to fall into the same sleep patterns (waking/sleeping) and are also in the same stage of sleep together. When one arouses, the other arouses. So baby will have many arousal periods of waking through the night more often than a baby sleeping away from the mother, but of course being perfectly content and staying ‘asleep’ – but at the same time possibly lowering the chance of a SIDS situation.
  • Baby’s who co-sleep pick up on the mothers breathing pattern and tend to copy that pattern and breathe more rhythmically while co-sleeping, again possibly lowering the chance of SIDS.
  • Also, breast fed babies tend to wake up more often, again possibly reducing the chance of SIDS.
***On a side note, I do have to put this ‘out there’: As much as I agree with these statements above, I do want to let readers know that I believe that vaccines also play a part in SIDS. The peak incidence of SIDS is around three months which is just after baby receives many, many doses of vaccinations. And this is a study that has NEVER been done. SIDS victims have never had their vaccination records looked at – ever.
And in my own personal opinion – when co-sleeping, it is so much easier [for me] to breastfeed with baby right next to me. They have always been able to roll over and nurse when ever they wanted to, and fall asleep while nursing.  They can eat all night long and we both get sleep.
Gracie’s crib has always been in our room. We didn’t plan it that way. We wanted it in our room for the first year. But when the first year was over, we were not comfortable moving her out into her own room… so we left her crib in our room.
We co-slept with her until she was a little over 8 months old. When she started rolling around (and none of us were sleeping), we decided to transition her into her crib. Being that she was in our room, she did great. We also used her crib for naptime, so it was not ‘new’ to her.
She still loves her crib and she still sleeps with us periodically too. Usually on Saturday or Sunday Mike and I will take a nap with her in our bed. She loves it. Gracie is a fantastic sleeper.
I wish I had done it this way with my older kids, especially Austin. He had the roughest time and I feel so bad. I wish I could have a do-over. I would let him sleep with me for his first few years. He just hated going to bed alone 🙁
But as you can see, Gracie loves her bed:

Now it’s your turn.

Co-Sleeping? Yay or Nay?

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  1. My son stayed in our room until he was sleeping through the night, but he didn’t sleep WITH us—he slept in the bassinet of our pack ‘n’ play. I appreciated having him in our room, especially because we have a split floor plan and I wasn’t about to tear across the house to feed him in the middle of the night! I’m a very restless sleeper, though, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable having the baby in the bed with me.

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