GoGreen Diapers Review

GoGreen Diapers are my new favorite cloth diaper! 

I can’t wait to tell you about the diaper I received! 

First a little bit about the GoGreen Diaper company…

GoGreen Diapers was founded by husband and wife team, Don Cooper Ph.D Leah Leverich Ph.D, who are proud parents to 3 young boys. They launched GoGreen Diapers in late 2010.
GoGreen Diapers is a young and energetic company seeking to transform the world of cloth diapering through innovative, scientifically developed product designs.”

The diaper we received is the “Shiny Hiney Champ”   

This flexible diaper features:
  • 4 Snap-Down Rise Settings to provide true birth (7 lbs) to potty training (40+ lbs.) fit.
  • Two Rows of Waist Snaps which allows the waist and leg openings to be adjusted independently, ensuring a secure fit on chunky-thighed toddlers and skinny-legged newborns alike!
  • Hip Snaps to prevent “wing droop”.
  • Crossover Snaps which allows waist tabs to be overlapped for a newborn size setting – which also makes for secure and tidy storage of soiled diapers on-the-go.
  • Dual Gussets Technology™ provides a double barrier against leaks.
“Dual Gussets™ Technology provides unbeatable leak protection. Soft, stay-dry sueded lining gently shields your baby from moisture.”

The 4 sizes in 1 and the waist snaps provides birth-to-potty fit is really awesome because I can use these for Gracie right now (she is potty training and weighs 30 lbs) and I can also use these for the next baby. I have used cloth diaper covers with pre-folds in the past along with pocket diapers with inserts and I was not able to put Gracie in them when she was newborn. The smallest setting was just too big for her. I had to purchase newborn disposables and also size 1 disposables until she got a bit bigger.

Here’s Gracie modeling her new GoGreen Diaper (Sorry about the poor cell phone quality):

Gracie is potty training right now but we use diapers for nap time, bed time and when we leave the house.

When I use cloth diapers at bedtime, I put 2 inserts inside the diaper instead of just one.

With our GoGreen Diaper, I did experiment  using only one insert and although Gracie does wet a lot at night, this diaper did not leak due to the waterproof diaper outer.

My two favorite things about GoGreen Diapers?
  • It has dual pocket openings so when you stuff the diaper, you just reach in with one hand while you stuff with the other. Not only does this make stuffing so easy, but when you wash the diaper, you do not need to remove the soiled insert! The dual pocket openings lets the insert self-agitate out during the wash cycle!! How awesome is that?!?
  • OH! And the snap-in 3-layer ultra-absorbent microfiber insert snaps to the diaper too – so you spend less time sorting through laundry!! 

(Do you see why this is my new favorite cloth diaper?)

    I really do like these GoGreen Diapers and would recommend them to anyone wanting a flexible, good quality cloth diaper that is easy to care for.

    You can purchase this “Shiny Hiney Champ” for $15.95 at GoGreen Diaper.


    1. GoGreen is awesome. So awesome we have 40 of their diapers. 🙂

      A. Kerr

    2. We have SO many gogreen diapers! I love the cherry champ.

    3. I love so many I can’t chose! I like the Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo and the Blue soccer balls… and all the rest.

    4. LOVE the champ diaper! Great review! 🙂

    5. I love the Love Champ. 😉

    6. I like the Fuzzy Purple Stars
      tomokofive at gmail dot com

    7. We have some champs. LOVE them! My fave is black noir.

    8. I like techno tushie!

    9. My favorite design is theChamp® Noir

      Moniquebbon at yahoo dot com

    10. I like the just leafy color.

    11. I love the tangerine champ.

    12. You should come link up on my cloth diaper giveaway linky. There are tons to enter there also.


    13. I like the champ noir

      jsapalio at yahoo dot com

    14. I love the Just Leafy diaper!
      andreapaetkau at gmail dot com

    15. Luv the Buns an Roses
      sps1113 at yahoo dot com

    16. I love the cow print

    17. I love the cow print 🙂

    18. I would love the olive colored champ.

    19. I love the Moo Champ!

    20. giraffe

    21. Love the Champ Noir!

      Ashley Reynolds
      reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

    22. Love the Elephant Walk & Bubbles.

    23. Giraffe

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    24. Moo Champ

    25. Giraffe

    26. The giraffe print is adorable.

    27. i love the moo champ!

    28. Bubblegum champ!

    29. I like the Shiney Hiney

    30. I like the Champ Noir!


    31. I like just leafy.

    32. Love the Moo Champ!
      Robyn Oden
      what_mama_wants at yahoo dot com

    33. I like the Moo Champ! Too cute!

    34. I like the Moo Champ! It’s adorable.

    35. I really like bunz n roses!!

    36. I like the Lime Champ!

    37. I like the Champ Noir. Black is so chic!

      juliedianebaker at aol dot com

    38. i always wanted to try go green diapers the champ Noir is my favorite


    39. I really like the Bunz and Roses! I tried to follow you w/ GFC, but I don’t see a GFC thing under your “If you really love me”.

      heartnbutterfly at aol.com

    40. I love the Blueberry champ!

    41. Tangerine champ!

    42. I love the Moo Champ diaper
      childrenteachingmama at gmail dot com

    43. I am dying to try a Noir or a Poople (if not just for the name!)
      ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

    44. I like lipstick love

    45. I’m a sucker for anything giraffe!

    46. Giraffe Champ is soooo cute!

    47. I love the cow print! My daughter loves cows, so this is so perfect!

    48. Giraffes are my favorite animal so of course I love this one:


      and have two brand new grandkids who could really use these!

      ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

    49. I love the green daisy print

    50. I love the Moo Champ! So cute!

    51. moo champ!

    52. We like moo champ! -Sharon M

    53. I love the tiger and giraffe prints! I couldn’t pick just one!

    54. i love their ‘lime champ’

      annae07 at aol dot com

    55. I love the Champ Noir.
      morales_y at yahoo dot com

    56. Love the giraffe print!
      sabrina radke
      sradke1024 at gmail dot com

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      • I have always wanted one of these…I would love to win…they're gorgeous! Thanks for a chance… I think lots of other people want to win one too! LOL! =)

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    57. I like the tiger print


    58. Love the Champ Noir!

    59. i love the poople champ

    60. i love the giraffe champ!

    61. Love the giraffe! 🙂

      tristazmail yahoo

    62. Black noir is my favorite!


    63. I like the Champ Blanc best

    64. I love the giraffe champ!

    65. Went to GoGreens site and we Giraffes! WOuld love a Giraffe Champ =)

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