Parents of Teens: How Are We Doing in the Chore Department?

I subscribe to all kinds of blogs and websites concerning parenting, so every single day I have tons of emails to either delete or read. Today, one of the teen parenting articles called, “10 Best Chores for Tweens”. This got me thinking. We are parents of teens. How are we doing in the chore department?
Being parents of teens, we really need to prepare them for their future outside of our home. Parenting a teen is hard enough as it is, but we need to teach them the kind of responsibility that will carry with them later on.
Simple chores for kids is not a bad idea!

Lets start with chores!


  1. Hi, I'm following you back from Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Left comments over at the post on What To Expect! Thanks for sharing! Got to show my kids I am not the only Mom who expects her kids to get off the couch and contribute to the household!!

    We pretty much run our houses the same way it sounds like. Just recently my kids started being responsible for doing their own laundry. I highly recommend it! They need to know how to do it and it

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