Vaccines and The Facts

Yes. I did. I’m going there… hate me if you will. But I hope to just stick to some of the facts of the vaccine issues. Of course it will be facts that lean against child vaccines because I am anti-vaccine. Take it or leave it, but you do have to realize that these are facts. Not opinions.
A good number of people who are anti-vaccine only ‘throw out’ that vaccines cause autism. I say, let’s throw that out the window and talk about some other details of this vaccine controversy.  I am only going to point out a few things and leave the rest for another post… MmmKay?
READ ABOUT Doses, learning disabilities, autoimmune disorders, vaccine casualties HERE…


  1. Thank you for writing this and please continue. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in this. The autism debate is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. There is so much more to vaccinations. Don’t get me started on the dumbing down of American society and dare I say it, conspiracy of Big Government.

  2. Glad you could stop by! I completely agree about our Govt… the FDA… pharma. companies. As for info, here is a post of mine with TONS of sites you can check out if you haven’t already: We Don’t Have It All Together – VACCINE INFO

  3. There’s a book by Robert W Sears called The Vaccine Book. I highly recommend it. I think you should go out a find the book right now actually.

    He’s neither for or against it in his book. He just tells you what surveys say and what’s in the vaccines and why someone might object, and why someone would promote certain vaccines.

    He did have one quote in his book, and it had to do with the statistical damage that vaccines could do as opposed to the dangers of getting whatever illness without the vaccine.
    (I’m paraphrasing here.)
    A mother said, “I would rather my child gets an illness by providence than by a decision I make for them.”

  4. Thanks for posting this!!!

  5. Correlation does not equal causation. I must stress that.

    As it is, some of the diagnoses can be attributed to the fact doctors know more, and instead of writing off students as stupid, dumb, or not hard working, they can say that maybe they have a learning disability or something affecting that.

    I will say that I think people overdiagnose ADHD/ADD but it is a far stretch to presume that vaccines are to blame when there can be other factors in play.

    I also feel that the study in 1991 and 1994 are a little outdated.

    I must point out the fact that there have been more and more cases of whooping cough and it’s actually worse in other countries!

  6. I have some of the same feelings you do about vaccines but we do delayed vaccines.

    Here’s a question for those who are so freaked out that non-vax kids are going to get theirs sick. If your kids had their vaccines, what do you have to worry about? 🙂

    The other thing we seem to forget is that these vax companies are out to make MONEY. Yeah, the original researchers were likely very invested in their work and had good hearts but these humongous companies don’t care about us, they care about their bottom line and THAT alone should be a red flag!

  7. I have a lot to say about this topic but I’m only going to make one simple statement (for now)…. What does the anti-vaccinated community (Parents & Alternative Med Drs) have to gain from being anti-vaccine compared to the pro- vaccine community (Big Pharma, Drs, Govt) Simple, Health vs. Money

    Something interesting to read to prove Big Pharma DOES NOT have our health nor safety in mind:

  8. pertussis is the most common vaccine that doesnt provide full protection and is the most common of the vaccine-preventable diseases to be found in a vaccinated person. basically, the vaccine reduces symptoms rather than preventing the illness from spreading. that is why pertussis is so common still and has such a cyclical pattern. also, most transmission of pertussis is from parent to child, not the other way around, so claims that non-vaxing is to blame, isnt actually the case.

    i personally witnessed a vaccine reaction in my child. not once. not twice. but THREE times. same reaction every time, extremely high pitched screaming. i asked her doctor about it, i begged for him to make it stop. every time i was told that she just “didnt feel good” or “the injection sites may be painful” it made me want to vomit. and all the while i was telling the doctors that what i was seeing and hearing wasnt right, that something was seriously wrong. THERE WAS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG. my daughter was experiencing encephalitis, or swelling of the brain. her screams sounded like animals were tearing her apart, i dont think i will ever forget the way those screams sounded, it is etched into my memory forever…she was in excruciating pain. all that was recommended was tylenol. i will never forgive myself for putting my daughter through that, nor will i ever vaccinate my child again.

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