Calling All Decorator’s… HELP Me Chose Colors!

I need a change – but I don’t know how!

I always use the same colors, which is usually fine with me… but I am ready for a change.

My very first project is Gracie’s room!

What I need help with is picking a color(s) for the wall. I am open to any ideas. If you have colors in mind please let me know. If you have a pattern in mind, please let me know. I am up for anything.

Here is what I have for her room:evgieNev.7

These decals are in different shades of pink and 2 shades of green for the stems of the flowers. They are soooo cute, I can  not wait to put them up!

I’d love something bright. I’d even love 2 colors.

Here are the curtains I have:


The curtains do not have a the monogram at the top so there is less pink.

What do you think?

Some ideas people have suggested is yellow, turquois and a shade of light lime green.


If you have any ideas, please let me know. Send me a link if you find something that you think will work…




  1. I love the decals you have for the wall they are so cute. Since it is already like an outdoor scene with the flowers maybe paint the bottom half a pretty green color different than the stems and the top a pretty blue color. On I really like the Fresh Greens (460B-5) for the green and maybe Tropical Holiday (530B-6) for the blue? While I like that idea of going with a green and a blue to create a landscape, I also like choosing a randomly girly color to go with the decals like in the pic your posted. What about a purple color or a yellow?

  2. Sorry, I’m no help but her room is going to be adorable.

  3. I like Sunny’s idea…I love purple for a girls room.

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